{Mrs. Monday} Lazy Girl's Halloween

* Due to a little miss Hurricane Sandy headed our way, I am writing all posts in advance this week.  My thoughts & prayers are with everyone in her path.  May you be safe & well!

No Fall is complete without our annual trip to Wightman's Farm.  This year, the trip came on a cool, cloudy Sunday in early October.  The leaves were just starting to change, the crispness was just beginning to tinge the air &, as always, there were plenty of plump pumpkins, fresh apple cider and homemade donuts.  & boy, did we indulge in the Fall treats!

A gallon of apple cider for me, a gallon of apple cider for RZ.  Six donuts for me, six donuts for RZ.  One pumpkin for me, one pumpkin for RZ.  Hey, fair is fair!  The delicious donuts & yummy apple cider only lasted about one week but our pumpkins sat & patiently waited for the day when I would decorate them for Halloween.

With Halloween fast approaching, that day came last week- time to decorate our pumpkins & send our Halloween cards.  I was feeling a bit lazy, to put it mildly.  

I went with a minimalist look for our Halloween cards to spread some "season's creepings" to our family & friends across the miles:

Then I turned my attention to my pumpkins- two orange pumpkins from the farm & two white pumpkins recently acquired after my white pumpkin obsession.  Once again, it was just me, pumpkins & a black Sharpie.  While one little white pumpkin got away with going naked, I went with fun swirls, polka dots & stripes for the others:  

Less you think the polka dot pumpkin is suffering from a disease, that is actually one metallic silver polka dot.  All in all, not too bad for a lazy girl's Halloween!

Seasons creeping to you!


  1. that halloween card is too cute!! will be sending good thoughts that hurricane sandy passes through without incident!

  2. We made our annual trip to a farm upstate a few weeks ago too. One of my favorite things to do this season :)

    Stay safe! It's starting to kick up now. Still have power. Knock on wood xoxo


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