Paper Eggs

The grown-up version of decorating eggs- paper eggs!

My first Easter card with four paper eggs

Three naked eggs wait for decoration

I loved coloring Easter eggs when I was younger. I clearly remember the impatience as I waited for the big batch of eggs to boil. Once they were ready, I had hours of creative fun at our dining room table covered with rainbow colors of dye, special egg crayons & spring stickers. Each little egg was a canvas. In the end, we had a bounty of unique, colorful eggs to celebrate Easter & Spring.

The major downside was I don't like eggs & it fell on my family to eat all of them. Since they're not in Hoboken to eat my vibrant creations, I had to find another outlet for my creativity this Spring. I decided to make Easter cards for my family & friends; each card would feature decorated, paper Easter eggs. Fun! I had card stock, decorated paper, sparkly pens & paper edgers from past projects. For the remaining supplies, my crafty friend Jen, of Craftiness NOW fame, headed to our local craft mecca, Michael's for this project & my St. Patrick's Day project. I bought textured, shimmer paper for the eggs & pastel, patterned ribbon for decoration.

I spread out all of my craft supplies on our dining room table & the scene very much reminded me of Easters past. Instead of the eggs, dye, crayons & stickers of my childhood, I had paper, scissors, glue & ribbon in front of me. First, I cut out my eggs from paper called Spoiled Brat (orange), Infatuation (purple), In the Pink (pink) & Glitz (blue). Then I decorated the paper eggs with edged, patterned paper &/or adhesive ribbon so each looked different. Finally, I arranged my paper eggs on the cardstock & added pen details or extra ribbon as needed. I enjoyed myself as much as I did all those years ago & I wasn't stuck with eggs I don't eat!

I'll reveal my final creations on Friday! Happy Wednesday~


We're In It To Win It!

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Blonde Bridesmaids

Will You Be My Bridemaid? Even if you're not blonde?

Will You Be My Matron of Honor? Will you hold it against me if you're not a brunette?

Since Koru Wedding Shoppe opened almost five years ago, the "Will You Be" & "Thank You for Being" Bridal Party cards have been best-sellers. Brides love these sweet, sparkly cards! Available for Bridesmaids, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor & Flower Girl, there is no better way to ask your bridal party in style & to thank them with grace. The cards are blank inside for the Bride to pen a personal note to each bridal party member & they become sentimental keepsakes from the wedding. Love, love these cards.

The following is a true story!

Last week, a Bride came to Koru & spent a fair amount of time admiring the "Will You Be" Bridal Party cards. The "Will You Be My Bridemaid?" card features a tiny blonde bridesmaid in a yellow dress, as shown above. The Bride asked me if the cards were available customized. I replied no, thinking perhaps she wanted each Bridesmaid's name printed. She said, "So all of my bridesmaids have to be blonde?"

Um, no, not exactly. I didn't know what to say. I received this card from my best friend when she asked me to be a part of her bridal party. Naturally, I said yes. I didn't care that the card featured a blonde bridesmaid & I'm a brunette. I doubt her other bridesmaids cared either because only one is blonde & everyone said yes. And, crazy as this may seem, we didn't wear yellow dresses like the card shows. The card is more about the sentiment, not the fun drawing of a bridesmaid.

People tell Brides that it's all about the details for a wedding. Yes, that's true to a certain extent. There is coordination of the details & there is matchy matchy of the details: coordination is the most realistic. Is it the end of the world if the color of the calla lilies in your bouquet doesn't match the reception table cloths exactly as planned? Nope, nobody will notice. Will your raven-haired best friend say no to being your bridesmaid because the card has a blonde bridesmaid? No, probably not. You can drive yourself crazy with the details or you can take the details in stride!


Just Carry On

Awesome message from Paper Source

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Since I started this week with a quote, I decided to end with an inspirational quote. It was a pure stroke of luck when I stumbled upon this gem from my beloved Paper Source. How perfect! I need the water bottle ASAP.

There are countless instances in my professional & personal life when I should stay calm & move along. So what if my fiance tossed the silverware in the dishwasher again & I have to fish the forks from the bottom? Does it really matter if my food order arrived wrong? Should I be offended that the Bride mentioned she can get free shipping on invitations from an impersonal web site? Keep calm & carry on!!

According to Paper Source, the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" artwork was produced in 1939 as a propaganda poster for World War II. It was intended to stiffen resolve of the masses if the Nazis were successful in invading Great Britian. The poster was never formally released. Today, the great message applies to our day-to-day life.

When could you use this message? I've already mentioned I need the water bottle by my side 24/7. It's quite perfect for weddings too. Presented about one week before the wedding, this is the ideal gift for Brides. In the place of Brides, insert Grooms, Mother of the Brides, Mother of the Grooms, etc, etc. I wish I could offer the water bottle for sale at Koru Wedding Shoppe!


Option Three: Hyatt Regency Jersey City

Hyatt Regency Jersey City from TheKnot.com

Daytime NYC views from the Manhattan Ballroom terrace from Koru's Gallery

Teeny, tiny photo of the Manhattan Ballroom & its glorious views from Project Wedding

I could kick myself. Who goes to a site tour without a camera? Me. The very same me who reminds Brides & Grooms to take photos on site tours. Sigh. I'd hoped to return to snap some photos but my schedule didn't allow. Please bear with me on this one.

The Hyatt Regency Jersey City, perched on the Hudson River overlooking New York City, was our final site tour in nearby Exchange Place of Jersey City (requirement one). I have worked there before & I love everything about it. The big question was whether my fiance would agree with my assessment. I kept my mind open & I tried to see things through his eyes, like I was seeing everything for the first time. It's pretty safe to say we fell for Hyatt Regency Jersey City hook, line & sinker.

To reach the event space, we took an elevator to a top, private floor of the hotel. As we exited the elevator, we entered the Cocktail Hour, a pre-function space with a grand piano & one wall of floor-to-ceiling windows offering river views.
Then we moved along to the Manhattan Ballroom. Try to picture this if you can: three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows with picturesque, 180-degree NYC views (requirement two). You can see from the George Washington Bridge to the Statue of Liberty! The skyline glitters & sparkles in the night, creating the perfect backdrop for a wedding reception. Talk about a WOW factor!!

Deja vu from our past site tours: we could easily imagine hosting our wedding reception at Hyatt Regency Jersey City. We did stop gawking at the NYC skyline long enough to sit down with the nice catering manager & discuss other details of our wedding. Once again, we were pleased with the space, service & food. Having worked there before, I could attest that everything is top notch. My fiance's eyes lit up at the mere mention of a sushi station. I spied mac & cheese as an hors d'oeuvres too! Also, we appreciated a price adjustment (yeah, winter wedding!) to better fit our budget (requirement three). Did I mention the NYC views? The views are phenomenal, it's tough to beat those views.

So where will we host our wedding reception??!! Coming soon: our final decision!!


Pretty in Pink

The closed pocket invitation features a seal with the couple's name & design

The pocket opens to reveal the wedding invitation & enclosures

The invitation showcases combination lettering & a delicate design

Love, love the blossom pink design

The whole invitation ensemble that I simply adore!

Stop the presses. I had another post planned for today until this wedding invitation arrived in the mail. I had to share it with you immediately. Just look at this incredible invitation!!

The invitation was a long time coming which explains my excitement when it arrived today. Way back in the cold days of November (can you believe it's almost April?!), the Bride & Groom came to Koru Wedding Shoppe looking for an invitation for their June wedding. It was love at first sight when they saw the album Wedding One by Marsupial Invitations. They focused on a traditional pocket invitation shown in a dark gray/silver color scheme with a snowflake motif for a winter wedding. Clearly, not the right look for a June wedding.

The Bride & I worked together over the next three months before we finalized a design & look that matched her vision. She chose the blossom pink for her pocket & envelopes, a color I had only used as a backer before. She picked a mahogany backer for definition, a color I had used many times for the pocket, & matching mocha ink color. Rather than a motif, we chose a delicate design in pink to be placed on the side of each card behind the text. All in all, the look of this invitation was different than any I had previously done.

The invitation is light & airy, just perfect for a June wedding. The design is delicate, yet makes a statement. Pretty in pink indeed.


Option Two: W Hoboken

Beautiful orchids greet you in W Hoboken lobby

Sweet Stargazer Lily arrangements displayed on the way to the event space

The sleek space for Cocktail Hour. I fell hard for the purple lighting.

In addition to traditional cocktail tables, some cool banquettes offer seating for guests

A wedding table set in the Ballroom

After our successful site tour at Chart House, I wondered if we should keep our next appointment at W Hoboken, the one & only wedding venue in our hometown of Hoboken (requirement one). W Hoboken opened one year ago, located along the Hoboken waterfront with signature W Hotel style; it's cool & hip. Here is the thing: W Hoboken has no New York City skyline views from the ballroom (requirement two). Despite my reservations about the non-view, we decided to check it out anyway.

Let me tell you, we were blown away by W Hoboken. We were whisked up a staircase lined with wheat grass & candles to the event space. For cocktails, we preferred the open, sleek, pre-function space lined with banquettes & lounge furniture & highlighted with purple lighting over the club-like room with limited NYC views. In the ballroom, we were greeted by a waiter offering mimosas & chocolate-covered strawberries. My fiance & I are complete suckers for the sweet, small touches! To discuss our wedding further with the lovely catering manager, we sat at a sample table set for a wedding. I barely noticed there were no city views!!

Just like the Chart House, it was easy to imagine our wedding at W Hoboken. We were thrilled the space, the service & the food. It's really hard for me to pass up an appetizer menu that includes mini grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters! Also, we appreciated the fact that W Hoboken was willing to work with us on the price (hello, advantage to winter wedding!) to better match our budget (requirement three). Plus we adore Hoboken & there is a definite charm to hosting our entire wedding in this great town.

All in all, as we wrapped up our site tour & headed back into the rainy day, we had the sinking feeling that deciding where to hold our wedding was going to be a much, much tougher decision than we realized.

Coming soon: details of our visit to Hyatt Regency Jersey City!


One of Those Days

I wish I was here today: Corona Beach, Mexico.
Look at the pink of the sunset reflected in the ocean: beautiful!

"Nothing is worth more than this day."

I have this quote posted on my desk at work to remind me that every day, good or bad, is a gift. When a Bride is stressing out because the ink on her invitations doesn't perfectly match her bridesmaids dresses, I take a deep breath & recite this quote to myself. When I'm having a blah day, I take a long look at this quote & remind myself that I'm a blessed girl. When I'm experiencing a fabulous day, I think of this quote & thank my lucky stars.

I don't know if the rainy, gray weather is getting to me but I'm not feeling anything today.
I had little inspiration for what to post today. Normally, I'm brimming over with countless ideas. I thought about my own wedding & nothing came to me. I considered the two wonderful couples I worked with on their wedding invitations this weekend & nothing stood out for me. I trolled the Internet in search of something, anything!, to feature & nothing there either. Hmmm.

I stopped at Koru Wedding Shoppe briefly today & the quote seemed to jump out at me because I needed the reminder so much. I paused & considered five things to be thankful for today, despite the icky weather & my so-so mood. Today is my day off & I can do exactly as I please. I have shelter from the cold rain. I got to spend my morning relaxing on the couch with my purring cat. I indulged in my favorite comfort food, mac & cheese, for lunch. I have the best friends & family, with a special shout-out to my fiance. "Nothing is worth more than this day."

I may wish I was relaxing at Corona Beach, shown above, but can I really complain about my life in Hoboken? Not so much.

Whether you are having a good day or a bad day (& I hope you're having a great day!!), please take a moment to stop & consider this quote: "Nothing is worth more than this day!"


Option One: Chart House

Daytime views from Chart House's outdoor terrace

Night views from the Chart House

Daytime views from the Chart House via OpenTable

Last Saturday, the hurricane-like conditions of strong winds & torrential downpour couldn't damper my spirits: I was going on my first site tour as a Bride!! I'd been on a million & one tours as a wedding planner but now the stakes were higher. Today's tour was all about our wedding & finding the perfect place for our reception!

I slipped on my rainboots & my fiance & I headed to our first site tour at the Chart House, a fabulous restaurant located in nearby Weehawken (requirement one). Perched on a pier along the Hudson River, Chart House boasts impressive New York City views (requirement two). We have celebrated occasions there & we love the food & ambiance. Would we love the event space as much?

In one word: YES! Upon entering the Chart House, you're led up a sweeping staircase to the separate event space. The first thing you notice is the plentiful windows framing the classic New York City skyline even on a rainy day. As you tour the foyer with an outdoor terrace, the cocktail hour room & the ballroom, the views knock you out. Incredible!

When I peeled my eyes away from the New York City view & concentrated on other aspects of the wedding, it was easy to imagine our wedding at Chart House. My fiance & I had found the catering menus a bit confusing at first but when the patient Catering Manager reviewed everything with us, it made sense. We were able to create a custom menu from appetizers to dessert that really reflected our tastes & fit in our budget (requirement three). Overall, we were thrilled with the Chart House & it remains a strong consideration.

Coming Soon: details of our visit to W Hotel Hoboken!


Winter . . . or Spring?

The Empire State Building as seen from Maxwell Place in Hoboken on a sunny day

I have been pretty obsessed with a winter wedding since we got engaged. There wasn't a single doubt in my mind that winter was the best choice. Okay, maybe one flashback to my first planning job during a blizzard but I got over it quickly. I love the idea of a warm, cozy celebration with family & friends on a chilly, starry night. Was I merely influenced by the current season?

Because today has me thinking twice. Spring may not have officially arrived but she is coming soon! It's one of those days in Hoboken when you feel like you could reach out & touch New York City across the Hudson River. Blue skies, bright sun, warm temperatures- beautiful! As I took my walk along the Hoboken waterfront, all I could think is a spring wedding would be awesome. There is little I love more than the tulip bouquet that serves as Koru's official photo (thank you TGP!!!). My imagination started running wild.

The good news is I got over it. Every season has its beauty & I could easily change my mind as each one arrives. Winter is the winner!!


St. Patrick's Day Wishes

Siobhan, recently featured here, says Happy St. Patrick's Day!

An Old Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


The Hunt Begins

See that glittering NYC skyline? We would like to admire that view from our wedding reception.

Once we decided to keep our wedding local, we had to narrow down the countless possibilities for our reception somehow. We came up with three, important criteria:

1. The reception must be close to our ceremony at Church of St. Ann's in Hoboken. We love Hoboken & the surrounding area & we want to share that with our wedding guests.
2. The reception must have New York City skyline views. The NYC views are one reason we love Hoboken so we'd like to enjoy those stellar views at our wedding.
3. The reception must fit our budget & only host one wedding at a time. Obviously, we don't want to break the bank. Also, we're not interested in sharing the space with another wedding.

For every Bride & Groom, their criteria will be different but I think it's important to narrow down your choices. I have witnessed Brides & Grooms who have exhausted every single possibility in the tri-state area before deciding upon a reception location. I did not want this to be us. I feel it's a waste of our time & energy. If you know what you want, it makes the process easier.

Every time I mention our three reception contenders, someone says "Well, what about such & such place?" Inevitably, it's a great place but it does not meet one of our basic criteria. We chose these criteria for a reason & we plan to stick to it. When I help couples search for a reception location, I always ask for basic criteria & I have yet to see one list that resembles another. Another couple may choose a hotel ballroom, budget-friendly & a separate Bridal Party room as their criteria. Again, this is a personal choice. What works for us, may not work for the next couple. Pick important things that matter to you to make your location hunt more defined.

Using our criteria, we chose the Chart House, W Hotel Hoboken & Hyatt Jersey City as our top three possibilities. Our site tours have began; stay tuned for details! All I can say is it's going to be TOUGH decision!!


Engagement Brunch

My sister decorated the table with spring flowers, like this arrangement from ProFlowers

They served the Irish Classic of corned beef & cabbage, shown here from AllRecipes

They topped it off with my favorite, Angel Food Cake, shown here from Epicurious

On Sunday, my sister & brother-in-law hosted a sweet brunch to celebrate our engagement. They opened their lovely home to a few of our nearest & dearest to gather. The day dawned rainy & gray but it didn't stop the champagne from flowing & the laughter from peeling.

The brunch spread was impressive, due to my brother-in-law's years in the restaurant business & my sister's creativity. With St. Patrick's Day just three days away, everything had an Irish flair thrown in. Everything was served on Sullivan china that has been passed through generations. On the breakfast side, there was frittata & sausage. On the lunch side, there was corned beef, cabbage, potatoes & carrots. In addition, there was Irish Soda bread & Guinness bread. If I hosted a brunch, a professional caterer would have to be involved. My sister & brother-in-law blew any caterer out of the water! Everything was delicious & enjoyed by all!!!

There were quite a few desserts but I only remember my tried & true favorite, angel food cake served with strawberries. I had to stop myself from devouring the entire cake. Don't think I didn't notice that my sister placed the cake out of my reach. No celebration is complete without angel food cake!

All in all, the brunch was just perfect. The only downside is I was fighting the flu (seems to mild of a word for whatever is plaguing me!) & I didn't take a single photograph- boo. These memories will have to live in our minds. My fiance & I enjoyed spending time with a few of our closest friends & family. We are so lucky to have them in our lives & we look forward to many more celebrations in the upcoming months!!


St. Patrick's Day Crafting

One version of my St. Patrick's Day cards with punched paper trim

All it took was card stock, green paper, shamrock punch & colored pens

Another version with the punched shamrocks

Good health, good cheer & good luck to all!

I needed a break last night: from work, from our wedding, from everything. I had muddled through the day with a froggy voice & scratchy throat & I was done, done. I turned off the television, tossed my Blackberry aside & broke out my St. Patrick's Day project. I had decided to make St. Patrick's Day cards for my Sullivan family with shamrock cutouts & I needed to get them in the mail pronto. Soon, I was lost in crafting. It was such a treat to think about nothing but where to place this shamrock or what to color gel pen to use. Bliss.

My St. Patrick's Day craft project was great from start to finish. The project started with a fun trip to Michael's in New York City with my high school friend Jen, of Craftiness NOW fame. Jen told me this store was amazing & she was right. It's pretty much heaven for a crafter (or a DIY Bride!!)! The Martha Stewart Crafts section alone was drool-worthy. Although I already had a shamrock craft punch & fun green paper, I picked up shimmer card stock & other goodies for another project (details coming soon).

Then it got more & more fun. My original vision was one shamrock centered on the card with a simple message. When I got home, I realized my shamrock craft punch was much smaller than I remembered. I started punching away & figured I would come up with a design eventually. I began to love the green paper with shamrock cut-outs just as much as the punched shamrocks. I designed cards using both & ended up with five unique cards.

A few of my St. Patrick's Day creations are featured above, modeled by my new, Irish Build-a-Bear, Siobhan, an early St. Patrick's Day gift from my Mom. Enjoy!!


The Classics

A classic ecru wedding invitation with mocha ink & combination lettering from Chloe B.

A classic white invitation with a monogram & combination lettering from Chloe B.

At Koru Wedding Shoppe, I have the pleasure of working with many Brides on their wedding invitations & each order is as unique as each Bride. Over the years, I have seen different stationery trends come & go. One thing has not changed: The Classic Wedding Invitation.

The classic wedding invitation features black, script font engraved on cream or white paper. The look has a timeless elegance that remains stylish throughout the years. This could be your Mom's wedding invitation & it just as easily could be your future child's wedding invitation. Once a classic, always a classic.

Classic does not equal boring but there are ways to customize a classic. Some Brides choose the traditional paper stock & add some modern touches, such as colored ink, combination lettering, motifs &/or monograms as shown above. To save money, many Brides choose thermography, a raised printing method with the same feel & look of engraving at a fraction of the cost. Still beautiful, still classic.

Don't count out the classics; they are designed to survive the trends & the years!


Location, Location, Location

The breathtaking La Jolla coastline

People say location is everything. When it came to choosing a location for our wedding, it was no easy task. We were divided between San Diego, California & Hoboken, New Jersey. San Diego is our vacation getaway of choice & Hoboken is our home. We love each location for different reasons.

San Diego instantly conjures up images of bright sunshine, perfect weather, towering palm trees & the pretty Pacific Ocean; how can you beat that? I was a frequent visitor to San Diego once my grandparents moved to California when I was a teenager & it was love at first sight. Later, I spent a blissful time living & working in San Diego, days spent walking along the ocean & relaxing at the pool. I couldn't help but share this special town with my fiance who fell in love with it during our two fun vacations there.

There is just something about San Diego. We bask in the sunshine, we unwind & we relax. After the constant grind of the East Coast, San Diego is a relief. Who wouldn't want those feelings at their wedding? San Diego was a strong contender, specially La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. Love, love La Valencia. I worked countless weddings there & I can't say enough good things about this historic, charming hotel & its amazing ocean views.

The classic, sparkling NYC skyline

But Hoboken is home & it's our home for a reason. We love this waterfront town! It's unique with its city/small town feel & its seamless blend of old & new. No matter where we have been, we return to Hoboken & we feel like we're being welcomed by an old friend. There is no place like home. Hoboken may be a mere square mile but we have shared countless memories throughout our town. Here, there, everywhere.

Let's not forget the impressive NYC skyline! During the day, the skyline shimmers in the sunlight. At night, it shines in the darkness. I pause to admire the tremendous NYC views that Hoboken offers us each & every day. I always feel so lucky to call Hoboken home.

In the end, it may be cliche but it's true: home is where the heart is. We love Hoboken & we want to make yet another incredible memory here: our wedding. We're so excited to share our hometown with our wedding guests. Things are starting to come together as we have booked our church ceremony (read about it here) & we are starting the hunt for our reception location. Stay tuned!


To DIY or To Not DIY

DIY invitations from Martha Stewart Crafts: Do you have the skill, time & patience for this project?

DIY ribbon favor bags from Martha Stewart Crafts: Do you want to make & assemble these the night before your wedding?

Let's face it: the DIY trend for weddings is growing. Whether Brides want to save money or put their personal touch on their weddings, DIY weddings projects are popular. Google searches for the keyword phrase "DIY wedding" saw a 41% increase between 2008 & 2009, according to the April 2010 issue of BRIDES magazine. Of the most interest were invitations, programs & favors, says BRIDES.

I have a lot of opinions on DIY projects as a wedding planner & crafter. I caution Brides to choose their DIY projects carefully.

1. Take into consideration the cost, time & effort needed for each DIY project. Do you really want to visit the flower market; design & make your bouquets & centerpieces; place & deliver all the arrangements the day before & of your wedding? If you adore working with flowers, the answer is yes. If you don't, it may be worth every penny to pay a florist for your wedding flowers.

2. Consider your strengths as you choose your DIY projects: select the projects that make your talents shine. Are you handy with printing odd-sized paper your computer? If so, you may want to buy imprintable wedding programs as Michael's & print your programs at home. If your kitchen is merely a room that came with your house, baking homemade chocolate chip cookies as favors may not be the best idea. Don't take on a project you can't handle.

3. Never expect your friends & family to pitch in: ask kindly for their help. Your friends & family have busy lives too. Does Aunt Candy have beautiful handwriting? Perhaps you can ask her to calligraphy your wedding invitation envelopes as her wedding gift to you. Have Plan B ready if she politely declines. Don't assume Mom wants to shop, design & set-up your candy buffet; ask her nicely & be prepared for a yes or no.

4. Don't take on too many DIY projects: your time is valuable. If you're making & assembling ceremony programs, ceremony decorations, escort cards, table numbers, centerpieces, favors, cake topper & more in the packed days leading up to your wedding, will you have time to enjoy your family & friends who have come to celebrate with you? Choose a few DIY projects that matter to you & leave the rest to professionals or skip them.

Trust me, I LOVE to craft & I'm sure I will select some DIY projects for our wedding. I urge Brides to do the same because it's personal, fun & rewarding. However, I know when it's worth every last cent to trust a professional with the task. I will not be making our flowers or printing our invitations but I will be heavily involved in the designing of both. I also know when it might be wise to skip something. I'm not positive that we'll have favors at our wedding. Time will tell what DIY projects I tackle for our wedding.

When you're deciding to DIY or not to DIY, take your time & make wise decisions!!! Enjoy~


Book Church- check!

Our marriage ceremony location: The Church of St. Ann in Hoboken, New Jersey

The Grand Entrance of the Church of St. Ann

The big news is we have chosen & booked the Church of St. Ann in our hometown Hoboken, New Jersey for our marriage ceremony in January 2011. Exciting!

We decided to go the traditional route of a church ceremony & a separate reception. Once we decided to follow this path, it was a no-brainer that we would honor our Catholic upbringings & marry in the Catholic Church. We talked location a bit more & ultimately we didn't need to look too far from home. The beautiful Church of St. Ann is a mere three blocks from our home & we have attended Mass, weddings & our goddaughter's baptism there. We're honored to have our marriage ceremony in this special church.

As with most places in our beloved town of Hoboken, The Church of St. Ann is rooted in history. The parish began in 1900, the current church was erected in 1925 & officially opened in 1927. The church was meant to inspire all to praise God with its Romanesque architecture, towering marble alter, elegant stained-glass windows & rhythmic bells in the steeple. Hoboken has changed much throughout the years but the church has remained in its full glory. If it's possible, the beauty of this church has multiplied over the years; it's one of the most gorgeous churches I have ever seen.

I feel great now that we have our marriage ceremony booked at this church. Not only is the Church of St. Ann pretty, its people are kind & welcoming. I snapped a few photos of the outside of the church on this stunning March day & next time, I'll get a few photos of the inside. We're so lucky & blessed to get married here. Our wedding is planned for cold January but that fact doesn't stop me from envisioning walking through the streets of Hoboken to our ceremony . . .


Lovely Quote

Spring Bouquet featured on Real Simple; it makes me dream of glorious Spring days.

"Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."

~author unknown


Pearl Pocket

The closed Pearl Pocket invitation with its cover design

This baby stands on its own!

Inside, the invitation is classic

The four enclosure cards are stacked neatly in the pocket

A glimpse at the enclosure cards designed to match the look of the invitation

In January, a Bride came to her invitation appointment armed with her friend's classic pocket invitation done at Koru Wedding Shoppe. The Bride loved her friend's pocket invitation (soon to be featured on this blog!) but she was concerned about choosing the same wedding invitation as her friend. Out came the Pockets album which is divided between classic pocket invitations & unique pocket invitations. The Bride spent the most time looking at the unique pocket options & eventually settled upon the Pearl Pocket invitation shown above.

The Pearl Pocket invitation features a pearl shimmer folder with a 'window' showcasing the Bride & Groom's names. Inside, there is an ecru invitation & a pocket holding four ecru enclosure cards. Why four enclosure cards? In addition to the standard response & reception cards, the Bride needed accommodations & directions cards for her out-of-town guests. Pocket invitations keep all the wedding information in one tidy place. The Bride selected a traditional black script font to keep her invitation formal. Take a look above at her pocket wedding invitation!

This is the first time I have ordered a unique pocket invitation & I was impressed with the overall look. The sample is displayed at Koru & it's gotten a lot of attention. By now, most of us have seen the pocket invitation done again & again. The pearl pocket invitation is different & beautiful, a sure hit with wedding guests!


Wedding Planner & Soon-to-Be Mrs.

My well-loved Wedding Planner hoodie

I chose Sage Green thread in French Script for my hoodie

A Maid of Honor's gift to the Bride, her sister. This hoodie inspired me!

The Maid of Honor chose Turquoise thread in Brush Script. Love it!

The last time I saw my mother-in-law-to-be, she asked if I had ordered my Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie yet. I was stunned for a moment. I've enjoyed my Wedding Planner hoodie for so long that it was a bit of a shock to realize it's time to trade it in for a Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie! My Wedding Planner hoodie spends most of its time as a sample in the shoppe. Every once in awhile, I wear it on a cold day & for set-up & breakdown at events. Is it really time to retire it?

What color should I order? My Wedding Planner hoodie is my favorite color scheme of sage green & mocha. Surely I should have something different for my Soon-to-be Mrs. hoodie. I need to spread the good news in style! Hmmm.

Along came a generous Maid of Honor who ordered the Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie for her sister. This fun hoodie is a popular gift at Koru Wedding Shoppe for the engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette party or just because. At first, she wanted the classic bridal look of white & light blue. Ultimately, she decided upon white & turquoise for a slight twist on the traditional. The Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie arrived today & it's just right for a Bride. I was inspired!

Sadly, white is not my color. When I wear white, I invite disasters like spilled red wine & splattered paint. How cute will a mocha hoodie with turquoise thread be? I know my cousin who wore a gorgeous turquoise & mocha gown on her wedding day is wondering why it took me so long to see the obvious :-) I'm placing my order pronto & I will post photos when my very own Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie arrives!

And I refuse to retire my Wedding Planner hoodie. After all, I am a Wedding Planner & Soon-to-Be Mrs.!

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