Wedding Wheels

Here is a little-known fact about me: I love cars.

Yes, it's true.  My little fascination with cars started when I was younger.  I favored my Matchbox cars over my Barbies.  I treasured my car & truck quilt my Grandma made me because it was much more fitting than the flowery stuff available for little girls.  I adored our family friends' Mercedes.  I dreamed of owning a classic Mustang (still do!).

You may think my love of cars got lost in my wedding planning world of tulle, lace & flowers.  Oh no.  As I pore through wedding magazines & wedding blogs, I always look for fun, creative modes of wedding transportation.  It doesn't have to be a car to catch my eye either.  Now that I can pin & save those images of wedding wheels, I'm in heaven.  My Wheels board on Pinterest is my favorite.

Allow me to share some favorite Wedding Wheels with you.  Nope, wheels aren't limited to cars!

An unexpected cherry-red tractor for a Farm Wedding:

Image via Snippet & Ink

An adorably-styled classic for a Classic Wedding:

A cute bicycle of love for a Country Wedding:

Image via Ruffled

A vintage blue truck for a Southern Wedding:

Image via Southern Weddings

For my absolute favorite Wedding Wheels, just take a look at the Koru Wedding Style header!  I really love cars so Wedding Wheels will become a regular monthly feature- I can't help myself :-)

Do (or did) you have any fun plans for Wedding transportation?


  1. I love your yellow taxi the best. I love NYC and think the yellow always makes a white dress POP!

  2. We had a golfcart, but if we married in our home state my Husband wanted to come down the aisle on a tractor...after me! ;)

  3. True, the vintage taxi does have my heart!

    & wow, a golfcart- very fun. I need a photo of a wedding golfcart!!


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