Fall Lovin'

One crisp, cool October Sunday each year, you can find me & my husband celebrating the Fall season at Wightman's Farm.  This tradition dates back to my childhood, now it's our tradition too.  The farm is a seasonal delight of products like pumpkins & apples & of activities like pumpkin slings & apple picking.  RZ & I are in it for the farm's fresh & delicious apple cider & donuts, not to mention the miles & miles of plump pumpkins.

We loaded up on two cups of hot apple cider, two gallons of apple cider & two dozen donuts before I began my search for the perfect pumpkins.  Sometimes it takes awhile but with the threat of rain, I was amazingly quick this year.  That's me in the purple skirt in absolute Fall glory with my cup of hot apple cider & our bags of homemade donuts as I pick the two most perfect pumpkins:

RZ convinces me to pose for a photo among the corn stalks & while I can bear to be separated from my new pumpkins, there is no way I'm letting go of my hot cider & yummy donuts:

My hubs says Hello & Happy Fall:

He had his eye on this Jets pumpkin & I insisted we decorate our own.  Then I was left wondering who has the incredibly fun job of painting these pumpkins?  Where do I sign up?

Much like Fall, traditions are comforting.  Once upon a time, I shared this tradition with my birth family, now it's a delight to create & enjoy this tradition with my baby family (remember: this does not mean we are having a baby!). & our yearly trip to the farm never disappoints.  We celebrate not only the gorgeous season but the delight of making yet another sweet memory in beautiful life we have together.  Till next year, Wightman's Farm!

What are your favorite Fall traditions?


  1. I'm a huge fan of going up to the pumpkin patch - always have been. Now it's even better since we have a little boy - he's 13 months and he's going to LOVE it this year :)

  2. Great photos! What a great capture of real autumn mood.

  3. @Chrissy, that is going to be fabulous day for your little one! Maybe a photo will inspire a palette?

    @Artist, thanks for visiting! The farm is autumn paradise!!


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