Easter Cards: From Inspiration to Reality

When it comes to crafting, I find inspiration in many places: my imagination, favorite blogs, magazine covers, window displays, etc. I always keep my eyes wide open because I never know when inspiration will strike. The inspiration for my Easter cards came when I spotted this darling Easter egg garland on the fun blog, The Sweetest Occasion:

I was smitten with these Easter eggs made from paint chips. How cute, right? However, I don't often find myself near a Home Depot so the idea slipped away. Then our sink broke last weekend & fate had spoken. As RZ cruised the plumbing aisle, I scooped up these colorful paint chips:

The best part of crafting is when inspiration meets imagination. I didn't want to simply copy the idea of Easter egg garland made from paint chips. So I put my own spin on things. I cut out tons of bright, cheerful Easter eggs. Then I cut green grass from the leftover green paper from St. Patrick's Day. I nestled the Easter eggs among sparkly green grass for a little something like this:

And this:

I hope our family & friends enjoy our Easter Wishes from us to them! May your holiday weekend be blessed & beautiful!!


  1. so so cute! love that cake stand too, where's it from?

  2. Thanks! I adore the cake stand too- it's never seen a cake but I find many other uses for it. As for where it's from, not sure because we got it as an engagement gift.

    p.s. Thank you for reminding me where my inspiration came from :-)


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