Happy Halloween, Hoboken-Style

Happy Halloween!

Want to know what Halloween looks like in my little corner of the world?  Here in Hoboken, an urban city of brownstones & condo buildings, people get very creative with their Halloween decorations despite not having much outdoor space to decorate.  Hobokenites know how to make windows, doors & front stoops into a creepfest like nobody else!

So simple, so subtle!  The creepy raven/skull combo earns my top prize for Best Halloween Decoration in Hoboken: 

I don't want to meet the monster spider that spun this web:

Oh wait, I think I found the mega spider a few blocks away:

What a lovely Fall display!  Hold up.  Are those bloody stumps?!

I don't know if this scary ghoul guard wants to get out or keep others out but it's safe to say I won't be knocking!

Someone's got their eye on you!  What a haunted twist on cat's eye!! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-Halloween tour of Hoboken.  May the spirits be with you this Halloween!  Happy Halloween!


Classic Halloween

* Due to a little miss Hurricane Sandy headed our way, I am writing all posts in advance this week.  My thoughts & prayers are with everyone in her path.  May you be safe & well!

Tonight, our local movie theater is showing the classic horror slasher film, Halloween, in honor of the holiday.  To get in the Halloween spirit, RZ & I plan on attending the screening.  There is just something very cool about seeing a classic horror movie in a darkened theater armed with a big soda & sugary snack.  The experience simply can't be beat!  

Last year, our movie theater showed Psycho for Halloween & I loved it.  I'm a big Hitchcock movie fan!  Random fact: rumor has it that Psycho inspired Halloween.  Anywho.  Hopefully, this year will be just as fun.  If Hurricane Sandy doesn't decide to ruin it.  I suppose that will make for another sort of Halloween memory.

What did/are you doing to get in the Halloween spirit?
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{Mrs. Monday} Lazy Girl's Halloween

* Due to a little miss Hurricane Sandy headed our way, I am writing all posts in advance this week.  My thoughts & prayers are with everyone in her path.  May you be safe & well!

No Fall is complete without our annual trip to Wightman's Farm.  This year, the trip came on a cool, cloudy Sunday in early October.  The leaves were just starting to change, the crispness was just beginning to tinge the air &, as always, there were plenty of plump pumpkins, fresh apple cider and homemade donuts.  & boy, did we indulge in the Fall treats!

A gallon of apple cider for me, a gallon of apple cider for RZ.  Six donuts for me, six donuts for RZ.  One pumpkin for me, one pumpkin for RZ.  Hey, fair is fair!  The delicious donuts & yummy apple cider only lasted about one week but our pumpkins sat & patiently waited for the day when I would decorate them for Halloween.

With Halloween fast approaching, that day came last week- time to decorate our pumpkins & send our Halloween cards.  I was feeling a bit lazy, to put it mildly.  

I went with a minimalist look for our Halloween cards to spread some "season's creepings" to our family & friends across the miles:

Then I turned my attention to my pumpkins- two orange pumpkins from the farm & two white pumpkins recently acquired after my white pumpkin obsession.  Once again, it was just me, pumpkins & a black Sharpie.  While one little white pumpkin got away with going naked, I went with fun swirls, polka dots & stripes for the others:  

Less you think the polka dot pumpkin is suffering from a disease, that is actually one metallic silver polka dot.  All in all, not too bad for a lazy girl's Halloween!

Seasons creeping to you!


white pumpkin LOVE

I tried to warn you on Tuesday: I am falling in love with white pumpkins!  My white pumpkin-loving heart has been on overdrive pinning white pumpkins.  Each time, I think it can't possibly get better than the last white pumpkin image, I'm proven wrong.  & I just had to share the white pumpkin love with you! 
Hello, perfect Fall white pumpkin centerpiece!  This time, the flower colors and burlap runner are traditional Fall and I couldn't love the look more:

Does it get any cooler & stylish than a white pumpkin drink cooler?  The pumpkin cooler would look perfectly at home for your Halloween party or Fall wedding:  

Pick your favorite color (purple for me!) & add some vibrant friends for your white pumpkin:

& my very favorite!  Those mostly unloved, except by me, carnations look pretty festive & snazzy nestled in a white pumpkin:

I did break down & buy two baby white pumpkins for Halloween & I'll show you those cuties next week.  But I am hugely inspired to make a white pumpkin decoration for Thanksgiving.  My problem is deciding which one!  

What have you fallen in love with this Fall?

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{Real Fall Vermont Wedding} Shila & Brad

If you love Fall weddings as much as me, you're guaranteed to have your heart skip a beat or two as you admire this ultimate Fall wedding in Vermont.  Pumpkins galore, from plain to monogrammed to glittered!  Burlap details, including a fantastic fabric & burlap ceremony program.  Gorgeous flowers in Fall tones.  Rustic wood stump cake stand.  A very charming quilt.  Enough from me, let's dive in to the pretty images from Ampersand Wedding Photography:

My Favorite Moment: The Bride & Groom smooching on the Bridal Party Bus!  You can just see the fun, celebratory atmosphere as the Bride & Groom are whisked away into happily ever after.  So. Much. Fun.

My Favorite Detail: How do I choose just one?!  A glittered pumpkin will get me each & every time. 

Congratulations, Shila & Brad!

Photography: Ampersand Wedding Photography  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights  /  Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Barn at Lang Farm  /  Caterer: Lisa Gates  /  Floral Designer: Lady L Flowers  / DJ: Evan Brannon  /  Cake: Brenda Elwood  /  Wedding Gown: David's Bridal  /  Hair Stylist: Ashley Duncan  /  Bridesmaid Dresses: Needleman's Bridal and Formal


pretty in pink pumpkin

I'm a purist when it comes to my Halloween pumpkins- no matter how much I admire trendy white pumpkins, I will always take home classic orange pumpkins.  They are the pumpkins of my childhood & they bring back fond Halloween memories. Then along came this beautiful, white pumpkin centerpiece.  I may be changing my mind . . .

While I love a classic, I always appreciate a fun, unexpected twist.  I'm a huge fan of orange pumpkin centerpieces.  I'm an even bigger fan of this white pumpkin centerpiece!  I love that the pumpkin screams Fall as the white & pink color palette bring Fall in another direction.  A very cool, very unique direction.

This white pumpkin beauty would look right at home as a Halloween party decoration, a Thanksgiving centerpiece or a Fall wedding centerpiece.  I'm inspired- are you?!  
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{Sneak Peek} Shila & Brad

Hello, my wonderful Koru friends!  I am back to my home sweet home after my mini-vacation & I am so happy to be here.  It was one of those vacation that left me really, really missing my husband, our pup, our home & our routine by the end.  Last night, we were simply cuddling on the couch (yes, pup included) & the whole world felt good & right because I was with them.  I am looking forward to more of the same this weekend!  Without further ado, here is a sneak peek of next Wedding Wednesday's autumn delight:

While last week's Fall wedding had an unexpected color palette & details, this Fall wedding is pure Fall.  In the best possible way!  Check it out next Wedding Wednesday!!

Happy Weekend!

Photography: Ampersand Wedding Photography  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights


sweet carnations

Today's post goes hand-in-hand with Tuesdays "for the love of carnations" post.  As you can see, this carnation beauty deserves a post of its own:

A simple, pink fondant cake is elevated from ordinary to extraordinary with carnations!  Yes, carnations.  Pink carnations decorate the cake & white carnations form a soft, lovely cake base.  The fresh flower base really makes the cake.  This amazing look is possible with any flower but budget-friendly only with carnations. 

Don't worry, I promise to gush about something besides carnations next week!

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{Real Colorful Minneapolis Wedding} Candace & Keith

I adore seeing traditional Fall palettes as much as anyone but it's so fun & refreshing to see a Bride choose her favorite bright colors of pink & orange for her Fall wedding.  Pink & orange are cheerful & fun, just like this delightful Fall wedding.  Karen Feder Photography shares the fun with us:

Candace & Keith meet at a college football tailgating party as fan of rival teams: Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators.  These opposing fans may not agree on much as far as college football goes but they did agree on spending the rest of their lives together.  & I'm pretty sure that all of us can agree this wedding is as charming & fun as its orange & pink details!

My Favorite Moment:  Just as it's one of my favorite moments from our wedding, I'm loving the Bride & Groom exiting the ceremony as the new Mr. & Mrs.  Just look at the Bride's huge grin!

My Favorite Detail:  There was tough competition with the colorful candy bar & the whimsical cake but I have to go with the dancing socks!  I've wished to switch my stilettos for dancing socks many times at weddings.

Congratulations, Candace & Keith!

Photography: Karen Feder Photography  /  Submitted via Two Bright Lights  /  Reception Venue: Edina Country Club  /  Videographer: Bliss Wedding Video  /  Event Planner: Amy Zaroff Events + Design  /  Floral Design: Debbie Turner Originals  /  Cake Designer: Queen of Cakes  /  Transportation: Black Tie Limousine  /  Rentals: Apres  /  Wedding Gown: Priscilla of Boston from Dugo  /  Heirlooms & Extras: Che Bella  /  Jewelry: Hudson Jewelers  /  Men's Formalwear: Savvi Formalwear
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