The Classics

A classic ecru wedding invitation with mocha ink & combination lettering from Chloe B.

A classic white invitation with a monogram & combination lettering from Chloe B.

At Koru Wedding Shoppe, I have the pleasure of working with many Brides on their wedding invitations & each order is as unique as each Bride. Over the years, I have seen different stationery trends come & go. One thing has not changed: The Classic Wedding Invitation.

The classic wedding invitation features black, script font engraved on cream or white paper. The look has a timeless elegance that remains stylish throughout the years. This could be your Mom's wedding invitation & it just as easily could be your future child's wedding invitation. Once a classic, always a classic.

Classic does not equal boring but there are ways to customize a classic. Some Brides choose the traditional paper stock & add some modern touches, such as colored ink, combination lettering, motifs &/or monograms as shown above. To save money, many Brides choose thermography, a raised printing method with the same feel & look of engraving at a fraction of the cost. Still beautiful, still classic.

Don't count out the classics; they are designed to survive the trends & the years!


  1. hi there!
    came across your blog through jen. i do a little wedding planning on the side. i love weddings!!

    love your blog!
    from your newest follower
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  2. isn't jen's blog fantastic?!

    thanks for joining me! i hope you'll enjoy all the wedding inspiration. i'm going to check out your blog too!


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