It's A Wrap! 8th Edition

Prince William & Kate Middleton Pizza by Papa John's
via The Knotty Bride

Hello! Are you awake? Are you blurry-eyed from waking up at the crack of dawn for the Royal Wedding? Or are you a smarty-pants who DVRed the entire affair to watch at your leisure?

Whatever the case may be, I'm dedicating this It's A Wrap! edition to the Royal Wedding. As such, I have only one link for you today. It's a must-read, I'm not joking. Prepare to laugh, smile & shake your head in wonder as the hilarious Alison, The Knotty Bride, brings you the wackiest & zaniest Royal Wedding souvenirs HERE.

Enjoy! & please get some rest!!


Livin' on a Prayer

Eat, Drink & Be Married. Check, check, check. What is missing? DANCE!!!!

Thanks to the talents of The Love Jones Band, there was a good old dance party during our wedding! While I tell my planning clients to provide their band or DJ with a Must Play/Don't Play list, RZ & I trusted The Love Jones Band & let them work their magic to fill the dance floor. Boy, did they deliver!

Here are some guests' snapshots of the fun:

Dancing Queens & Kings!

Party, party!

RZ's (well, our) relatives know how to have fun!

The happy crowd surges the stage!

The Groom & the Best Man in the party spirit!

The Love Jones Band saved the best for last: "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, aka the Jersey Anthem. They handed the mic to RZ (as seen in the last photo) & he took it away. Our guests went wild! They cheered. They sang. They danced. It was awesome!! The energy & love in the room was more than I could ever hope to describe. We were on top of the world!

It was the perfect ending to our perfect wedding!

. . . and Eat It Too!

Look, we can cut cake!

And feed each other nicely!
(Photos by Friends)

As beautiful as our wedding cake was, the time came to cut, serve & eat this beauty.

RZ & I cut the cake to the tune of "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor (First Dance song runner-up). It's kind of an odd feeling to be cutting cake with a million eyeballs on you. Thankfully, we managed this simple task together without ruining the cake or cutting any fingers. I can't remember who feed who first but both bites were given nicely. We hadn't discussed cake smashing being off-limits but it was an unspoken, understood rule. Then came the obligatory, post-cake kiss. It was all fun & good but this Bride wanted to sit down & enjoy her yummy cake!!!

Because it was delicious!!!!! Our wedding cake was a black & white cake with chocolate fudge filling, a dirty layer of buttercream & an outer layer of white fondant. We'd had a hard time choosing between the black & white cake or a red velvet cake but I can safely say we made the right choice. OMG, it was finger-licking good! I enjoyed my first bite, then my slice at our sweetheart table & finally, my last slice as a late night snack in our hotel room.

I'd enjoyed cakes from Carlo's Bakery before & they never, ever disappoint on looks or taste. I may be a tad biased but I'm positive our cake was the best ever!


Have Your Cake . . .

Our Wedding Cake by Cake Boss

The delicate orchids decorating our wedding cake

Sitting Pretty!
(Photos by Friends)

A wedding cake should look good & taste even better. It's that simple. With our little old local bakery, Carlo's Bakery (aka Cake Boss), making our wedding cake, I was confident ours would be pretty & tasty!

Let's talk pretty first.

Our wedding was simple & elegant so we chose the cake design that best fit this vision. Our four-tier, square cake was covered in white fondant with white orchids cascading down the side. Oh so simple, oh so elegant.

Every last detail of our wedding cake was carefully planned & executed. The four tiers were suggested to feed our 125+ guests. The square shape was an absolute must for me; I'm a huge fan of square cakes & their clean lines. The all-white color scheme matched our winter white wedding. The white fondant was a different shade of white from the white orchids to keep the cake from blending into white nothingness.

Our pretty cake was surrounded by votive candles on a table with ivory linens directly behind our sweetheart table in the Manhattan Ballroom. It was a simply stunning display!

How did our wedding cake taste? Details tomorrow!!


The Fairy Tale Come True

Will this fairy tale come true?
Image via People

The Royal Wedding. I must admit, as much as I love weddings, I have tuned out the Royal Wedding hoopla. I haven't cared to speculate about what dress designer Kate Middleton chose. I wasn't curious about the guest list. I certainly didn't want any of the crazy souvenirs (really, nail decals??!!) But I wouldn't miss the Royal Wedding.

I remember when Princess Diana wed Prince Charles. We were in Indiana visiting my grandparents for the summer & my Mom woke me up to watch the wedding with her. We were in awe of this beautiful Princess & her fairy tale. Sadly, years later before I left for my senior year of college, she woke me up to tell me Princess Diana had died. The fairy tale had gone wrong long before this but wow, it ended horribly, tragically.

I suppose I still believe fairy tales do come true. There is a part of me that hopes Kate Middleton & Prince William get the fairy tale right, complete with the happy ending. I will watch the Royal Wedding in faith that it is the beginning of a good fairy tale.

Will you?!


Easter Cards: From Inspiration to Reality

When it comes to crafting, I find inspiration in many places: my imagination, favorite blogs, magazine covers, window displays, etc. I always keep my eyes wide open because I never know when inspiration will strike. The inspiration for my Easter cards came when I spotted this darling Easter egg garland on the fun blog, The Sweetest Occasion:

I was smitten with these Easter eggs made from paint chips. How cute, right? However, I don't often find myself near a Home Depot so the idea slipped away. Then our sink broke last weekend & fate had spoken. As RZ cruised the plumbing aisle, I scooped up these colorful paint chips:

The best part of crafting is when inspiration meets imagination. I didn't want to simply copy the idea of Easter egg garland made from paint chips. So I put my own spin on things. I cut out tons of bright, cheerful Easter eggs. Then I cut green grass from the leftover green paper from St. Patrick's Day. I nestled the Easter eggs among sparkly green grass for a little something like this:

And this:

I hope our family & friends enjoy our Easter Wishes from us to them! May your holiday weekend be blessed & beautiful!!


One Moment

Continuing the photo theme this week . . . Another Sweetheart Table Photo! (Photo by Friend)

Weddings pass quickly, like a shooting star in the night sky. There is nothing you can do about it. The best advice I received from married ladies was to be present & enjoy every moment.

I rocked that gem of advice like it was my job. I didn't worry about how fast our wedding went or panic about how little time we had left. I stayed in the moment, focused on the joy & love present.

One of my favorite parts of our Reception was when RZ & I paused & appreciated a special moment together. I believe this happened during the First Course, perhaps the second. We were seated at our sweetheart table with its expansive view of our Reception. Our friends & families were seated around us at the simple, pretty tables with twinkling candlelight. Our awesome band played soft, dinner music. NYC glittered across the river as the ultimate backdrop to our evening.

This was our Reception. This was our positive new beginning. This was all we'd dreamed of for eleven months & it was beyond perfect.

We breathed it in, every last detail washing over our grateful hearts. We counted our blessings & voiced our gratitude.

Then the action started again & we were swept away into the night. But that little pause, that little moment to appreciate our celebration? It's one of my biggest memories.


EAT, Drink & Be Married

Bride & Groom enjoying their Entrees
(Photo by Friend)

Many Brides eat little to nothing at their Wedding. I was determined not to be that Bride. I believe in the "Eat, Drink & Be Married" philosophy. Much like life, there is a time for everything at a wedding: a time to dance, a time to laugh, a time to drink & a time to EAT. Our four-course Wedding Feast was near & dear to my heart & I'm happy to say we enjoyed every last bite.

Shortly after toasts, the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake appetizer was served. YUM! I'm a picky eater & my family teases me that my diet consisted solely of grilled cheese & chicken fingers until college when I added crab cakes to the mix (thank you, Maryland). They're exaggerating a bit but they're right that crab cakes are one of my favorite foods. As such, it was added to our tasting menu upon request & chosen for our wedding because it was delicious & reflected my tastes. Mmmm, great choice.

Next, the Apple, Endive and Feta Salad. The salad was a beautiful presentation of green apple slivers, purple endive slivers & pops of white feta cheese. RZ raved about it at our tasting & raved about it again at our wedding. While the appetizer was all me, the second course went to RZ. I can't speak to the taste of the salad because I, Mrs. Picky Eater, was served the Caprese Salad because I don't like feta cheese. I was quite happy with my tasty fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes & pesto.

We offered three entree selections: Tenderloin of Beef, Pan Seared Salmon & Pork Loin Medallions. There was also a vegetarian option available. We made our selections shortly after being seated at our Reception & we ordered the Tenderloin of Beef. It was our clear favorite at our tasting &, as far as we can tell, at our wedding too! We haven't talked to one person who didn't order & love the tenderloin. Although the theory of ordering two entrees & sampling our wedding food was tempting, we couldn't resist the tenderloin which was melt-in-your mouth good.

Last, but never least, was dessert. Zeppoles & cake which as far as I can tell are a match made in heaven. Oh zeppoles, how I love thee. I've been known to wait on line for over 30 minutes to get the famous zeppoles at our church's annual street festival. We were thrilled to add these doughy little balls of heaven to our wedding menu. When our zeppole basket was delivered to our sweetheart table, RZ & I almost knocked each other over to get to them first. They were piping hot & absolutely divine!!!

Are you wondering about our wedding cake from the Cake Boss?! Full details coming soon when I post about our cake cutting :-)

Will (or did) you eat at your wedding? Does your wedding menu reflect the food you enjoy?


Our Wedding Feast

Bride & Groom enjoying the Second Course
(plus a sneak peek at our cake!)
(Photo by Friend)

RZ & I celebrate everything with food- relationship milestones, job successes, family triumphs, etc. We toast the latest good news, then dive into a delicious appetizer, entree & dessert. It's our way.

As such, food at our wedding, our biggest celebrations to date, was a huge deal. We chose the Hyatt on the Hudson for many, many reasons & one important reason was the food. We didn't regret this decision one bit as we worked hand-in-hand with the Hyatt to create a custom wedding menu to reflect our personal preferences & tastes. This was one of our favorite parts of planning our wedding.

Here is our four-course Wedding Feast chosen by our hearts & our taste buds:

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Apple, Endive & Feta Salad (Caprese Salad for Mrs. Picky Bride)

Entree: Guest Selection of
Tenderloin of Beef, Pan Seared Salmon,
Pork Loin Medallions or Chef's Choice of Vegetarian Entree.

Zeppoles & Wedding Cake

My tummy is rumbling at the mere mention of this yummy food! Tune in tomorrow for the full report on our Wedding Feast!


For Hire

Oh, this is big. This is very, very BIG: Wedding Industry Jobs, a website dedicated to wedding jobs!
Whether you are looking for a career in the wedding world or you have a spot to fill in your wedding business, this website is a dream come true!

I can remember my start in wedding planning & it wasn't easy. I had to do a lot of research to find local wedding planners, then spend a lot of time contacting them & hoping one of them would give me a chance. It was hard work! Thankfully, it paid off & I wouldn't change one moment. But now, my dears, things are easier & better than ever with Wedding Industry Jobs!!

Bridesmaid sales consultant! Graphic Design Intern! Associate Wedding Planner! There is truly something for everyone who is interested in a wedding career. Seasoned professionals & fresh newbies alike can use this as a job source. What are you interested in? Wedding Planning, Stationery, Floral Design, Cake Decorating are just a few options available. Pick your passion & find your dream job!

Guess what? Even I have my eye on something ☺


It's A Wrap! 7th Edition

Love, love, LOVE
Image by Fresh In Love Photography
Via Postcards and Pretties

I spend a good portion of each day reading my favorite blogs & it's a pleasure to share a few of my finds with you each week. It boggles my mind how much information & inspiration is simply a click away! Without further ado, here are my picks for the week:

The heart balloons kill me!

Practical tips on substituting your iPod for a DJ

What is red, black, white & perfectly adorable?!
Did I mention the cow? I mean, it's almost too much!!

What's on your to-do list?

Smiles guaranteed!

Did I miss anything good?! I hope not. Have a glorious weekend!


The Missing Dance

Me (in pink) with my Dad, Sister & Crazy Dog (no, really she was) KoKo

Mother/Son Dance

You may have noticed that RZ & I included most traditions at our Reception & did them immediately to get the formalities out of the way of the party. Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts.

Did you wonder about the Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances?

I had a tough time planning the Parent Dances because my Dad died when I was younger. My feelings about these dances grew more & more complicated as our Wedding drew near, making a final decision that much harder. RZ knew I was struggling & offered to skip the Mother/Son Dance but that wasn't an option. RZ, his Mom & their relationship deserved that moment &, later, that memory.

One option was a Bride/Someone Dance. My sister danced with my Grandpa at her wedding but he is no longer with us either. Still, I could be hip & dance with my Mom. Or dance with my Uncles who walked me down the aisle. Sweet, definitely. My fear was I would get sad & emotional wishing my Dad was there to dance with me. I had no desire to be a crying, slobbering Bride at our Wedding.

The other option was a Mother/Son Dance only. Now this had to be handled delicately as well. The dance had to be perfectly placed so it garnered attention but not so much fanfare that I got sad about my Dad & our missing dance. Was this mission impossible?

Just in case you're worried that I'm a crazy mess, I'm truly not. One thing I've learned is that you learn to live with the death of a parent but you never get over it. On an emotional day like my Wedding, I expected it might be a day when my heart sobbed at the knowledge of my Dad being gone.

I have a lot of people to thank for their patience & understanding over this issue. RZ who would have done anything I wished to keep me smiling. My bridesmaids for listening to my worries & reassuring me it would work out. Gary of The Love Jones Band for not pushing me to decide whether "What A Wonderful World" would be a Bride/Someone Dance or a Bridal Party Dance. Eileen of An Affair to Remember for taking my feelings into consideration, offering suggestions &, ultimately, scheduling the Mother/Son Dance to best fit my needs.

In the end, RZ & his Mom danced to "In My Life" by The Beatles as the Second Course was served. Our guests were seated & able to focus on them while I could drown my sorrows in my Caprese Salad. My cousin/bridesmaid joined me at the sweetheart table to keep me company throughout the dance.
I wasn't alone with my thoughts which was a good thing. With the proper placement of the dance & my bridesmaid by my side, I didn't feel much sadness. I felt mostly joy in my heart & I knew the angels were near. All's well that ends well.


Toasts of the Town

Sister of Honor Toast

Best Man Toast
(All Photos by Friends
Ugh, not loving these two photos but they'll have to do for now!

"What A Wonderful World" ended & the band invited our guests to take their seats for toasts. RZ & I settled at our sweetheart table, ready for the games to begin.

First, my Sister of Honor. My only sibling, my older sister & my best friend. She took the mic with her toast handwritten on her monogrammed stationery (bonus: she gave it to me as a keepsake) & she nailed it. My SoH had made it quite clear in advance that she wanted to give us a toast, not a speech. Then she proceeded to prove just a few, thoughtful words about our close sisterhood & my new marriage can pack a powerful punch.

Second, RZ's Best Man. RZ's only sibling, his younger brother & his best friend. The Best Man approached the mic with his typed speech in hand &, like my SoH, he nailed it. Unlike my SoH, the Best Man had a few, fun stories to tell to illustrate their strong brotherhood & to toast our new marriage. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when the Best Man explained he chose the same nickname as his older brother because he wanted to be like him (long story but yes, these two brothers have the same name). There were tears, there was laughter.

Our Sister of Honor & Best Man approached things differently yet produced the same result: loving words to toast our marriage & carry in our hearts always.


Let Me Play Among The Stars

"Fly Me to the Moon

Let Me Play Among the Stars . . .

In Other Words, Please Be True

In Other Words, I Love You"

(All Photos by Friends)

Cocktail Hour is over . . . now our Wedding Reception!

The Love Jones Band launched into "Beautiful Day" by U2 (RZ's favorite band). Pair by pair, our Bridal Party made their Grand Entrance into the magnificent Manhattan Ballroom & formed a semi-circle around the dance floor. Soon, we were the only ones left outside the ballroom. I squeezed RZ's hand & took a deep breath.

Upon the announcement of Mr. & Mrs., RZ & I burst onto the scene as our guests cheered & clapped. What a triumphant moment!

The band began to play "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra as we transitioned smoothly into our First Dance. We chose this classic song for its sweet lyrics, Sinatra's tie to our beloved hometown of Hoboken & its blissfully short running time (you may remember this song was my first choice!). For this shy Bride who doesn't appreciate attention, especially when I'm dancing, a short song was key. I did my best to enjoy twirling in the arms of my new husband. I really tried. But mostly I was thinking that the band may have added an extra chorus because the song seemed awfully long. Almost endless.

I couldn't have been happier when I heard my favorite song "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong start. Our Bridal Party & their partners joined us on the dance floor. Instantly, I felt at ease among the crowd of our dear friends & family. It got better & better as more & more couples took to the dance floor for this lovely song.

& it truly was a wonderful world as I danced in my new husband's arms on our wedding night with our family & friends dancing beside us.


Calling Jersey Girls!

The honor of your presence is requested at the "Jersey Shore" house!

Oh yes, my dears, it's true: the "Jersey Shore" beach pad is available for weddings!

Or engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner or any other event you'd like to host at the summer home of Snooki & the Situation.
The Seaside Heights home is being touted as perfect for the non-traditional Bride & Groom. All with killer tans & Jersey accents must apply. Dream come true or nightmare?

I have to admit I have never watched "Jersey Shore" but I knew I had to pass along this gem when a fellow Jersey Girl sent this info my way. I don't live under a rock & I know the show is hugely popular. Perhaps some have been anxiously awaiting a "Jersey Shore" theme wedding. Any takers? Let me know, I'd love to help with the wedding planning!!


It's A Wrap! 6th Edition

Bailey practices his favorite yoga move, The Resting Dog
No, it has nothing to do with weddings but it was too cute not to share!

Happy Friday! Here are my picks of inspiration & information from around the web this week:

You don't have to love it, trust me. You really don't, you're not alone.

They had me at the proposal story but you'll love the wedding eye candy too!

Are you mailing your wedding invitations after April 17th?
Please, please read this post with the dets on the postal rate increases!

I want this beaded tulle cape so badly it isn't funny.

How did you ask?

Enjoy your weekend!


Cocktail Hour

Our cutie Flower Girl enjoys a treat during CH

The Bride chats with friends at CH

The Bride & Her Bestie/Bridesmaid at CH

Our family's table full of food & drinks at CH!
(All Photos by Friends)

! RZ & I walked into our Cocktail Hour in the Manhattan Ballroom & we were thrilled. Candles flickered in the floor-to-ceiling windows with views of downtown Manhattan & the Statue of Liberty. Small arrangements of tightly clustered white carnations & bear grass-wrapped bases decorated the cocktail tables covered in striped ivory linens. Jazz standards wafted through the air courtesy of The Love Jones Band piano player on the grand piano.

Oh, there's more! Our beloved raw bar (done by special request as it's our favorite), our pasta station & our cheese & fruit station. Our colorful martini bar. Waiters & waitresses offering trays of cleverly-displayed hors d'oeuvres.

&, best of all, our family & friends. Eating. Drinking. Talking. Laughing. It was a dream come true.

I knew instantly that RZ's idea to enjoy a mini, private Cocktail Hour was beyond brilliant. We were happy, relaxed & full. We mixed & mingled as we pleased without a care. We didn't have to worry about getting food, balancing a plate & drink or being caught with food in our mouths which was quite priceless. We worked the room, giving hugs & accepting congratulations. It was our version of an informal, fun Receiving Line as we got the chance to chat with almost every guest. Such a fun time!

I could hardly believe the evening was young & it was just going to get better & better!


Cocktails for Two

I don't have any photos of our private Cocktail Hour
Instead, here's a blurry favorite of us with the taxi
(Photo by friend)

RZ & I didn't want to miss our Cocktail Hour & we designed our wedding day carefully to make sure not one lobster bisque, lamb chop or mac & cheese was served without us. We had fallen behind when our ceremony started late but we caught up during our photo session. Sure enough, our vintage taxi delivered us to the Hyatt on the Hudson minutes before the start of our Cocktail Hour.

Then the plan went haywire!

"Let's go to the Bridal Suite & relax," RZ suggested. I panicked. This wasn't part of the plan, the minute-by-minute schedule that Eileen was managing for us. Then I realized we hadn't spent one second alone since getting married a few hours ago. Screw the schedule. I agreed.

Best. Decision. EVER.

We were greeted at the Bridal Suite by our butler, Daniel, who had wisely set up a private Cocktail Hour for us. Yes, our butler! Let me just say the Hyatt rocks! The delish spread included two or more of each of the passed & station hors d'oeuvres. Daniel confirmed that we had the drinks & food we wanted before leaving us in peace.

I look back at that quiet half hour we stole as pure perfection. I hugged my Groom, telling him how handsome he was & how happy I was to be his wife. He said similar things to melt my heart. Then we sat down & relaxed. We toasted our wonderful wedding & enjoyed the delicious food. We reflected on the wedding thus far, talking about this & that. We felt so blessed that everything had been so wonderful &, quite honestly, we were amazed that we had so much more to look forward to at the Reception.

Sufficiently refueled & rejuvenated, we clasped hands as husband & wife & left the Bridal Suite to join our fabulous guests at our Cocktail Hour in the Manhattan Ballroom Foyer. Cheers!


Photo Session, Parts Two & Three

The action at the Bridal Party Photo Session

And then there were two . . .

After the fun & games of family photos at the church, we headed to the Hoboken Train Station Waiting Room for photos with the bridal party. We chose the Waiting Room for its beauty, convenience & comfort. The Waiting Room is an architectural wonder listed with the New Jersey & United States Register of Historical Places. Do remember the scene in the movie Julia & Julia when Julia Child's sister arrives at that gorgeous Paris train station? Well, that is actually the Hoboken Train Station Waiting Room. Now the fact that this beautiful place is a short, five minute drive from our church made it feasible to transport our bridal party there without too much hassle. Last but not least, the Waiting Room is a warm, indoor spot, perfect for a Winter wedding photo session.

As expected, the bridal party photo session went quickly & smoothly. RZ & I arrived at the train station first so we took photos on the Hoboken street with our vintage taxi. The bridal party came shortly thereafter &, being such troopers, joined us for a few, cold outdoor shots before we moved inside to the Waiting Room. Tim, the TGP crew & Eileen made the experience short & painless by directing us & assisting us. With a small bridal party of nine, it was quite easy to keep everyone's attention & keep the session flowing. Before we knew it, the bridal party was headed back to the hotel in their limo.

Then it was just us: the Bride & Groom. Snap, snap- a few more photos in the Waiting Room. Then we went to Hyatt on the Hudson where we planned on taking photos on the pier overlooking the New York City skyline that we adore. While we admire sunny, airy wedding photos, we were hoping for something more dramatic with the night sky & city lights. The next part of our photo session contains an important lesson. No matter how carefully you plan your wedding day, be open to changes!

As we pulled up to the hotel entrance, RZ, Tim & I were reluctant to release the vintage taxi without taking more photos because we loved it so much. I remembered that two blocks away from the hotel is a dead-end street that overlooks downtown Manhattan. We drove there & the location was beyond perfect. The vintage taxi parked on the cobblestone street piled high with dirty, city snow & NYC lights shining in the background. It was such a cool sight. I didn't care that it was freezing cold or that the wind was biting; we happily posed for photos. Just look at that original photo on the header of this blog: it was worth it!

Photos- done! Now it's time to party!!


Wedding Belles!

I'm drooling. Are you? Or the better question: have you seen Wedding Belles, the new wedding collection from Kate Spade?

Wedding Belles is chic & whimsical, just as you'd expect from Kate Spade. It includes fun collections for the Bride, Bridesmaid & Honeymoon. Love, LOVE! I spent the major part of my weekend poring over every item & wishing they could be mine or could have been mine for my wedding. Here are my favorites from the Bride collection:

Wedding Belles Naomi Dress
Soooo cute for the Rehearsal Dinner or Celebratory Brunch

Charm Shoes
The perfect amount of sparkle & sass!

Pearl Bauble Bracelet
Classic Pearls with a bit of glitz

Very Opaque Tights
Wasn't I just saying colored tights are the perfect Something Blue?

Date Night Ring
Fun & flirty! I need this ring ASAP for our date nights!!

(All Images via kate spade new york)

Don't even get me started on the Bridesmaid & Honeymoon collections! What were your favorites?


It's A Wrap! 5th Edition

Fun idea for Something Blue! Or Rainbow ☺
Image via Say Yes! To Hoboken

April! Can you believe it? Where oh where is time going?! I'm welcoming April with open arms & hoping it brings spring weather to us. Here is my weekly round-up of inspiration:

Colored tights- BRILLIANT!

A must read for perspective. Warning: you will cry.

I love me some Jersey pride!

A little green moss + a little crafting = fun wedding decor!

I promise no more winter weddings after this one
(disclaimer: unless another stunner comes along).

Have a lovely weekend!

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