baby, baby

I've never had an opinion about baby's breath one way or the other until now. I see it popping up everywhere in the wedding world & I'm falling in love.  Baby's breath is so simple & sweet, just my style.

Here are a few examples of baby's breath in weddings that made me fall in love:

The bunting is darling but the baby's breath arrangements make the statement for this ceremony altar:

Baby's breath bridal bouquet that is seemingly heaven-sent:

Delicate baby's breath mixed with fragile stephanotis is bridesmaid bouquet perfection:

Escort cards nestled in a bed of fluffy baby's breath is quite genius:

Varied containers wrapped with ribbon & filled with baby's breath makes the ultimate simply pretty centerpieces:

Best of all, baby's breath is inexpensive.  Music to the ears of Brides on a tight budget! 

Are you seeing baby's breath everywhere too?  Hate, Love or Like?  I vote LOVE!

Photo 1 & 5 Yolande Marx via Photo 2 Jonathan Ong via Photo 3 via Photo 4 Braedon Photography via


{Real Wedding} Melissa & Phillip

Who doesn't love a good love story?  Partner a good love story with a gorgeous Southern wedding &, well, I'm hooked.  Let's dive in with the pretty images of Melissa & Phillip's wedding by Lauren D. Rogers Photography:

Oh so pretty!

Melissa & Phillip were destined to meet as their paths kept crossing.  Both attended the University of Virginia.  They only meet briefly.  Both worked at the same consulting firm in Atlanta.  They met again when they were placed on the same project.  They became friends, they became a couple &, finally, in October 2011, they became husband & wife.

Melissa & Phillip's autumn wedding took place at Clifton Inn, a stately white manor house in a beautiful setting surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The day was infused with the glorious oranges, reds & yellow of the autumn season accented with deep blue & dark purple.  With details like a bourbon bar, a bourbon whiskey guest book & grits favors, the Bride & Groom laced nods to their Southern heritage throughout the celebration.  Perhaps the best detail of all is Melissa's cheery, gorgeous smile in every photo, exuding such happiness on her wedding day!  

Melissa & Phillip said "I Do!" in an outdoor ceremony full of autumn-colored flowers, sunny skies & family & friends.  The romantic wedding celebration continued inside the manor house with dinner, dancing & merriment.  The fun night concluded with a festive sparkler departure for the Bride & Groom.  What a perfect beginning to the new chapter of Melissa & Phillip's love story!    
Photography: Lauren D. Rogers Photography  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights  /  Ceremony & Reception Venue: Clifton Inn  /  Event Planner: Beehive Events  /  Band: The John Winntet  /  Make-up Artist: Daphne Latham  /  Cake: Clifton Inn  /  Tent: Skyline Tent Company

Wedding Wheels, Decorated

I have to admit that my Wedding Wheels posts are my absolute favorite posts!  I enjoy collecting the photos & creating the posts & finally hitting the publish button each month.  This time around, I changed things up just a bit.  I'm still bringing you cool & unusual modes of transportation for Brides & Grooms of course.  It's even better though- cool, unusual & decorated vehicles for Brides & Grooms!!

Something old, something blue & something bunted & tin-canned:

The Bride & Groom float away in Just Married style:

Flowers, ribbons & bunting transform this golf car from ordinary to extraordinary for a Bride & Groom:

A Just Married license plate & basket full of baby's breath on a bicycle?  Yes, please!

Two simple, handwritten signs & the trolley bus is all theirs on their wedding day:

This may be the most fun Wedding Wheels collection yet!  The decorations take the cool to even cooler.  Not gonna lie- we didn't decorate our vintage taxi & now I wish we had!  Will/did you decorate your getaway car?

Photo 1 Larissa Cleveland Photography via Photo 2 Angie Silvy Photography via Photo 3 Millie Holloman Photography via Photo 4 Yolande Marx Photography via Photo 5 Katie Noble Weddings via


{Sneak Peek} Melissa & Phillip

Here's a juicy sneak peek at the fabulous wedding coming next Wedding Wednesday:

I promise you that it's a beauty that you don't want to miss!  With a sweet love story & a darling autumn wedding to match, Melissa & Phillip's wedding story is sure to inspire.  I can't wait for you to see it!!  Color me very excited!

Till then, Happy Weekend!

Photo by Lauren D. Rogers Photography

heart marks the spot

I heart the sweet pink heart of rose petals!  So soft, so romantic.

Can you imagine a giant petal heart marking the spot of a marriage ceremony?!  It's beyond perfect for an outdoor wedding.  With all the luscious shades of roses, the petal heart possibilities are endless.  Such a pretty statement of love!  

Now how to keep the rose petals from flying away on the first good breeze . . . it remains a mystery.


{wedding rings} panicked

Don't get me wrong: this is a very cool ring shot.  The silver rings, green lily pads, the orange fish & the white fish make for a very striking photo.  But it's hard for me to enjoy it much.  

As a wedding planner, I panic at the mere sight of this photo.  It is part of my job to foresee disasters & stop them before they happen or handle disasters & make it appear like they never happened.  And this, well, this spells disaster for me.  How easy, how very, very easy it would be for those rings to slip off the lily pad & disappear into the depths of the pond.  Poof, gone!  

I would be the one to jump in, swim with the fishies & find those rings on the bottom of the pond!!!

Of course, nothing like that happened.  Carry on & admire the daring photo.  

Photo Adagion Studio via


{fur babies + weddings} brideskitteh

I regularly pore over wedding magazines & blogs in the name of job research.  It's as good of an excuse as any!  I'm consistently amazed at the beauty & creativity I see in weddings, much of which I share here with you.  But I'm not often surprised.  Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking I have seen or done it all in my twelve years of wedding planning.  

Like pets taking part in the wedding.  I've done two weddings with dogs, both were walked down the aisle on a wedding color-coordinated leash (see the adorable Frenchie Bruce HERE).  I've done one wedding with a cat, she was flown cross-country to participate in the ceremony & carried down the aisle in her decorated carrier.  So when I spied this handsome black cat sporting a bow tie & posing with his Bride & Groom, I figured it was another cute fur baby in an animal-lovers' wedding:    

And he is.  BUT there is a twist!  The Bride considered him a part of her entourage & pegged him the "Brideskitteh."  Now that is a first!  Brideskitteh, I just love it. 

And this Brideskitteh's name?  Meatwad.  Enough said.  

I refuse to ever think I've seen & done it all in this wedding world ever again.

Photos by Zachary Hunt Photography via


white is right

A typical Bride chooses white for her wedding gown; why not choose white for your wedding cake?  White is a simple & classic choice.  These wedding cakes prove white is beautiful!

I like the clean white on white presentation here.  & don't even get me started on the delicate, white sugar flowers cascading down the white cake- LOVE!

Once a classic, always a classic.  I like the fresh flower adornments & silver riser that make this classic white beauty stand out.  

At first glance, I mistook this for a traditional basketweave cake.  Nope, it's just some amazing piping work that makes this a sweet, white beauty of a wedding cake!

The ruffles, the darling white ruffles on this white wedding cake make it pretty special!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite white cake in this collection.  The wedding cake is a timeless legend with its tiny dots & (look closely) dainty patterns.  

Divine, every one of these white cakes is absolutely divine.  Almost too divine.  Who would want to cut into these & ruin their beauty?!

Photo 1 Edyta Szyszlo Photography via Photo 2 Laurie Bailey Photography via Photo 3 Fondly Forever Photography via Photo 4 Oh Darling! Photography via Photo 5 Shira Weinberger Photography via



It's well established that I love checking out the cool & unusual modes of transportation that Brides & Grooms choose for their weddings.  In my quest for fun photographs of Brides & Grooms posing with their getaway cars, something else has caught my eye: Brides & Grooms inside their getaway cars.  Check this out & see if you agree these photos are something special.

Let's start with my favorite casual, relaxed photo of RZ & I riding in our beloved vintage taxi after our marriage ceremony.  The detail I love the most is one only RZ & I would notice: RZ is playing with his wedding ring, slipping it on & off his ring finger.  It's something he did throughout that ride from our ceremony to our reception & it's one of my first memories of our marriage: 

This hip couple looks classically cool in their classic car:

A quiet moment between a Bride & Groom inside their vintage car is captured so perfectly that I feel like we're peeping Toms:

Another vintage taxi, another happy couple:

Why not take charge & jump in the driver's seat of your vintage getaway car?

Pretty cool, am I right?!  Your thoughts?

P.S. The Wedding Wheels of April is coming your way next week!

Photo 1 Timothy Glenn Photographers Photo 2  Louisa Bailey Weddings via Photo 3 Calin Peters Photography via Photo 4  Phototerra Studio via Photo 5 Della Chen Photography via


shades of purple

One quick glance at my blog, my web site or my current manicure & it's pretty obvious I like purple.  From the sweet, pretty look of light purple to the regal, grand look of deep purple, I'm pretty much a fan of any shade of purple.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn't share this purple obsession adoration & our home is purple-free zone.  I've been missing it lately so the obvious cure is sharing a lovely collection of purple bridesmaid bouquets with you!

I spy every shade of pretty purple in this lush beauty:

A sweet bouquet with a darling touch of light purple:

A gorgeous light & dark purple bouquet:

A dark purple/white dahlia is the star of this incredible bouquet:

A daring, beautiful bouquet featuring calla lilies with dark purple centers:
(this one is my favorite!!!!)

Purple, I adore your amazing self.  

Thank you for indulging me in my love of purple!  What is your favorite color?  Will/did you use it in your wedding?

Photo 1 Ashley Rose Photography via Photo 2 Edyta Szyszlo Photography via Photo 3 Simply Bloom Photography via Photo 4 Gabriel Ryan Photographers via Photo 5 Callaway Gable via 


Easter Spots

Last weekend when my husband mentioned Easter was the following Sunday, I thought it was an April Fool's joke.  I'm serious.  Where is time going?!  Once I checked the calendar & established that he was not kidding, I was left with one night to craft homemade Easter cards for our family. 

Yikes!  No time to shop.  Quickly, I grabbed blank cards, colored pens, patterned papers & scallop paper punch out of my craft armoire & came up with a little something like this:  

A sweet, simple design with just a touch of sparkle: 

 I designed each card around the favorite color of the recipient, like this green palette for my Mom:

 The cards may have been a rush job but I like the pretty spots of color & patterns:

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Celebrations to you & yours!

Photos by Koru Kate

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