Are We There Yet?!

2010 ended with a blizzard; 2011 starts with another six inches of snow. It's quite beautiful, nearby Columbus Park shown here:

Bailey adores the white stuff which results in long, wet, cold walks:

And makes me look forward to our Hawaii honeymoon more & more! Here is our honeymoon travel information, so beautifully packaged:

We are counting the days until we are relaxing as newlyweds on a warm, picturesque beach!


10 Days & Counting!!!!

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Somehow, we are here: 10 days away from our wedding!

Part of me is stunned. How can our wedding possibly be 1o days away? Another part of me is stressed. Is there possibly enough time to get everything done in 10 days? The rest of me is over the moon. I'm marrying RZ in 10 days!

My head is dancing & swimming "Wedding" on a continuous loop. Marriage license. Rehearsal dinner. Bridal party gifts. Hotel gift bags. DIY poms. Table assignments. Escort cards. Honeymoon packing. Etc. Etc.

All in all, I'm overwhelmed & amazed. There is much to be done, yet this is a very special time to be cherished. These are the final days of our engagement, my final days as a Bride-to-be. I don't want to waste it worrying & stressing. I want to take my time & enjoy every last moment. These are the days to remember!


Welcome 2011!

RZ and I had simple New Year's Eve plans: Ring in 2011 with our brother, sister-in-law and baby niece. Life had other plans. I was sidelined with a high fever, sore throat & general yuck. By the time the sun set, I was feeling better but there was no way I could risk getting the baby sick. Our plans became even simpler: Ring in 2011 at home with our Bailey.

RZ, being the fabulous guy he is, was determined to make our simple night special. And he did!

First, we had wine, shrimp cocktail & brie with crackers:

Notice the shrimp cocktail beautifully served in margarita glasses:

Then a yummy, yummy steak with mashed potatoes & broccoli:

And our official almond champagne toast to ring in 2011:

Bailey puts on his sweetest face in anticipation of his first 2011 treat:

Our last night of 2010 was filled with my favorite things: RZ, Bailey & delicious food & good drinks. I couldn't have asked for a better night!

Now it's 2011! We're getting married SOON!
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