Heaven knows why it's been so long since a fabulous wedding cake has graced the posts of Koru Wedding Style.  Clearly, this situation needs to be fixed right now. Viola, done!

The modern, colorful cake is AMAZING!  Yes, this justifies all caps.  When I first spied the wonderful creation, I thought the tall cake was covered in jelly beans.  Maybe an effect of my Easter state of mind?  Anywho, I realized my mistake- the entire cake is piped from the deepest purple to the whitest white & every color in between.  WOW.  Yup, we need all caps again.  This rainbow creation is just so bright & happy & beautiful.  I can only imagine it tastes as good as it looks!

Are you consistently amazed by the artistry of wedding cakes or is it just me?

Photo by riseandshinebakery


{fur babies + weddings} flower lab

Adorable pups in weddings get me every time!  The brown beauty above is no exception.  The bright ribbon collar.  The pretty flowers.  The sweet face.  Oh, the sweet, sweet face.  I die.

I had to post a pet wedding photo today in honor of our fur baby turning four last Sunday.  Beagle Bailey, this one is for you.  We love you so much!

Do you have a special pet in your life?  

Photo by Christine Farah Photography



Rainy wedding day.

A wise, beautiful post on A Practical Wedding yesterday left me thinking about rainy wedding days.  I always say that the weather on your wedding doesn't really matter; what matters is your attitude towards your wedding day weather.  Pull on your rain boots, grab an umbrella & keep smiling- chances are you'll enjoy your beautiful wedding.  Cry, pout & curse your bad luck- chances are you've ruined your beautiful wedding.

This creative photo above is a prime example of a rainy wedding day attitude done right.  Really, really right.  From the wet sidewalk to the long shadows, there is proof that the weather gods delivered rain clouds & bright sunshine for the wedding.  The happy couple took to the rain-soaked sidewalks & made a pretty incredible memory to last a lifetime.  The reflection of the Bride & Groom in a sidewalk puddle takes something ordinary & makes it extraordinary.  Talk about making a rainbow out of rain!! 

How would/did you react to rain on your wedding day?  Do/did you have a Plan B for rainy weather? 

Photo by Whitney Huynh Photography via


{wedding rings} sandy

I am enjoying one of the most beautiful Spring days & the sunny skies & soft breezes have me dreaming of beach days.  The beautiful ocean, the bright sun & the warm sand . . .

Speaking of sand, how cool is this sandy ring shot?  I'm pretty much head over heels in love.  The sand & the rings are such a perfect pairing for a beach wedding.  It's a simple photo yet absolutely striking.  The rings' shadows are incredible & the sands' texture is so detailed.  Amazing.  The black & white photography just makes this photo as I'm not sure I would like it so much in color.   

Now if only I could bury myself in the sand today . . .

What are you dreaming of on this lovely day?    

Photo by Robin Van Dyke Photography via


sequins & sparkles

Yesterday was a draining day spent at the oh so lovely DMV getting my new driver's license bearing my married last name.  Yes, I finally decided to take my husband's name!  More on that later.  The DMV is one of those places that sucks your happy soul & good energy.  I came home tired & cranky.  What's the remedy for that?

Sequins & sparkle!!!!!! 

A sparkly, sequin aisle!  How genius!!  The candlelight's soft glow makes the sequins shimmer beautifully, creating a magical aisle for a Bride to float down to meet her Groom.  Talk about a WOW factor for a marriage ceremony.

Ahhh, the sequins & sparkle have me smiling already.  What cheers you up after a trying day?

Photo by KT Merry via



Welcome, Spring!

The bright yellow heads of daffodils dotting the green landscape signify the beginning of Spring in my little corner of the world.  Since Spring made her official debut today, a darling daffodil arrangement marks this special occasion on Koru Wedding Style! 

There is so much to love about this sweet daffodil arrangement, starting with the main stars: gorgeous yellow daffodils.  But would this arrangement be as special without the limes, the burlap & the ribbon?  I think not.  This combination is pure Spring perfection.

Spring Brides, let these daffodils inspire you.  They would be ideal cocktail table centerpieces or fabulous reception centerpieces set on a burlap runner.  Or get creative & switch the burlap for lace & match the ribbon to your wedding colors.  Not planning a wedding?  How about a using these as a cheery Easter decoration?  Wherever your imagination takes you, it will be just lovely.  

What signifies the beginning of Spring to you?  A date on the calendar or something like the sighting of your first daffodil or robin?

Photo via


green crafts & wishes

St. Patrick's Day is special to me, it means more than sipping a Guinness & wearing green.  As a kid & through adulthood, my Mom always prepared us a traditional Irish dinner of corned beef & cabbage.  Now that my Mom has fled lovely Jersey for sunny California, my sister keeps up the tradition & hosts our corned beef & cabbage dinner.  It's always a fun night! 

I can't cook to save my life but I'm handy with paper, scissors & glue so I started a little tradition of my own: making & sending St. Patrick's Day cards to our family & friends.  I enjoy creating a design, making the cards & sending them with love.  This year, I went a modern route by making different, random designs with four, pretty green ribbons & sprinkling in a green shamrock or two.  Each card was unique which was pretty fun.  I put a little dash of Irish love into each & every card!   

The lovely Miss Siobhan kindly agreed to model my 2012 St. Patrick's Day cards.  Of course, there she is up above proudly displaying one design.  Here she is with a few more versions:

Because I'm a sucker for finishing touches, each card was sealed with a cute green shamrock:

I wish I could send a card to each of my wonderful readers!  Since I can't, I've chosen this St. Patrick's Day wish for you:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Photo 1-3 Koru Kate Photo 4 Seed Factory


green goodness

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, this week I celebrated green in weddings- green bridal bouquets & green bridesmaid dresses.  I adore green & I didn't use it in our wedding so this little green exercise has been the most fun for me. & it's been leading up to this very moment: glorious green centerpieces!

A creative centerpiece that is practically an ode to everything that is good & green with its air plant, cactus & succulent:

An exotic, green centerpiece is living large:

A leafy, original centerpiece that makes quite the green statement:

A Bells of Ireland centerpiece that proves this common centerpiece filler does just fine on its own green stems:

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day & green goodness, here is another sneak peek at my homemade cards to be revealed tomorrow:

I have to say, after seeing these green delights, I almost wish I had used green for our wedding.  Is/Was there a color you regretted not using for your wedding?

Photo 1 Aubrey Joy Photography via Photo 2 Mademoiselle Fiona Photography via Photo 3 Source Unknown via Photo 4 Aquario Studio via Photo 5 Koru Kate


touch o' green

In case you're not aware of the program, Koru Wedding Style has gone green in honor of St. Patrick's Day!  I kicked things off with luscious green bouquets fit for green-loving Brides yesterday.  Where is my green celebration taking us today?

Green bridesmaid dresses, my dears.  & the pretty bridesmaid bouquets to match!  Green may not top the list of most popular bridal party colors but green maids are fresh & pretty.

A good-looking bridal party in cheery kelly green dresses:

A darling white bouquet with yellow/green berries completes the look:

The happy bridesmaids are rocking their dark green frocks:
(does anyone else spot the slight wardrobe malfunction?) 

Such a heavenly delight of pale oranges mixed with light greens in this bouquet:

I don't see green bridesmaid dresses in many weddings but I must say after seeing these photos, I'm a fan.  A little touch of green makes for a beautiful wedding!

What color are your bridesmaids wearing?  How did you decide on a color(s)?

Photos 1 & 2 Laurie Leslie Photography via ; Photos 3 & 4 Raya Carlisle Photography via


going green

Like any good Irish girl, I get excited for St. Patrick's Day!  This Saturday is the big day.  In its honor, Koru Wedding Style in going green this week.  I'm excited to celebrate green in all its wedding glory!!

Now Kermit the Frog claims it isn't easy being green but these green bridal bouquets dare to tell a different story . . .

A bouquet of green tomatillos & cotton?  Yes, please.

Why chose one shade of green?  Mix different shades of lush green flowers accented with pure white flowers:

Go bold with a modern, organic air plant bouquet:

Dusty, muted greens make a unique statement:

Bells of Ireland mixed with white snapdragons is green gorgeousness:

& before you go, here is a little sneak peek of the creation of my 2012 St. Patrick's Day card (to be revealed Friday):

Which is your favorite green bouquet?  Would you consider green for your wedding or has another color stolen your heart?

Photo 1 Stephanie Williams via Photo 2 Kelli Hunt via Photo 3 Mi Belle Photography via Photo 4 Benj Haisch Photography via Photo 5 Cassandra Eldridge Photography via


shiny & new

Welcome to the fresh face of Koru Wedding Style!

It's okay, I'll wait.  Take a moment to look around & admire the new look.  Isn't she pretty?!

Why the new look?  Well, here's a little background . . . 

Koru Wedding Style is a natural extension of my wedding planning business, Koru Wedding Shoppe.  Both share the tag line "inspiration & celebration of new beginnings."  At Koru Wedding Shoppe, I inspire Brides & Grooms to create the wedding of their dreams & I take care of the timing, details & work so they can celebrate & enjoy every moment of their wedding.  At Koru Wedding Style, I share wedding inspiration & I celebrate anything & everything weddings.  My dear Korus go hand-in-hand.    

As such, I have long wanted my blog & web site to complement one another.  Not matchy matchy but coordinating.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  I had a difficult time finding an affordable, clean & modern design to coexist with my web site.  I suppose good things do come to those who wait because I finally found what I was looking for all along.  Quite simply, it's what you see here before your very eyes.

I hope you enjoy the shiny & new look of Koru Wedding Style as much as I do.  This is yet another new beginning! 

Big thanks to Brooke of Bright Wishes Designs for making this redesign happen so quickly & so beautifully!

Photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers


simple blooms

I'll be honest: I didn't have a large flower/decor budget when I was planning our wedding.  My then-fiance & I chose to prioritize & spend the most on our venue/food, photography & music.  As such, the pennies were pretty tight in other areas.  I went really simple with the flowers.*

So it's truly warmed my heart to see more & more reception centerpieces that don't break the bank, yet look quite lovely.  I know it's frustrating when your limited budget doesn't fit your big dreams.  Oh, my dears, there is hope.  Let's admire some affordable, beautiful centerpieces & fuel that hope!

A grouping of cheerful yellow flowers in different vases make for sweet centerpieces:

 Mix lots of greenery with a pop of bright color in a mason jar for a nature-inspired feel:

The small detail of green glass elevates this simple, single bloom & few branches centerpiece:

A fresh-picked centerpiece is just darling in a cute container:

Cherry on top: most of these centerpieces could easily be DIY projects!  As always, I beg you to recruit buddies or hire a day-of wedding planner to transport & set-up the centerpieces should you go the DIY route.  You want to spend your wedding day enjoying every moment with your loved ones, not playing with flowers. 

Are/Were flowers & decor a priority for your wedding?  Do you have any inspiring, budget-friendly decorating tips to share?  

(* I feel like a broken record but I promise more photos of our wedding are coming soon!  There are a few HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE & HERE TOO if you feel like scouring the entire blog.  I mean, I'm sure you have the free time.)

Photo 1 A & A Photography via Photo 2 via Photo 3 Kelli Hunt Photography via Photo 4 The Wedding Artists Collective via


Wedding Wheels, 2012 Debut!

Wow.  I'm embarrassed.  March is here & I'm just debuting Wedding Wheels?!

For those of you who are new here, Wedding Wheels is a series that celebrates my love of weddings & my adoration of cars.  Yes, yes- it's an odd combo but it happens to work.  I always notice the getaway car when I look at wedding photos & share the most fun, creative options with you.  &, let me tell you, Brides & Groom are getting pretty creative! 

Sweet couple + Wedding Bike = Awesome.  I mean, clearly:

There is so much to drool over in this photo (Groom's attire! Bride's shoes!) but I believe we can agree that the Vespa is the main attraction:

 Perhaps you're a little more bad ass?  Then this motorcycle getaway is just your speed:

No wheels, no problem!  Just float away on a getaway boat:

Last but not least, the classic: the vintage getaway car.  A convertible to boot:

As always, to see my absolute favorite getaway car ever, just glance up above at my header :-)  I'm working on a Wedding Wheels comprised entirely of that exact vintage taxi- coming soon! 

Tell me, which getaway mode catches your eye?    

Photo 1 by Kay English Photography via; Photo 2 by Lemon Lime Photography via; Photo 3 by Greg Benz Photography via;
Photo 4 by Ashley Maxwell Photography via; Photo 5 by Stone Crandall Photography via


Spring Flowers

Goodbye, Winter & Hello, Spring!

Spring may not officially start until March 20 but I'm declaring it Spring at Koru Wedding Style.  Winter was disappointing- in so many ways, not just the lack of snow.  I'm ready to move forward & embrace the new beginnings of Spring.  Let's get this Spring party started with with some gorgeous Spring bridal bouquet eye candy.

My favorite Spring flowers are delicate, beautiful tulips:

Peonies are quite lovely too, especially in this loose, garden-style bouquet:

Anemones are daring & modern with their black centers & they look perfect in this small, sweet bouquet:

Did I say tulips were my favorite Spring flower?  I lied.  Or maybe it's simply a tie with graceful, stunning calla lilies:

What is your favorite Spring flower?  Or, like me, do you find it too hard to choose?

Photo 1 Aquario Studio via Photo 2 Grazier Photography via Photo 3 Caroline Tran via Photo 4 Joielala Photography via


Over & Out, Winter

The official celebration of winter weddings has come to an end.  I couldn't think of a more fitting farewell than to share my favorite bridal party photo from my winter wedding.  

Due to frigid temperatures & possibility of snow, winter Brides have to select a warm, indoor location for bridal party photos.  You can hope for outdoor photos but there must be a heated, comfortable spot chosen as well.  It's only fair to your bridesmaids & groomsmen.  RZ & I chose the gorgeous Hoboken Train Station for that exact reason.  As we arrived in downtown Hoboken & tumbled out of our cars onto the cobblestone street, Tim suggested a few outdoor photos before we headed inside.  Awesome idea!  Our good-natured bridal party huddled around us, smiling & laughing despite the chilly temperatures.  Absolute troopers, I tell you.

The photo is a total winner in my eyes.  It encompasses so many things I treasure: my husband, our wonderful friends, our hometown Hoboken, our fun vintage taxi &, of course, our winter wedding.  You can bet this baby is displayed in our hallway & will be included in our wedding album.  LOVE!!!!!! 

**Please click on the photo to see it in its full-size glory!  If anyone has tips on how to post larger photos, feel free to share with me via email or comment :-)  UPDATE: Problem solved, thanks to the fabulous Lena of A Crimson Kiss!

I hope you enjoyed this little winter wedding celebration.  Next year, I plan to kick up the celebration a notch to include more & more lovely winter wedding details.  Till we meet again, Winter Weddings!

Happy Weekend!!!!
Photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers


Mitten Magic

Hello, March!  I do hope your wet, rainy arrival means Spring is coming soon.  Yes, Spring!!  It's time to start wrapping up our Winter Wedding celebration!

Accessorize, accessorize.  For winter weddings, accessorize often means fur stoles & warm boots.  This ultra-cute bridal party sported handmade purple mittens!  LOVE.  Those bridesmaids are real troopers braving the cold with bare shoulders but at least their hands stayed toasty warm & looked super chic.  Oh & did I mention the Mother of the Bride knitted those fun mittens?!  Love, LOVE!!    

I'm adding adorable mittens to my must-have list for winter weddings.  Stat!

For more of this winter wedding eye candy (purple Uggs! cute dog! lots of snow!), please visit HERE!

Photo by Jessica Smith Photography via
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