Happy Halloween

 Glimpse of Halloween in our Home
My Candy Corn hurricane + My Swirl Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!  The spooktacular day of trick or treating is here!!

How did you decorate your pumpkin?  The fun possibilities are endless!  I must admit, I went the easy route.  Just me, my naked pumpkin & a black Sharpie:

Obviously, my adoration of swirls knows no limits.  I decided my pumpkin would look good in swirls.  I drew a swirl pattern in pencil, then made the swirls thicker & darker with the marker:

Here she is, my pretty swirl pumpkin:

May Halloween
find you in good spirits-
Happy Halloween!


It's A Wrap! Halloween-Style

Hello, my pretties!  Are you loving the Halloween vibe on Koru Wedding Style?  I sure hope so.  The spooktacular thrills aren't over yet!!  It's A Wrap! is dedicated to creepy & glamorous touches of Halloween weddings.  Let's take a walk on the dark side . . .

The most perfect invitation to a sophisticated Halloween wedding:

Hello, spiderweb Halloween blooms:

Image by Art of Love

A simple touch of candy corn adds instant fun to this Halloween wedding:

"Tricks" Guest Book for a Happy Halloween Marriage:

Image by Amy & Stuart

A sweet pumpkin ring shot that stills my Halloween-loving heart for this rustic Halloween wedding:

via Style Me Pretty

A vintage Halloween vibe for the frightful dessert table:

 Image by Meg Perotti
via Style Me Pretty

Oh, I love Halloween so & I could go on & on with the stylish inspiration.  In case you're dying for more inspiration, be sure to click the via Style Me Pretty link under each photo.  Now I shall leave you to have a hauntingly good time on this Halloween weekend!  Trick or treat~ 

Creepy Crafting

Happy Halloween Card {Made by Me!}

In our fast-paced, digital world, it's rare to receive a handwritten note or card.  I'm delighted on the scarce occasion I get a sweet little note in the mail.  This is the precise reason I decided to make & send a few Halloween cards this year.  Just because.

I gathered my spooky supplies including blank cards, sparkly (!!) paper, orange dotted paper, black swirl ribbon, glittery Halloween decorations & black cat stamp.  What's a good craft project without a little sparkle & my signature swirl?

How about some love for my scared black cat & friendly ghost:

Halloween card in progress:

And the final reveal . . . Halloween Card Design One:

Halloween Card Design Two:

I wish I could send each & every one of you a handmade card full of Happy Halloween wishes!


Pumpkins, Pumpkins & More Pumpkins

Tonight, I have a date with my cutie 2-year-old goddaughter to paint three baby pumpkins.  I'm so thrilled to be seeing & experiencing Halloween through a little one's spirited eyes. We have three small pumpkins & primary color paints: the making of a very seasonal good time!

We'll be sticking to the basics with our pumpkins but there is nothing wrong with a little Halloween pumpkin dreaming is there?!

Behold the Autumn beauty of this incredible pumpkin path:

Image via Country Living

The most delightful curlicue pumpkin:

Image via Country Living

Simple, dimple!  Disguise your pumpkin with a vintage (as shown) or new Halloween mask:

 Image via Country Living

Black & white pumpkins, achieved with black paint or Sharpie marker, are tres Halloween chic:
Image via Country Living

I loved Lite-Brite as a kid so this Lite-Brite-effect, crescent moon pumpkin has my heart:

Image via Country Living

For easy, no-carving inspiration, check out last year's Halloween pumpkin post!

Which pumpkin inspiration is your favorite?  What cool plans do you have for your Halloween pumpkin?

Fall Spice

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes {Made by Me!}

If there is one thing you haven't seen on Koru Wedding Style, it's cooking & baking.  Let's just say I do not have a natural talent in the kitchen.  Natural disasters in the kitchen, well, I have plenty of those.  However, when I ran across this yummy Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes recipe on Hey Gorg & none of the ingredients or instructions scared me, I decided to give it a whirl.  

Please indulge me as I recount one of my first positive baking experiences.  Ever.

First things first, I lined up my ingredients & supplies.  The less surprises & fruitless searches, the better:

I know lots of great bakers who add just a little bit of this & a little bit of that but I followed the recipe to the letter.  Soon, I had a concoction that looked & smelled like pumpkin spice:

Here is my sous chef Beagle Bailey.  He's pouting at my feet because I had not dropped anything delicious his way:

Soon, my pumpkin spice cupcakes-to-be were ready for the oven:

20 minutes later, these perfect cupcakes emerged from the oven.  I couldn't believe it!

Naked pumpkin spice cupcakes in pink foil for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Now the recipe calls for homemade Chocolate Ganache frosting.  I knew I had already pushed my limited baking skills with the cupcakes.  Store bought cream cheese frosting?  Yes, please.

The Pumpkin Spice cupcakes are surprisingly easy & sooooo delicious- I definitely recommend them!  They draw rave reviews that swell this non-baker's heart.  So far, I have brought them to a new Mom & Dad while visiting their newborn & to a hungry crew at a Jets tailgate.  They're just perfect for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving & Fall weddings too!


Koru Kate Finds: Halloween Spirits

Happy Halloween Week!  Halloween is almost here!!!  Welcome to my chic & spooky Halloween-themed blog (this week only).  Let's start with a Koru Kate Finds: Halloween-Style!

How about some sinister drinks to spice up your Halloween party or wedding?

Black Magic Cocktails
Image via Martha Stewart

With Halloween chic names like Ghost in the Graveyard, Screwed-up Screwdriver & Berry Scary Martini, these dark drinks scream of a hauntingly good time!   Please, I beg of you, put one drink on display with a scrawled sign bearing its name.  You know what I mean- that classic, a monster-just-wrote-this scrawl.  It'll be a fearful, fabulous touch, I promise.  I can say from personal experience that black vodka is not easy to find but it's well worth the trouble.  Sinister black vodka drinks are a big hit this time of year!

 Witches' Brew
Image via Martha Stewart

Just imagine this steaming cauldron of Witches' Brew making a creepy statement at your Halloween party or wedding!  What's inside?, you may ask.  A good, old-fashioned favorite Root Bear Float.  Just add some dry ice & you've got the Halloween spirit.  A Witches' Brew that is good for big & little ghosts & goblins alike is a frightful delight this time of year.

For above recipes & more Halloween drinks, please click HERE.

Do you love or hate Halloween?  Can you tell that I'm a big fan?  Any spooky inspiration to share?


It's A Wrap! 26th Edition

Spooktacular Wedding Invitations
Image via You Stir Me

Hi there!  Is that a smile on your face?  Yes, me too- it's Friday!!!  I've been in my true element this week as I worked on a wedding planning job & took a wedding invitation order.  Loving it but still loving my peaceful, no-work-allowed weekend :-)  Before I go, here is the Koru List of wedding loveliness just for you:

A spooky, chic collection of Halloween wedding & party decor

What will you be saying about your wedding & marriage two years later?

A bright & cheerful wedding to put a smile on your pretty face

Hey Mister DJ!  How about some of these indie songs for your wedding?

Three cheers for a colorful Brooklyn fete!!!

Did I miss something good?  Do tell!  & have a wonderful weekend~


Pretty Paper

I have a wedding invitation appointment tomorrow & I'm really, really excited because I don't have such appointments much anymore.  I'm not comfortable bringing strangers to my home studio & I'm not lugging my heavy invitation books elsewhere.  But tomorrow is a fun appointment with a family friend that will give me the golden chance to flex my creative invitation muscles.  Now I have invitations on my mind! 

Invitations are my favorite wedding detail & I'd love to share some recent finds with you:

Invitation by Avie Designs

The modern, lasercut Mexican Papel Picado invitation is AMAZING!  I'm in absolute awe.  This invitation is practically too good to be true.  I would love, LOVE to receive this invitation to a fun, fiesta wedding!! 

   Invitation by Julia Kostreva

No doubt about it, letterpress is beautiful.  This Fall invitation takes letterpress invitations to a new level with a process called split ink fountain.  I don't know anything about split ink fountain except that I absolutely love it!

Invitation by Woodland Papercuts

This charming invitation is named Deer Beloved.  I mean, that just about says it all!  Papercutting is used to create the invitation & I'm a huge fan of the results.   I'm picturing a winter wedding in Aspen.

Invitation by Scout's Honor Co.

Nautical-themed weddings & invitations are nothing new but the fabulous watercolor design takes this invitation to another level.  I know from my art class days that watercolor is no easy feat so I really admire this design.  It's a fresh, pretty take on a classic waterfront wedding. 

For more of my fun invitation picks, check my Paper Board on Pinterest!

What invitations are you loving these days?


Family Vintage Wedding

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

40 years.  40 years!

Last weekend, RZ's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  This lovely photo shows the day of their positive new beginning.  The day they started their baby family that would bring them two amazing sons, two fabulous daughters-in-law (if I do say so myself) & one adorable, fun granddaughter.  Just one pretty wedding day, ordinary & extraordinary.  

I have only been around for the last five years of their journey but I have witnessed something that is precious & beautiful.  They lead their family with a strength & love that is nothing shy of fierce.  

We hope to follow in their big, loving footsteps.  Of course, our story & our path will be our own.  But like them, we'd like the love & strength to be the common thread in the story of our life together.     

We are three months shy of our first anniversary & they are an inspiration to us!


Koru Kate Finds: Giselle

Giselle Wedding Gown

Way back when I was on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown . . .
The Giselle wedding gown was my very first love.  Simple & sweet, just my style.   That Alencon lace detail?  I die!  Oh, I fell in love, so hard.  I printed out a photo of the Giselle wedding gown, tucked it in my wedding folder & considered the dress search over.  I'd picked out matching wedding invitations with an Alencon lace detail.  I was sold!

I booked my first trip to Lovely Bridal Shop during an Elizabeth Dye trunk show & although I was open-minded & tried on a bit of everything, Giselle still had my heart.  But I worried about a tea-length dress for a formal church ceremony, not to mention during winter.  During my second trip to Lovely, I tried on the full-length version of Giselle.  It wasn't right for me.  The fit was awful for my body & the lace detail was lost.  Giselle was soon forgotten when I fell in love, true love, with the last dress I tried on: my wedding dress!

Alas, Elizabeth Dye remains a favorite wedding gown designer of mine & as I happily perused her new, beautiful collection, I was pleased as punch to discover a redesigned, full-length Giselle to present as the latest Koru Kate Finds:

Giselle Wedding Gown, full-length

Love, love, LOVE!  The new, full-length Giselle is the perfect replica of the tea length version.  Same flattering A-line silouhette & same sweet lace detail.  It's absolutely divine in my humble opinion.  I don't wish I could go back & have this dress but I am really, really excited for the Brides-to-be that have this lovely dress as an option!  

Be sure to check out the other fabulous Elizabeth Dye options at The English Department too!


It's A Wrap! 25th Edition

This photo has nothing to do with this post.
It makes me smile though & isn't that enough?

Hi.  Please raise your hand if you're happy it's Friday.  Yes, me too.  This week has been a bit, well, trying.  I am beyond lucky & blessed in life & I never lose sight of that.  Still.  Sometimes things are not so smooth or happy.  The grey, rainy weather hasn't helped any, although it has perfectly matched my mood.

& my mood has affected the weekly Koru List.  I like to bring you plentiful wedding eye candy from the likes of Style Me Pretty, while sprinkling in musings on weddings & marriage from the likes of A Practical Wedding.  They are my top favorite wedding blogs as different as they may be.  While the eye candy this week was as gorgeous as always, my stormy, brooding mood was drawn to two posts this week that made me think.  A lot.  About what wedding blogs I like & support, about the value in my sweet wedding planning business.

So I present you those links:  

Well worth the read, ladies.   


Where The Heart Is

Wedding Guest Group Photo: Yay or Nay?
Image by W. Scott Chester
via Ruffled

That gem of a wedding photo up there?  I love it.

My wedding planning self isn't the biggest fan of Wedding Guest group photos.  Those go down a little something like this.  Due to a lack of big, open fields in the NJ-NY area, the most common spot to take such photos is on the church steps after the ceremony.  Sweet notes are included in the program to kindly ask guests to stay behind & take a "quick" group photo.  About half the guests are happy to stay behind but they make a beeline to congratulate the Bride & Groom & lose focus on the photo.  The other half of the guests are quite intent on getting to Cocktail Hour to have a drink & don't appreciate our security guard-like moves to keep them in place.  Once everyone is indeed in the right spot, you have to attract their attention, pose them & make them smile.  Wedding Guest group photos are hardly ever quick or fun.

I mean, family & bridal party photos are enough.  

As such, we didn't entertain the mere thought of a Wedding Guest group photo at our wedding.

But wow, I adore the sweet sentiment of a Wedding Guest group photo.  Even if your group is too large for each & every face to be distinct in the photo, it's quite something to see one photo that includes each & every person who celebrated your marriage.  You wouldn't remember how long it took to find Aunt Nancy who had wandered away or how Cousin Andy grumbled about missing the raw bar.  You'd simply see the faces of those you love on your wedding day.

The heart-shaped happy couple & wedding guests photo is pure group photo perfection.  Beautiful setting, happy couple, smiling guests AND a heart.  Love, love, LOVE!

Will (or did) you take a Wedding Guest group photo at your wedding?


Koru Kate Finds: Carnation Glory

I've said it before & I'll say it again: I like carnations.  Carnations come in a gorgeous rainbow of colors, don't cost a fortune & easily last from getting ready to the last dance- yup, I'm a fan.  I did lots & lots of research on chic carnation arrangements when I was planning my wedding.  Almost one year later, I'm pleased to run across new wedding inspiration for carnation-lovers.  Today's post is dedicated to those Brides who share the carnation love with me.

The Carnation Topiaries would look beautiful in any color to match your wedding decor:

  Image via Luxe Finds

I can envision these pretties lining the aisle, decorating cocktail tables or, with a few at varying heights, serving as a reception centerpiece.

This Carnation Cake would add a simple, sweet look to any wedding reception:

Image via Luxe Finds

I believe this cake would look quite lovely in any carnation shade.  Plus add more tiers, square tiers &/or a patterned linen for more pizazz!

For more fabulous carnation inspiration, please visit Luxe Finds.

What do you think about using carnations for a wedding? Yes or no?


It's A Wrap! 24th Edition

Getting Dressed: Unforgettable Wedding Moment
Image via A Cup of Joe

Hip hip HOORAY- it's Friday!  Time for us to check in & catch up.  How was your week?  Good, bad, lovely, ugly?  Let it go, breathe.  Everything seems better & brighter when Friday is here.  I am so, so excited because we're going to meet our friends' one-month-old daughter tomorrow.  Yes, I love me some newborn baby time! 

Now, for your pleasure, here is the weekly, official Koru List of wedding inspiration:

What's your most unforgettable wedding moment?  

If it's a Smog Shoppe wedding, I'm sure to love & adore it

Roaring Twenties Inspiration: Art Deco, Jazz, Flappers & More

Pure genius: custom stamp wedding invitations!!!!

Friends & Family planned the wedding, Bride & Groom simply showed up
(The Bride showed up in an awesome blue gown I might add)

The most gorgeous PAPER flower table decor I have ever seen

Mismatched Maids: Yes or No?
I vote YES!

Want to dress up for a FREE BOUDOIR SESSION
with a killer photographer? 

Enjoy, Koru Family & Friends!


Fall Lovin'

One crisp, cool October Sunday each year, you can find me & my husband celebrating the Fall season at Wightman's Farm.  This tradition dates back to my childhood, now it's our tradition too.  The farm is a seasonal delight of products like pumpkins & apples & of activities like pumpkin slings & apple picking.  RZ & I are in it for the farm's fresh & delicious apple cider & donuts, not to mention the miles & miles of plump pumpkins.

We loaded up on two cups of hot apple cider, two gallons of apple cider & two dozen donuts before I began my search for the perfect pumpkins.  Sometimes it takes awhile but with the threat of rain, I was amazingly quick this year.  That's me in the purple skirt in absolute Fall glory with my cup of hot apple cider & our bags of homemade donuts as I pick the two most perfect pumpkins:

RZ convinces me to pose for a photo among the corn stalks & while I can bear to be separated from my new pumpkins, there is no way I'm letting go of my hot cider & yummy donuts:

My hubs says Hello & Happy Fall:

He had his eye on this Jets pumpkin & I insisted we decorate our own.  Then I was left wondering who has the incredibly fun job of painting these pumpkins?  Where do I sign up?

Much like Fall, traditions are comforting.  Once upon a time, I shared this tradition with my birth family, now it's a delight to create & enjoy this tradition with my baby family (remember: this does not mean we are having a baby!). & our yearly trip to the farm never disappoints.  We celebrate not only the gorgeous season but the delight of making yet another sweet memory in beautiful life we have together.  Till next year, Wightman's Farm!

What are your favorite Fall traditions?
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