Royally In Love

My favorite Royal Wedding photo
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I tuned in for the Royal Wedding because I believe in fairy tales & in true love. I'm a good fit in the wedding world! But I digress. My non-morning self woke up at 5:45am on Friday & groggily made my way to the living room couch. I was beginning to question my sanity for getting up so early to watch the wedding of two people I don't know. I flicked on the television just in time to see Kate & her Dad pulling up to the Abbey.

I was instantly transfixed. I fell for the Royal Wedding hook, line & sinker. I adored every last detail from start to finish. You know already- the gorgeous dresses, the sweet bouquet (yes, I liked it!), the fun getaway car, etc. But what truly captured my heart were the little moments. Prince William's whispers to Kate. Kate's smiles in response. The couple's stolen glances. I couldn't help but think of very similar moments during our marriage ceremony. Yes, Kate & William are a Princess & A Prince, a Royal Couple. Take away those titles & they are just like us, a couple in love who are willing to take a chance on that love.

I had tuned in to watch the start of a fairy tale &, instead, I witnessed the continuation of a fairy tale. Princess Kate & Prince William's fairy tale had clearly started long ago when they fell in love. As with any happy couple, I wish them love, laughter & happily ever after!


  1. I have to agree Kate, I am completely obsessed with the Royal Wedding and William and Kate for the exact same reasons; their love and the little things that took place throughout the day :) xo

  2. For some reason, I thought Royalty = Formal. While it was a formal affair, I was surprised & delighted by the sweet, in love gestures between them!


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