EAT, Drink & Be Married

Bride & Groom enjoying their Entrees
(Photo by Friend)

Many Brides eat little to nothing at their Wedding. I was determined not to be that Bride. I believe in the "Eat, Drink & Be Married" philosophy. Much like life, there is a time for everything at a wedding: a time to dance, a time to laugh, a time to drink & a time to EAT. Our four-course Wedding Feast was near & dear to my heart & I'm happy to say we enjoyed every last bite.

Shortly after toasts, the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake appetizer was served. YUM! I'm a picky eater & my family teases me that my diet consisted solely of grilled cheese & chicken fingers until college when I added crab cakes to the mix (thank you, Maryland). They're exaggerating a bit but they're right that crab cakes are one of my favorite foods. As such, it was added to our tasting menu upon request & chosen for our wedding because it was delicious & reflected my tastes. Mmmm, great choice.

Next, the Apple, Endive and Feta Salad. The salad was a beautiful presentation of green apple slivers, purple endive slivers & pops of white feta cheese. RZ raved about it at our tasting & raved about it again at our wedding. While the appetizer was all me, the second course went to RZ. I can't speak to the taste of the salad because I, Mrs. Picky Eater, was served the Caprese Salad because I don't like feta cheese. I was quite happy with my tasty fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes & pesto.

We offered three entree selections: Tenderloin of Beef, Pan Seared Salmon & Pork Loin Medallions. There was also a vegetarian option available. We made our selections shortly after being seated at our Reception & we ordered the Tenderloin of Beef. It was our clear favorite at our tasting &, as far as we can tell, at our wedding too! We haven't talked to one person who didn't order & love the tenderloin. Although the theory of ordering two entrees & sampling our wedding food was tempting, we couldn't resist the tenderloin which was melt-in-your mouth good.

Last, but never least, was dessert. Zeppoles & cake which as far as I can tell are a match made in heaven. Oh zeppoles, how I love thee. I've been known to wait on line for over 30 minutes to get the famous zeppoles at our church's annual street festival. We were thrilled to add these doughy little balls of heaven to our wedding menu. When our zeppole basket was delivered to our sweetheart table, RZ & I almost knocked each other over to get to them first. They were piping hot & absolutely divine!!!

Are you wondering about our wedding cake from the Cake Boss?! Full details coming soon when I post about our cake cutting :-)

Will (or did) you eat at your wedding? Does your wedding menu reflect the food you enjoy?


  1. Your meal sound so good! I can't wait to hear about your cake. I may have to make a run for the bakery after that post. I'm planning to eat at my wedding! We're having Beef Wellington and chicken breast stuffed with apple wood smoked sausage. Both were delicious at the tasting.

  2. Good for you! Make a point to stop & eat, it's well worth it. Your food sounds delish too, now I'm hungry!!

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  4. Oh wow your food sounds like it was incredible Kate (oh my gosh clearly that's your name: Koru Kate, I am an idiot) I am looking forward to the post about your cake though :) How cool is it that you had a cake from Carlos Bakery?! Amazing stuff!

  5. It was soooo yummy! If only we ate that well every night. I can't wait to post about our cake- next week :-)

    p.s. you're NOT an idiot


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