It's A Wrap! 24th Edition

Getting Dressed: Unforgettable Wedding Moment
Image via A Cup of Joe

Hip hip HOORAY- it's Friday!  Time for us to check in & catch up.  How was your week?  Good, bad, lovely, ugly?  Let it go, breathe.  Everything seems better & brighter when Friday is here.  I am so, so excited because we're going to meet our friends' one-month-old daughter tomorrow.  Yes, I love me some newborn baby time! 

Now, for your pleasure, here is the weekly, official Koru List of wedding inspiration:

What's your most unforgettable wedding moment?  

If it's a Smog Shoppe wedding, I'm sure to love & adore it

Roaring Twenties Inspiration: Art Deco, Jazz, Flappers & More

Pure genius: custom stamp wedding invitations!!!!

Friends & Family planned the wedding, Bride & Groom simply showed up
(The Bride showed up in an awesome blue gown I might add)

The most gorgeous PAPER flower table decor I have ever seen

Mismatched Maids: Yes or No?
I vote YES!

Want to dress up for a FREE BOUDOIR SESSION
with a killer photographer? 

Enjoy, Koru Family & Friends!


  1. Happy weekend to you! Off to visit some of these wonderful links! xoxo

  2. I too, vote YES for mismatched maids :) It's just such a gorgeous look! Happy Weekend to you!

  3. Thanks for visiting & I hope each of you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

  4. That's my dress!!!! I love mismatched bridesmaids too. I love any any bridesmaids actually.


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