Toasts of the Town

Sister of Honor Toast

Best Man Toast
(All Photos by Friends
Ugh, not loving these two photos but they'll have to do for now!

"What A Wonderful World" ended & the band invited our guests to take their seats for toasts. RZ & I settled at our sweetheart table, ready for the games to begin.

First, my Sister of Honor. My only sibling, my older sister & my best friend. She took the mic with her toast handwritten on her monogrammed stationery (bonus: she gave it to me as a keepsake) & she nailed it. My SoH had made it quite clear in advance that she wanted to give us a toast, not a speech. Then she proceeded to prove just a few, thoughtful words about our close sisterhood & my new marriage can pack a powerful punch.

Second, RZ's Best Man. RZ's only sibling, his younger brother & his best friend. The Best Man approached the mic with his typed speech in hand &, like my SoH, he nailed it. Unlike my SoH, the Best Man had a few, fun stories to tell to illustrate their strong brotherhood & to toast our new marriage. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when the Best Man explained he chose the same nickname as his older brother because he wanted to be like him (long story but yes, these two brothers have the same name). There were tears, there was laughter.

Our Sister of Honor & Best Man approached things differently yet produced the same result: loving words to toast our marriage & carry in our hearts always.


  1. Their toasts sound beautiful! And I love these photos- so gorgeous :) xx

  2. Thanks! I keep looking at me in these photos & saying "Sit up! Don't slouch!!" :-)


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