Happy Halloween, Hoboken-Style

Happy Halloween!

Want to know what Halloween looks like in my little corner of the world?  Here in Hoboken, an urban city of brownstones & condo buildings, people get very creative with their Halloween decorations despite not having much outdoor space to decorate.  Hobokenites know how to make windows, doors & front stoops into a creepfest like nobody else!

So simple, so subtle!  The creepy raven/skull combo earns my top prize for Best Halloween Decoration in Hoboken: 

I don't want to meet the monster spider that spun this web:

Oh wait, I think I found the mega spider a few blocks away:

What a lovely Fall display!  Hold up.  Are those bloody stumps?!

I don't know if this scary ghoul guard wants to get out or keep others out but it's safe to say I won't be knocking!

Someone's got their eye on you!  What a haunted twist on cat's eye!! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-Halloween tour of Hoboken.  May the spirits be with you this Halloween!  Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love all these creative decorations especially the raven and skull...it's definitely awesome!


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