Farewell, Summer 2013

Here we are at Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer.  The beach scene above (can you spot my husband?!) shows my typical summer weekend on the Jersey shore.  All I need is bright sun, gentle waves & a good book!  & this is exactly where you will find me this weekend, enjoying every last bit of summer.  Because, as shown in selected shots from my Instagram account, what a good summer it has been:  

& yet when the final 2013 summer weekend is said & done, I am ready to move forward & embrace a new season.  There is a lot on the horizon.  I am excited to see what comes next!  Perhaps a longtime dream come true.  

Until then, have a fun summer weekend!

Photography: Kate Corpuz of Koru Wedding


{weddings} summer brights

When Summer comes to mind, I immediately think of bright, cheerful colors.  All colors of the rainbow, in their most vivid shades.  In one last hurrah of Summer weddings, I'm celebrating the bold & pretty colors in Summer weddings!

Each image makes me smile & wish Summer could last forever!

Photo 1: Josselyn Peterson via; Photo 2: Wendy Laural via; Photo 3: Alaina Bos Photography via; Photo 4: Bethann Greenberg Photography via; Photo 5: Agaton Strom via


{wedding cakes} something turquoise

Continuing with yesterday's "beachy without being typical beachy" look, this little beauty fits right in.  The cake is just perfect for a beach wedding without using seashells or starfish.  The icing is the color of the Caribbean Sea.  The gold leaf looks like coral.  The pale blue sea glass is the finishing touch.  Here's a wedding cake that is right at home at a beach wedding! 

Photo: Awake Photography via


{wedding centerpieces} just beachy

At the public viewing of The New York Flower Show Dinner Dance, one of my very favorite centerpieces was the beach tablescape by West Elm.  It was so creative & original!  I stood & admired it for quite some time because the longer I looked, the more I noticed.

Everything I adore about the beach is represented: the cool blue ocean, the wispy sea grass, the fine sand & the worn driftwood.  The beach is deconstructed & presented in a new light.  The centerpiece is just perfect for a beach wedding, while avoiding the typical beach look.  I, for one, am a huge fan!

For other unique centerpieces from this event, take a peek at {wedding centerpieces} large & in charge!

Photography: Kate Corpuz for Koru Wedding  /  Tablescape Designer: West Elm


{noteworthy} cupcakes, cupcakes & more cupcakes!

Nothing says summer quite like a cupcake tour in Manhattan!  Oh, is that not an actual saying?  Well, it should be.  It was such a fun way to spend a beautiful summer day with my sister!  That's us, enjoying our sugar tour above.  Knowing how much I adore cupcakes, my aunt had purchased two tickets for The Cupcake Tour of New York by Great New York Tours for us as a Christmas gift.  We saved the tour for a sunny, warm Sunday, when walking through the city & tasting cupcakes sounded perfect.

The great cupcake tour met at Union Square, arguably my favorite part of the city, & we walked half a block to Baked by Melissa, a tiny place I have walked past a million times.  Baked by Melissa is famous for its bite-sized, mini cupcakes.  We tried the flavor of the month, Pina Colada, & it was delicious.  Someday I will return to try the signature tie-dye cupcake!

Next, we stopped at Amorino Gelato Artigianale.  Yes, gelato on a cupcake tour!  But once we sampled the incredible, refreshing mango gelato, it became quite clear why a gelato place is included in a cupcake tour.  The gelato is that amazing!

Hands down the cupcake bakery that has my heart, we went to Crumbs Bake Shop next.  I'm a huge fan of Crumbs' gourmet cupcakes & I frequent the Hoboken location a little too much.  I'm happy to report the cupcakes were just as yummy in this NYC location!  We were given our choice of a mini cupcake from their best-seller pack & I was lucky enough to score a tasty cookies and cream cupcake.

After walking through scenic Washington Square Park, we arrived at the charming Molly's Cupcakes to build our own custom cupcake.  Just to sugar us up more than we ever could have imagined, they ran out of mini cupcakes & they offered us regular-sized "Molly" cupcakes instead.  I created a basic vanilla cupcake with french buttercream frosting & topped it with pastel sprinkles.  It looked pretty cute & tasted so good!

When we arrived at the adorable Milk & Cookies Bakery on a charming, tree-lined street in the West Village, my sister & I decided we would take our treat to go.  We skipped the cupcakes in favor of their famous cookies, specifically the Salted Oat Surprise.  I simply couldn't wait until I got home to try it so I ate half of my cookie & I was instantly in cookie heaven! 

Last but not least, we found ourselves on a sweet corner in the West Village at Magnolia Bakery.  Sex & The City fans may recognize this little bakery!  We were treated to a full-size red velvet cupcake with whipped vanilla icing.  My sister & I finally raised our white flag in sugar surrender.  I guess there is such a thing as too many cupcakes.  Those red velvet babies came home with us & my husband & I loved them!

If you're looking for something different to do in Manhattan, I highly recommend The Cupcake Tour of New York.  & not just for the treats, although the cupcakes are obviously the highlight.  The cupcake tour is a fun way to explore the city too.  It gets you away from the hustle & bustle of midtown & showcases some of the more unique, delightful neighborhoods of the city.

One last thing.  Per Molly's Cupcakes, did you know there are cupcake rules?

May your weekend be lovely & sweet!

Photography: Kate Corpuz for Koru Wedding


{weddings} h is for hydrangea

Summer flowers make our world much more beautiful, especially hydrangeas.  Whether they are spilling over the concrete sidewalks of Hoboken or dotting the landscape at the shore, hydrangeas are simply gorgeous.  & they are just as pretty in summer weddings!  I really adore pastel, muted hydrangeas that appear as if they are faded from the bright summer sun. 

So lovely!  In everyday life & in special occasions like weddings, what are your favorite summer flowers?

Photo 1: Ashley Dru Photography via; Photo 2: via; Photo 3: Caroline + Ben Photography via; Photo 4: Memoire Studio via; Photo 5: Trent Bailey Photography via


grasping summer

Two weeks from today, Labor Day weekend will be said & done, & summer will essentially be over.  Cue sad face!  I simply adore summer with its warm sunshine, beautiful beach days & yummy ice cream cones.  So I plan to relish every last bit of summer, including here.  Koru Wedding Style will be summer all day, every day for the next two weeks!

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the summer goodness to come in the next two weeks.  Grab your sunglasses!

Photo 1: A Guy and A Girl Photography via; Photo 2: Hannah Persson Photo via; Photo 3: Christina Lilly Photography via; Photo 4: Christina Szczupak Photographvia; Photo 5: Millie Holloman Photography via


{wedding centerpieces} planted

During the summer, the faded red deck of my childhood home was lined with planters, spilling over with bright, beautiful flowers.  The pretty image is burned forever in my heart.  Lately, I've noticed wedding centerpieces featuring planters, looking just as gorgeous as the planters in my old backyard.  I've fallen in love!  

I have to say, I think planters as wedding centerpieces are just as special as planters as backyard decor!

Photo 1: Char Photography via: Photo 2: Sarah Culver Photography via; Photo 3: Clayton Austin via; Photo 4: Dreamlove Photography viaPhoto 5: Studio Castillero via


{Touch of Country Vermont Wedding} Lauren & Derrick

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

A touch of lace here.  A mason jar there.  Cowboy boots here, there & everywhere.  Take a little glam, mix it with a little rustic.  Yes, it's a country wedding, y'all!  Ampersand Wedding Photography shows us the beauty:


Lauren & Derrick were married on June 29, 2013 in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.  Their country wedding featured the prettiest peonies, the coolest cowboy boots & a true down-home spirit!  The outdoor ceremony took place in a wide, open field with sweeping views of green Vermont.  A simple, striking altar was made of birch tree branches, while birch tree branches also marked the aisle.  The Bride carried a pastel peony bouquet & wore a glamorous statement necklace, a lace corset gown & cowboy boots.  She wasn't alone- her bridesmaids wore cowboy boots too!  After becoming husband & wife, the happy couple roamed the scenic field & picturesque lake.  The celebratory reception was held in a peaked white tent where the country theme continued.  The tables were covered in lace, burlap squares & peonies tucked in lace-wrapped mason jars.  Each guest was given a personalized mason jar to enjoy drinks like Blushing Bride Daiquiri & Jack & Groom.  A traditional wedding cake was nixed in favor of towers of miniature cupcakes.  & that's a country wedding done right, folks!

My Favorite Moment:  The Bride popping a bottle of champagne with her bridesmaids.

My Favorite Detail:  A real toss up between the pretty peonies & the fun cowboy boots.

Congratulations, Lauren & Derrick!

Photography: Ampersand Wedding Photography  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights  /  Ceremony & Reception:  Private Residence in Burlington, Vermont  /  Catering & Rentals:  Blood's Catering & Party Rentals  /  Cupcakes:  My Little Cupcakes  /  Wedding Gown: WToo via Fiori Bridal Boutique  /  Bridesmaid Dresses:  Donna Morgan  / 
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