Wedding Planner & Soon-to-Be Mrs.

My well-loved Wedding Planner hoodie

I chose Sage Green thread in French Script for my hoodie

A Maid of Honor's gift to the Bride, her sister. This hoodie inspired me!

The Maid of Honor chose Turquoise thread in Brush Script. Love it!

The last time I saw my mother-in-law-to-be, she asked if I had ordered my Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie yet. I was stunned for a moment. I've enjoyed my Wedding Planner hoodie for so long that it was a bit of a shock to realize it's time to trade it in for a Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie! My Wedding Planner hoodie spends most of its time as a sample in the shoppe. Every once in awhile, I wear it on a cold day & for set-up & breakdown at events. Is it really time to retire it?

What color should I order? My Wedding Planner hoodie is my favorite color scheme of sage green & mocha. Surely I should have something different for my Soon-to-be Mrs. hoodie. I need to spread the good news in style! Hmmm.

Along came a generous Maid of Honor who ordered the Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie for her sister. This fun hoodie is a popular gift at Koru Wedding Shoppe for the engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette party or just because. At first, she wanted the classic bridal look of white & light blue. Ultimately, she decided upon white & turquoise for a slight twist on the traditional. The Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie arrived today & it's just right for a Bride. I was inspired!

Sadly, white is not my color. When I wear white, I invite disasters like spilled red wine & splattered paint. How cute will a mocha hoodie with turquoise thread be? I know my cousin who wore a gorgeous turquoise & mocha gown on her wedding day is wondering why it took me so long to see the obvious :-) I'm placing my order pronto & I will post photos when my very own Soon-to-Be Mrs. hoodie arrives!

And I refuse to retire my Wedding Planner hoodie. After all, I am a Wedding Planner & Soon-to-Be Mrs.!


  1. turquoise and mocha sound fabulous! and turquoise is the pantone color of the year, can't wait to see your new hoodie, awww...

  2. i'm excited for my hoodie to arrive! maybe i'll wear it on our next crafting adventure :-)


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