{weddings} h is for hydrangea

Summer flowers make our world much more beautiful, especially hydrangeas.  Whether they are spilling over the concrete sidewalks of Hoboken or dotting the landscape at the shore, hydrangeas are simply gorgeous.  & they are just as pretty in summer weddings!  I really adore pastel, muted hydrangeas that appear as if they are faded from the bright summer sun. 

So lovely!  In everyday life & in special occasions like weddings, what are your favorite summer flowers?

Photo 1: Ashley Dru Photography via; Photo 2: via; Photo 3: Caroline + Ben Photography via; Photo 4: Memoire Studio via; Photo 5: Trent Bailey Photography via


  1. Hydrangeas are my absolute favourite flower, so you can imagine that the first pic of the bouquet knocked my socks off!! Such a beautiful flower and so perfect for a summer wedding!

  2. That last photo is one of my favorites–reminds me of the row of hydrangeas growing under our kitchen window!

  3. That was my grandmother's favorite flower. It's beautiful.

  4. I had hydrangeas in my wedding bouquet too...they're one of my favourite flowers!


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