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I had a different post planned for today but something pretty special happened in the Garden State yesterday: same sex marriage equality!  I'm a firm believer that love is equal for ALL & I couldn't be more excited that everyone can get married in my state now.  Hoboken hosted its first same sex marriage yesterday, as did many other Jersey towns.  & this is just the beginning.  Three cheers to marriage equality!

So let's throw some confetti, pop some champagne & admire some rainbow bridal parties in the name of marriage equality, shall we?  Yes, I know the last one is a bit of a stretch but work with me here.  Yay marriage equality in New Jersey!!!  

Photo 1: Lisa Dolan Photography via; Photo 2: Our Labor of Love via; Photo 3: Sean Flanigan Photography via; Photo 4: via; Photo 5: The Goodness via


  1. SO very excited about Marriage Equality coming to the Garden State -- it's an exciting time to be a Jersey girl :)

    Love (so very much!) your photos!!!

  2. That's so awesome!

  3. Feeling so proud to be a Jersey girl these days!

  4. Bravo!!!!! From one (former) Jersey Girl to another--it's about time! Love the graduating shades here


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