Love for All

Love is Colorful because it is :-)
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It amazes me that my Mom remembers a time when African-Americans didn't have the same rights she did. They had to use separate entrances to the movie theaters & drink from different water fountains. It saddens me that such a prejudiced time was not so long ago.

Likewise, I hope my children look at me in wonderment that I can remember a time when not everyone was allowed to get married. I want marriage equality to seem as natural to my children as civil rights are to me.

As such, I cheered when I heard the happy news that New York is a state of marriage equality. It is less than 30 days away when anyone can get married in New York. Awesome! It is one small step towards not only my little dream but the big dreams of many. Go New York!

Love is for everyone, as marriage should be!


Melancholy Rose

Melancholy Rose
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I can hardly believe it's been two weeks since I was writing a post about my Mom & Grandma's upcoming arrival from California. The time went quickly, too quickly, as it always does when they are visiting. The days were laced with big celebrations like birthdays & graduations & little celebrations like family dinners & shopping trips. Every moment was precious. Now they've headed home & our home seems a bit quieter, a bit emptier. We miss them already.

Today, I'm a melancholy rose.


It's A Wrap! 14th Edition

Welcome Summer! Free Download HERE

I don't know about you but I welcomed Summer with open arms! Oh how I adore her warm, sunny days filled with bare feet, hot sand & cool water. On that note, the Koru List is full of Summer:

We LOVE Summer & we can't resist this stylish print!

The perfect "flowers" for a Summer Beach Bride!

Pretty palette for a Nautical Summer Bride

Popsicles & Weddings? Yes, please!!!!

Enjoy your first Summer weekend! May it be filled with sunshine & ice cream~


Country View

Laurita Winery Vineyards

About one month ago, I received an email from my wedding planner/friend/colleague Eileen asking me to assist her with a summer wedding at Laurita Winery. I jumped at the chance! I welcomed the opportunity to work with Eileen again & to experience a new venue. Tucked away among rolling farmland & country farmhouses in New Egypt, Laurita Winery was unexplored territory for me.

Oh the views! The views alone make this venue a winner in my book. Gorgeous views are my thing, my soft spot. The winery views are lush & green- the grass, the vineyards, the trees. Combined with blue skies & fluffy clouds, it's enough to make your heart burst. Just add a beautiful Bride & Groom & their wonderful wedding. The lovely picture is complete!

Tomorrow is the big day & I can't wait to experience this winery wedding!


It's A Wrap! 13th Edition

Ultimate pre-wedding activity: tubing!
Image via
A Cup Of Jo

Friday, yes Friday!, already. WOW. This week's Koru roundup is short & sweet like summer itself:

This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
Why oh why didn't we do this? Oh yeah, it was the dead of winter.

Love peonies?
Then these beauties are sure to steal your heart!

I ♥ NY

Happy Weekend!


On A Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane Print
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It's that time of year again: my Mom & Grandma are leaving sunny California to visit us in summertime Jersey! They're leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to arrive in the evening. I'm the lucky duck on airport duty, then we'll head to California Pizza Kitchen to meet my sister & aunt for dinner. It's become our little tradition.

We've got fun times ahead in the next two weeks: my cousin's graduation, my goddaughter's birthday, my birthday celebration, etc, etc. I expect to keep up with my limited blogging schedule. Just in case I'm missing, please understand I'm enjoying my family & friends!


It's A Wrap! 12th Edition

Color me a rainbow!
Image via The Knotty Bride

There were a few days when I wasn't sure I would survive the week without melting into a puddle but here I am. I did find a few lovelies from around the web to keep my mind off the sweltering temperatures:

Why yes, I adore rainbows too!

Let's hear it for charming New Jersey weddings!

Let's talk about married sex.

Sex again (quite the topic this week).
This one is for the Mommies!

Some lovely little advice about branding your business.

Happy Weekend!


Thousand Words

RZ & I having a good ol' time at our Reception
Photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers

Oh yes, Koru loves, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I was reminded of this very fact when RZ & I received the good word from our fabulous photographer, Tim of Timothy Glenn Photographers, that our wedding photos were available to view at Pictage. Oh happy day! We had viewed selected professional photos from our wedding, not to mention our guests' photos. But this. This we had been waiting for with excitement!

RZ & I spent the night reviewing our wedding photos- what fun! Tim & his crew had been with us from the time we got ready to the moment the last guest left & they captured every moment beautifully. Each photograph brought us back to the love, joy & beauty of our wedding. We were in complete awe as we relived our wedding day.

Do you know what surprised me? The wedding planner in me loves the details. I live for good ring shots, bouquet shots, table shots, etc. Check, check, check- we have them all & they are stunning. But the Bride in me adores our family & friends. The photographs of people smiling, laughing, dancing & singing their way through our wedding touch my heart. Years from now, I (probably) won't care much what the tables looked like. I will forever cherish the look on RZ's face when he saw me walking down the aisle, our parents' faces as they watched our First Dance & our family & friends as they sang along to Livin' on a Prayer.

Those wedding pictures are worth a thousand words!


Shiny & New

I am excited & proud to announce the unveiling of lovely, updated pages on the web site of Koru Wedding Shoppe! New copy & fresh photographs were added to better showcase Koru & everything Koru offers for Brides.

First, let me introduce the new Invitations page:

The Invitations page replaces the former Boutique page & describes how we can help Brides design the perfect wedding invitation. Here is where we detail anything & everything wedding stationery related, such as the invitation companies we carry, the wedding stationery we provide & the additional services we offer like assembly. Last but not least, there is a direct email link for Brides to make their invitation consultation.

The Ring/Invitation photo was formerly on the Shop Koru page & I loved it too much to lose it. Of course, this beauty was taken by the talented Timothy Glenn Photographers.

Next, here is the updated Planning page:

The Planning page now proudly lists our planning packages to give Brides a better idea of exactly how we can assist them with their wedding. I made a point to include "Custom" on the list so Brides realize we can do anything wedding-related that their little heart desires! The other copy remains the same but the subtle change is an important one.

The Bride & Groom Kiss photo is brand new to Koru's site. & guess what?! It's from my wedding!! I couldn't help but infuse a little bit of my wedding on Koru's site. We have Timothy Glenn Photographers to thank for this one!

&, finally, let me show you the revamped Contact Us page:

The Contact Us page gives Brides the numerous ways they can easily contact & find Koru Wedding Shoppe. Koru is here, there, everywhere! Koru's phone number is listed, as well as links to our email, blog, Facebook & Twitter. There is no way you can miss us with the new Contact Us page!

The Bride & Groom Just Married photo is my absolute favorite photo from my wedding. Again, I couldn't resist adding more of my wedding to Koru's site. Another beautiful photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers.

I'm beyond happy with the updated site for Koru Wedding Shoppe. Much has changed in the six years since I started the business (hello, Twitter!) & I'm pleased the site represents the Koru of today. Many thanks to my wonderful web designer Kate of Bella Mi Design Boutique for designing the new pages & my amazing photographer Tim of Timothy Glenn Photographers for providing the new photos. Take a look & let me know what you think!


It's A Wrap! 11th Edition

Beautiful Styled Shoot
Styled by & Photo from Hey Gorgeous

Welcome June! Wow, how time flies. In two weeks, RZ & I will be celebrating our six-month wedding anniversary!! First things first. Let's tackle the sweet goodies I gathered for you this week:

Styled Shoots: Love 'em or Hate 'em?
Join the lively (be nice!) debate here

Shiny, lovely & new!
(Plus a sneak peek at our wedding photos ♥)

I can't wait to see more! Can you?!

Sunny, golden, pure summer perfection

One of my favorite wedding photo spots in Hoboken-
it works just as beautifully for engagement sessions!

Make it fun & happy this weekend!!!!


Now What?!

Classic "Now What?" moment at our wedding (Photo by Friend)

302 posts ago, I started this blog to share the inspiration of Koru Wedding Shoppe with you. Much to my suprise & delight, I got engaged one month later & I began to chronicle my wedding planning journey with you. Koru Wedding Style was a little Koru, a little me.

Life changed a bit since then. Isn't that always the case? I run Koru Wedding Shoppe from a home studio now with the main focus on wedding planning, not wedding invitations. I can no longer fill post after post with beautiful invitations. Plus I'm married. Although I have more of our wedding goodies to show & tell, I can't focus the majority of posts on my wedding anymore.

Now what?!

Fear not, my Koru loves. I remain 100% inspired by weddings all day, every day. I will continue to share wedding ideas, products & businesses to inspire you. I will add a dash of marriage musings here & there. I plan to post these gems on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, followed by the Koru Wrap Up on Fridays.

Yes, Koru's blog will be dark twice a week until any future changes. If you're worried about withdrawl, please like Koru on Facebook or follow Koru on Twitter for daily doses of wedding inspiration. Koru's sweet little blog is choosing quality over quantity & we hope you continue to visit us here!


Honeymoon: The End or The Beginning?

Boo hoo. Sniff, sniff. The time had come to bid good-bye to tropical Hawaii & return home to snowy New Jersey. Our incredible honeymoon was over.

I wasn't pleased to say the least. I pouted. I begged to stay. I wished I could rewind time & go back to the start of our honeymoon. Nothing RZ mentioned changed my state of mind. Beagle Bailey? He seemed to be having a ball with my sister & brother-in-law. Family & friends? I was sure they would love to visit us in Hawaii. Home sweet home? We could set up camp here easily.

"I'm so sad everything is over," I tried to explain. "The wedding, the honeymoon . . . done & done. It's sad."

RZ shook his head. "Nothing is over. We just got married, this is only the beginning."

He was right, of course. The leisurely, sunny days spent enjoying life with my new husband had caused me to lose sight of our truth. Our positive new beginning was as fresh & bright as the Hawaii sun!

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