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Oh, this is big. This is very, very BIG: Wedding Industry Jobs, a website dedicated to wedding jobs!
Whether you are looking for a career in the wedding world or you have a spot to fill in your wedding business, this website is a dream come true!

I can remember my start in wedding planning & it wasn't easy. I had to do a lot of research to find local wedding planners, then spend a lot of time contacting them & hoping one of them would give me a chance. It was hard work! Thankfully, it paid off & I wouldn't change one moment. But now, my dears, things are easier & better than ever with Wedding Industry Jobs!!

Bridesmaid sales consultant! Graphic Design Intern! Associate Wedding Planner! There is truly something for everyone who is interested in a wedding career. Seasoned professionals & fresh newbies alike can use this as a job source. What are you interested in? Wedding Planning, Stationery, Floral Design, Cake Decorating are just a few options available. Pick your passion & find your dream job!

Guess what? Even I have my eye on something ☺


  1. This is pretty cool!! Didn't know such a site existed!

  2. It's one of those brilliant things that you're so surprised nobody had thought of before. It's awesome!


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