for the love of carnations

Since I started this blog, I've dedicated a few posts to showing some love for the mostly unloved, unappreciated carnations.  They may not be flashy or exotic like some of their flower friends but carnations are pretty & affordable.  I used carnations for our wedding because I stuck to a very strict, tight flower budget.  It seems I'm not the only one as I'm seeing carnations used stylishly & beautifully in weddings more & more.  Keep an open mind & take a look!

Carnation heads strung on invisible wire make for a stunning pink ombre ceremony backdrop!  It would be just as pretty in any color, indoors or out:

Carnation pomadors hanging from lovely ribbons are the perfect touch for another outdoor ceremony.  The poms would be just as pretty decorating the aisle of a church:

Small & simple, this darling carnation centerpiece is well-sized for a cocktail table.  Just make it a little larger if you have bigger tables:

A creative, overflowing centerpiece of carnations in shades of peaches & pinks:

I saved the very, very best for last.  How much do you love this modern, purple ombre carnation centerpiece?

Budget-friendly Brides, you can see it's easy to make inexpensive carnations into great wedding looks.  Give carnations a chance!

Photo 1: Elyse Hall Photography via  /  Photo 2: Sylvie Gil Photography via  /  Photo 3 & 4: Katie Osgood Photography via  /  Photo 5: Stephanice Yonce Photography via


  1. Carnations are so sweet and have some of the most amazing colors! And I really love the first idea of stringing them up on wire in an ombre style...so pretty!

  2. Those hanging carnations are amazing, and I love the ombre effect!


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