Cocktails for Two

I don't have any photos of our private Cocktail Hour
Instead, here's a blurry favorite of us with the taxi
(Photo by friend)

RZ & I didn't want to miss our Cocktail Hour & we designed our wedding day carefully to make sure not one lobster bisque, lamb chop or mac & cheese was served without us. We had fallen behind when our ceremony started late but we caught up during our photo session. Sure enough, our vintage taxi delivered us to the Hyatt on the Hudson minutes before the start of our Cocktail Hour.

Then the plan went haywire!

"Let's go to the Bridal Suite & relax," RZ suggested. I panicked. This wasn't part of the plan, the minute-by-minute schedule that Eileen was managing for us. Then I realized we hadn't spent one second alone since getting married a few hours ago. Screw the schedule. I agreed.

Best. Decision. EVER.

We were greeted at the Bridal Suite by our butler, Daniel, who had wisely set up a private Cocktail Hour for us. Yes, our butler! Let me just say the Hyatt rocks! The delish spread included two or more of each of the passed & station hors d'oeuvres. Daniel confirmed that we had the drinks & food we wanted before leaving us in peace.

I look back at that quiet half hour we stole as pure perfection. I hugged my Groom, telling him how handsome he was & how happy I was to be his wife. He said similar things to melt my heart. Then we sat down & relaxed. We toasted our wonderful wedding & enjoyed the delicious food. We reflected on the wedding thus far, talking about this & that. We felt so blessed that everything had been so wonderful &, quite honestly, we were amazed that we had so much more to look forward to at the Reception.

Sufficiently refueled & rejuvenated, we clasped hands as husband & wife & left the Bridal Suite to join our fabulous guests at our Cocktail Hour in the Manhattan Ballroom Foyer. Cheers!


  1. Wow- this is great! Definitely something I'll keep in mind on my big day! =)

  2. Definitely consider it . . . we enjoyed the private CH immensely &, therefore, enjoyed the public CH so much more!


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