Happy Halloween

 Glimpse of Halloween in our Home
My Candy Corn hurricane + My Swirl Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!  The spooktacular day of trick or treating is here!!

How did you decorate your pumpkin?  The fun possibilities are endless!  I must admit, I went the easy route.  Just me, my naked pumpkin & a black Sharpie:

Obviously, my adoration of swirls knows no limits.  I decided my pumpkin would look good in swirls.  I drew a swirl pattern in pencil, then made the swirls thicker & darker with the marker:

Here she is, my pretty swirl pumpkin:

May Halloween
find you in good spirits-
Happy Halloween!


  1. Love that swirl pumpkin-our carved ones only lasted a matter of days!

  2. Your pumpkin is just adorable :) How sweet!

  3. I should've done that. I didn't even draw on a pumpking this year ;)

  4. Thanks! The Sharpie pumpkin was easey peasey, definitely recommend it. Is everyone enjoying their Halloween candy? :-)


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