Honeymoon: Waimea Canyon {Kauai}

Since it was our first time in Kauai, we asked our family & friends for sound advice on fun things to do & everyone mentioned Waimea Canyon. Sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific or the Grand Canyon's little sister, Waimea Canyon is a natural wonder. Its beauty is accessible via guided bus tours & helicopter rides or self-guided drive of Canyon Drive. As honeymooners with a cute convertible, we chose to explore Waimea Canyon on our own. The mood struck us one day after a leisurely breakfast & late morning sun session.

We hit the road & first things first, we stopped at the Shrimp Station, an outdoor, roadside restaurant, to feast delicious shrimp tacos with a nasty rooster as a fellow diner:

We began the mildly steep descent of Canyon Drive with a full belly. After The Road to Hana, this drive was a breeze! We reached Waimea Canyon Lookout easily & we were instantly in awe of Mother Nature:

The sun & clouds offered us an ever-changing shadow & light view of Waimea Canyon:

The reds & greens & browns glistened in the sun or deepened in the shade:

Gorgeous, gorgeous:

Shadow & Light:

Way, way below is the Pacific Ocean:

RZ & I stood & gawked at Waimea Canyon for quite awhile. We alternated between admiring it & photographing it. Everywhere you looked was more & more of nature's beauty. It caused our minds to wander. Waimea Canyon, much like the ocean, made us feel small & reminded us how short life is. We paused to say thanks for being happy, in love & on our honeymoon!

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