Gone Relaxing

Koru Kate is vacationing with her hubs!
Can you guess where they are from the photo above?

(p.s. Regular Blogging resumes in early August)


It's A Wrap! 16th Edition

Oh how this Jersey girl adores this boardwalk photo!
Image by
Kay English Photography via Style Me Pretty

Happy Friday, Koru Family & Friends! Summer is in full swing & I'm taking full advantage. Today, my hubs & I are attending a Summer wedding & tomorrow, we jet off for a little Summer vacation. I'll be back to bring you wedding goodness in August (wow, August already!). Of course, I leave you with gathered prettiness & loveliness to tide you over until my return . . .

Boardwalk + Peonies = AWESOME Wedding!

Love, love me a vintage taxi

A little slice of rainbow heaven

Oh, be still my ribbon loving heart

My goal is to send more "Just Because" & "I Love You" notes

Happy Weekend! Make it bright & beautiful~


Centerpiece, You are Beautiful

Besides planning & coordinating a wedding, there is little I enjoy more than attending a wedding as a guest. Oh, the pure & simple joy of eating, drinking & being merry to celebrate a happy couple's positive new beginning!

Now the wedding planner in me is always there. This part of me likes exploring new venues, enjoying good food & admiring pretty decor.

Historic & Beautiful Edison Ballroom

I had the golden opportunity to be a guest at an Edison Ballroom wedding last Summer (why has it taken me so long to blog about it?!). This stunning, art deco ballroom has served as a grand ballroom for Hotel Edison & as a theater for Broadway. It's sleek & swanky, yet you can feel its history. Clearly a win-win if you ask me!

Centerpieces, you have my Heart

Now I crushed hard on the amazing centerpieces. Everyone around me was snapping photos of the Bride & Groom or their dressed up friends & my camera was aimed at the centerpieces. RZ may or may not have been embarrassed. The crystal candelabras held dark purple, almost black, candles & dripped with additional crystals. Then four dark purple, cut crystal wine glasses filled with various purple orchids surrounded the candelabras. GORGEOUS!

Yup, I'm still drooling

I haven't looked at these photos in awhile & my love affair with the centerpieces is renewed! Have you fallen for fabulous details at your friends' & families' weddings? It's not just me, is it?!


Koru Kate Finds: 1st Edition

Happy Monday, Koru Family & Friends!

Welcome to our newest feature on Koru Wedding Style: Koru Kate Finds! Every Monday, I will feature wedding finds to inspire you. From jewelry to bouquets to invitations & more, you will enjoy the fun & creative here to brighten the start of each week. Every once in awhile, I may share a non-wedding find with you but I'll keep those few & far between. Let's get this wedding party started!

My first finds come from one of my absolute favorite collections, Kate Spade New York. I'm obsessed with the entire collection but I have two stars in my eyes at the moment. The "I Do" and "Mrs" necklaces are so simple & sweet they make my heart patter. I would have loved, LOVED to have gotten one of these adorable necklaces for my bridal shower. The "I Do" necklace could have graced my neck for my wedding festivities, then a switch to the "Mrs" necklace for my honeymoon.

"I Do" & "Mrs" Necklaces
Available at & Images from Kate Spade

Koru Loves, it's too late for me & these necklaces but you still have a chance!


♥ 6 Months: A Reflection ♥

Oh So Happy: Our Wedding Day
Photo taken by Friend

Six months ago today, RZ & I got married. A big grin spreads across my face & my heart fills with joy at the sweet thought of our happy, beautiful wedding day.

Six months is mere baby steps in the lifetime of a marriage. Still, I believe in celebrating the big & small so this day is worthy of celebration. Six months of being husband & wife, of creating our baby family (**), of becoming an official team. And I've loved every moment!

Pure Joy: Our Wedding Day
Photo Taken by Friend

Everyone & their neighbor ask me if our relationship feels different now that we are married. Tough question. No & YES. Day to day, in the regular routine of our lives, I don't feel like much has changed except perhaps that Mrs. applies to me. We go to work, we spoil our dog, we eat, drink & be merry. Still, there is something there that says everything has changed. Something that is hard to put my finger on, let alone describe. I suppose it's a subtle undercurrent to our relationship, always there, always flowing. Always reminding us of our vows, our promises, our forever. It makes us stronger & makes us better.

To RZ, my best friend, my love, my husband:
Cheers to many, many more!

** Disclaimer:
Baby Family is one of my favorite terms adopted from
A Practical Wedding.
It doesn't mean we are having a baby!


Just Crazed

Crazy in Love or Just Crazed?
Available on
Etsy in tilependantjewelry's shop

Nearly six months since our beautiful wedding day, we're happily living the life of newlyweds. Do you know what has surprised me the most? The amount of work that comes after the wedding. This is the dirty little secret that nobody bothered to tell me. I was thrilled to banish our wedding to-do list to the deep depths of some random drawer but our post-wedding to-do list is a close rival.

Here is our Post-Wedding Laundry List:

1. Decide on name change & make it official. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't count.
2. Pick an image for thank you card & order those puppies.
3. Write said thank you cards. I can hardly wait!
4. Choose images for your wedding album. Mission impossible.
5. Clean & preserve wedding gown. Or figure out how to wear it again :-)
6. Finish submissions to wedding blogs. It's my dream to be a Wedding Grad on APW.

We have some serious post-wedding work ahead of us. As of today, we have completed Task #2. Go team!!!!

Are we crazy in love or just crazed? It depends on the moment.


Good Tired

Too Tired To Yawn
Print available on Etsy in ElleJW's shop

How does a wedding planner feel after a wedding? One word: tired!

But it's a special tired.

True, I feel tired to the bone, to my very core. After 12+ hours of quick thinking on my feet, it's a wonder I can function. Sometimes I can barely remember which end is up because I've spent so much time & energy keep every last wedding detail straight.

Yet it's a triumphant tired. I may not have finished a marathon but I've coordinated another successful wedding. I've had a hand in making a special day even more special & wonderful for a beautiful Bride & Groom. There is true beauty & joy in that for me. I've accomplished my goal & exhausted myself in the process.

& this is exactly how I'm feeling right now after Sunday's beach wedding. I'm good tired, a feeling I wouldn't change for anything in the world.


It's A Wrap! 15th Edition

Hydrangeas in FULL Glory
Erin Ever After

Stop it! No really, stop it.
This centerpiece is beyond!

Are you a Twinkie fan? Yes?
Then this fun creation is for YOU!

You know how I love me an all-white or mostly white wedding. Feast your eyes on this white beauty!

Sorbet as wedding inspiration? Yes indeed!

Happy Summer Weekend!



Available at Etsy in BremeloPress' shop

Oops. I messed up.

That says it all! I've been largely missing in the blogging world lately; I haven't had the time to read others' blogs or write Koru's posts. Sigh. I'm sorry. I've been loving the long, lazy days of Summer a bit too much. Also, I've been prepping & working a few wedding planning jobs. While my days have been filled with plenty of things I love & adore, I haven't had the time to share them with you. I promise to make more of an effort!

Thanks, Koru friends & family, for hanging in there with me. Mwuah!

Tomorrow, there is a great It's A Wrap! coming your way :-)


Happy 4th of July!

Red, White & Blue Fireworks on the Hudson

Happy Fourth of July!

Let's celebrate our freedom &
give thanks to the past & present troops who fight for it!

God Bless America!


Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Summer Song Print
Available at Etsy in cabbagesandkingsArt's shop

Wheeee . . . a long, holiday, Summer weekend is here!

Fourth of July weekend is extra special in my heart because it happens to be my birthday weekend too. Aren't all those fireworks for me?! No? Hmph.

We've got big, fun plans to enjoy the Summer sunshine on this favorite weekend of mine. Today, you'll find us poolside. Tomorrow, we'll hit the beach. Sunday, we'll relax in the park with Bailey. Monday, we'll find a good spot along the Hudson River & enjoy the fireworks. With dashes of sun, friends, cocktails & laughter here & there, we have the makings of a perfect weekend. Celebration time!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Make it fun & fabulous!!
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