One of Those Days

I wish I was here today: Corona Beach, Mexico.
Look at the pink of the sunset reflected in the ocean: beautiful!

"Nothing is worth more than this day."

I have this quote posted on my desk at work to remind me that every day, good or bad, is a gift. When a Bride is stressing out because the ink on her invitations doesn't perfectly match her bridesmaids dresses, I take a deep breath & recite this quote to myself. When I'm having a blah day, I take a long look at this quote & remind myself that I'm a blessed girl. When I'm experiencing a fabulous day, I think of this quote & thank my lucky stars.

I don't know if the rainy, gray weather is getting to me but I'm not feeling anything today.
I had little inspiration for what to post today. Normally, I'm brimming over with countless ideas. I thought about my own wedding & nothing came to me. I considered the two wonderful couples I worked with on their wedding invitations this weekend & nothing stood out for me. I trolled the Internet in search of something, anything!, to feature & nothing there either. Hmmm.

I stopped at Koru Wedding Shoppe briefly today & the quote seemed to jump out at me because I needed the reminder so much. I paused & considered five things to be thankful for today, despite the icky weather & my so-so mood. Today is my day off & I can do exactly as I please. I have shelter from the cold rain. I got to spend my morning relaxing on the couch with my purring cat. I indulged in my favorite comfort food, mac & cheese, for lunch. I have the best friends & family, with a special shout-out to my fiance. "Nothing is worth more than this day."

I may wish I was relaxing at Corona Beach, shown above, but can I really complain about my life in Hoboken? Not so much.

Whether you are having a good day or a bad day (& I hope you're having a great day!!), please take a moment to stop & consider this quote: "Nothing is worth more than this day!"

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