St. Patrick's Day Crafting

One version of my St. Patrick's Day cards with punched paper trim

All it took was card stock, green paper, shamrock punch & colored pens

Another version with the punched shamrocks

Good health, good cheer & good luck to all!

I needed a break last night: from work, from our wedding, from everything. I had muddled through the day with a froggy voice & scratchy throat & I was done, done. I turned off the television, tossed my Blackberry aside & broke out my St. Patrick's Day project. I had decided to make St. Patrick's Day cards for my Sullivan family with shamrock cutouts & I needed to get them in the mail pronto. Soon, I was lost in crafting. It was such a treat to think about nothing but where to place this shamrock or what to color gel pen to use. Bliss.

My St. Patrick's Day craft project was great from start to finish. The project started with a fun trip to Michael's in New York City with my high school friend Jen, of Craftiness NOW fame. Jen told me this store was amazing & she was right. It's pretty much heaven for a crafter (or a DIY Bride!!)! The Martha Stewart Crafts section alone was drool-worthy. Although I already had a shamrock craft punch & fun green paper, I picked up shimmer card stock & other goodies for another project (details coming soon).

Then it got more & more fun. My original vision was one shamrock centered on the card with a simple message. When I got home, I realized my shamrock craft punch was much smaller than I remembered. I started punching away & figured I would come up with a design eventually. I began to love the green paper with shamrock cut-outs just as much as the punched shamrocks. I designed cards using both & ended up with five unique cards.

A few of my St. Patrick's Day creations are featured above, modeled by my new, Irish Build-a-Bear, Siobhan, an early St. Patrick's Day gift from my Mom. Enjoy!!


  1. adorable: the cards and siobhan, love it! it is funny that those punches can be different than you thought, i had the same experience with the little tag punch. i'm enjoying the lace ones that we bought on our trip tho, happy weekend :-)

  2. Thanks Jen! Siobhan is truly the crowning touch :-) It'll be interesting to see if my Easter project is close to my original vision. I'd love to see what you're creating with your lace punches!!


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