One Moment

Continuing the photo theme this week . . . Another Sweetheart Table Photo! (Photo by Friend)

Weddings pass quickly, like a shooting star in the night sky. There is nothing you can do about it. The best advice I received from married ladies was to be present & enjoy every moment.

I rocked that gem of advice like it was my job. I didn't worry about how fast our wedding went or panic about how little time we had left. I stayed in the moment, focused on the joy & love present.

One of my favorite parts of our Reception was when RZ & I paused & appreciated a special moment together. I believe this happened during the First Course, perhaps the second. We were seated at our sweetheart table with its expansive view of our Reception. Our friends & families were seated around us at the simple, pretty tables with twinkling candlelight. Our awesome band played soft, dinner music. NYC glittered across the river as the ultimate backdrop to our evening.

This was our Reception. This was our positive new beginning. This was all we'd dreamed of for eleven months & it was beyond perfect.

We breathed it in, every last detail washing over our grateful hearts. We counted our blessings & voiced our gratitude.

Then the action started again & we were swept away into the night. But that little pause, that little moment to appreciate our celebration? It's one of my biggest memories.

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