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Happy Halloween Card {Made by Me!}

In our fast-paced, digital world, it's rare to receive a handwritten note or card.  I'm delighted on the scarce occasion I get a sweet little note in the mail.  This is the precise reason I decided to make & send a few Halloween cards this year.  Just because.

I gathered my spooky supplies including blank cards, sparkly (!!) paper, orange dotted paper, black swirl ribbon, glittery Halloween decorations & black cat stamp.  What's a good craft project without a little sparkle & my signature swirl?

How about some love for my scared black cat & friendly ghost:

Halloween card in progress:

And the final reveal . . . Halloween Card Design One:

Halloween Card Design Two:

I wish I could send each & every one of you a handmade card full of Happy Halloween wishes!


Hi, Lovely! Your kind comments are most welcome & always appreciated. XOXO

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