To DIY or To Not DIY

DIY invitations from Martha Stewart Crafts: Do you have the skill, time & patience for this project?

DIY ribbon favor bags from Martha Stewart Crafts: Do you want to make & assemble these the night before your wedding?

Let's face it: the DIY trend for weddings is growing. Whether Brides want to save money or put their personal touch on their weddings, DIY weddings projects are popular. Google searches for the keyword phrase "DIY wedding" saw a 41% increase between 2008 & 2009, according to the April 2010 issue of BRIDES magazine. Of the most interest were invitations, programs & favors, says BRIDES.

I have a lot of opinions on DIY projects as a wedding planner & crafter. I caution Brides to choose their DIY projects carefully.

1. Take into consideration the cost, time & effort needed for each DIY project. Do you really want to visit the flower market; design & make your bouquets & centerpieces; place & deliver all the arrangements the day before & of your wedding? If you adore working with flowers, the answer is yes. If you don't, it may be worth every penny to pay a florist for your wedding flowers.

2. Consider your strengths as you choose your DIY projects: select the projects that make your talents shine. Are you handy with printing odd-sized paper your computer? If so, you may want to buy imprintable wedding programs as Michael's & print your programs at home. If your kitchen is merely a room that came with your house, baking homemade chocolate chip cookies as favors may not be the best idea. Don't take on a project you can't handle.

3. Never expect your friends & family to pitch in: ask kindly for their help. Your friends & family have busy lives too. Does Aunt Candy have beautiful handwriting? Perhaps you can ask her to calligraphy your wedding invitation envelopes as her wedding gift to you. Have Plan B ready if she politely declines. Don't assume Mom wants to shop, design & set-up your candy buffet; ask her nicely & be prepared for a yes or no.

4. Don't take on too many DIY projects: your time is valuable. If you're making & assembling ceremony programs, ceremony decorations, escort cards, table numbers, centerpieces, favors, cake topper & more in the packed days leading up to your wedding, will you have time to enjoy your family & friends who have come to celebrate with you? Choose a few DIY projects that matter to you & leave the rest to professionals or skip them.

Trust me, I LOVE to craft & I'm sure I will select some DIY projects for our wedding. I urge Brides to do the same because it's personal, fun & rewarding. However, I know when it's worth every last cent to trust a professional with the task. I will not be making our flowers or printing our invitations but I will be heavily involved in the designing of both. I also know when it might be wise to skip something. I'm not positive that we'll have favors at our wedding. Time will tell what DIY projects I tackle for our wedding.

When you're deciding to DIY or not to DIY, take your time & make wise decisions!!! Enjoy~

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