Day in the Park

On Friday, I decided to kick off Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the local park with Bailey. All I needed was plenty of water, my beach chair, my Kindle & my furry best friend. We walked the short two blocks & set up camp in the generous shade of the tall oak trees. I intended to get lost in my book but I couldn't help but watch Bailey.

He was so, so happy to be relaxing in the green grass & watching our fellow Hobokenites pass through the park. Just look at his big smile:

When the urge struck him, Bailey rolled joyfully in the grass:

Give this sweet pup a patch of grass & a beautiful day & he bursts with happiness. As summer approaches, he reminds me to take pause & appreciate the small, wonderful things in my life. Reading in the shade of oak trees at the park. Casual, backyard barbecues. Sunny beach days. Ordinary days with my hubs & pup. I'm surrounded by an abundance of blessings & happiness each & every day. It's time I start noticing!!

Happy Memorial Day! Our gratitude for our past & present troops who dedicate their lives to our freedom!! God Bless America~

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