It's A Wrap! 23rd Edition

Invitations, Art Deco-Style
Image via 100 Layer Cake

Hello, Beautiful!  Did you have a good week?  Yes, no, maybe so?  Whatever the case may be, no worries because the weekend is here.  Take a little time to feast your eyes on some serious wedding eye candy before you start the weekend celebration:

A scrumptious soiree, styled in the name of 1920's & Art Deco
Need I say more?

Yup, I adore the details but big smiles & pure joy capture my heart
(psst . . . there's a tractor too!)

Rhi of Hey Gorg is one of my fav wedding bloggers & 
she doesn't disappoint with this bright, beautiful wedding full of amazing details!

On the serious side, I haven't changed my name yet.
Come here & be part of this important discussion

If you'd like to be a part of the ongoing collection of the lovely & beautiful that catch my heart each week, join me on Pinterest.  I pin my heart out every day!

Until next week when I have tons of fun stuff coming EVERY day, have a fabulous weekend!


Facelift Blog-Style

My Winter Wedding

Welcome to the updated, beautiful space of Koru Wedding Style!

After 340 posts in the span of almost two years, it was time to make changes.  Mostly minor tweaks here & there.  I chose a pretty script font for the blog & post titles to add a softer touch.  I switched up the font color scheme to gray & shades of purple for more contrast.  I added a sweet, sparkly background to the sidebar as a fun touch.  And the biggest (& my favorite!) change . . .

A new photo for the header!  I chose one of my favorite wedding photos to represent Koru Wedding Style.  This blog is a lot weddings, a little me.  This photo represents both nicely.  It's just perfect.

In this photo, it's dusk on our winter wedding day.  RZ & I are fresh newlyweds, officially married for about one hour.  The vintage taxi whisks us away from our church ceremony & parks on a charming cobblestone street outside the Hoboken Terminal for our photo session.  RZ & I spill out of the taxi to wait for the rest of our bridal party to catch up with us.  Tim starts snapping photos.  & this is one of them showing me & my husband in our beloved hometown on our beautiful wedding day.

& I love every last detail- the dusky sky, the city lights, the cobblestone street, the pile of snow, the vintage taxi & the happy couple.  Just as everything in this photo means something to me, everything I post here is meaningful to me.  Everything.

I hope you enjoy the facelift of this sweet space.  Let's continue have lots of wedding fun & inspire each other :-)

Koru Family & Friends, What do you think of the new design?  Like?  Love?


Koru Kate Finds: Words of Wisdom

Wedding Planning Wisdom
Image on Pinterest via HERE

Read the Wedding Words of Wisdom above.  


Let the words soak in. 

Share with every almost-Engaged, Bride-to-be & Newlywed woman you know.

I plan to share the Wedding Words of Wisdom with every Bride that crosses my path, whether it's a beloved friend or dear client.  These words touch upon the things that may drive you crazy during the wedding planning process- the guest list, the menu & the music.  Then these words bring it back to what the wedding is all about- love.  Everyone needs this reminder at one point or another! 

"Spend the rest of your days with the person you love."  The exact reason for a wedding, the basis for a marriage.  Ah, & such a beautiful gift & tremendous privilege. 


It's A Wrap: 22nd Edition

Count this beauty as one of my Favorite Weddings
Image via Style Me Pretty

Hi, Koru Family & Friends!  Today is the first day of Autumn.  It's pretty much a wash of heavy rain & grey skies here but I hope Autumn delivers sunny, crisp, cool days soon.  Enjoy the first Autumn weekend!

Before you leave to celebrate the weekend, please enjoy the Koru List of my favorite finds this week:
It's a bold statement but I feel comfortable making it:
This whimsical Wedding is my favorite Wedding EVER

Will you be using Tangerine Tango or these other hot colors for your Wedding or Event?

Sometimes an amazing Wedding needs no words

What would you do with 66 Minutes with your loved one?

Come join me in pinning lots & lots of Wedding loveliness!

May your Autumn weekend be fabulous~


Family-Style Vintage Wedding

As much as I love poring over gorgeous weddings on my favorite wedding blogs, I adore looking at our family's & friends' weddings even more.  Those wedding photos touch my heart in a way no others can.  Two weeks ago, my mother-in-law proudly showed me her Mom's wedding photo.  It was a real treat to see our dear, beautiful Nanang's wedding in the Philippines:

But wait, it gets better.  My mother-in-law urged me to look a little closer.  I still didn't see it.  She pointed out Nanang's calla lily bouquet.  A bridal bouquet strikingly similar to my own:

The story might be more of a Hallmark moment if I had specifically chosen this bridal bouquet because it was like Nanang's bouquet of long ago.  But I like stories that are my own instead of perfectly polished.  

Nanang, in a country far away, in a time very different, chose a calla lily bouquet for the day she was a Bride & became a Wife.  Many moons later, I carried a similar bouquet on the day I married her grandson & became his Wife.  On the day of our positive new beginnings, we had love in our hearts & calla lilies in our arms.  



Koru Kate Finds: 7th Edition

Making Memories

Newlywed Nesting.  Is there such a thing?  Well, the hubs & I got major nesting fever back in June when we started several major projects in our home sweet home.  Now we're finishing up with a few little projects, including choosing, printing & hanging wedding & honeymoon photos on our walls.

That's where my latest Koru Kate Finds comes in.  I found this Established Canvas Kit gem during one of my many Pinterest binges & I thought it was absolutely perfect for displaying a few of your wedding photos.  It's beyond fabulous!!!  The kit comes with the four canvases, the ribbon & the established sign.  All you need to do is choose & adhere three of your favorite photos.  Then presto: you have a sweet wedding memento to adorn your home! 

Now, of course, I opt to take the more difficult route & make my own Established display.  I will pick up the four canvases at my craft store, plus some pretty ribbon to match our decor & wooden letters to make our name & wedding date.  Then I have the difficult task of choosing three favorite wedding photos.  I'm excited about these personal touches that will make the display the perfect match for our home.  I'll post the results soon :-) 

I hope my find inspires you.  Get those creative wheels turning . . . Make your own to celebrate your Wedding.  Fun gift for a First Wedding Anniversary.  Lovely gift for a baby's First Birthday.  Or great gift to mark any special occasion! 


It's A Wrap: 21st Edition

Image via Inspired By This

Happy Friday, Koru Loves!  I hope your week has been bright & beautiful.  Inspiration has been plentiful in the blogging sphere this week so I have lots to share with you.  Follow these links for fabulous eye candy & heartwarming messages.  I present you The Koru List:

Flowers to melt your heart 

French, Rustic & PERFECT

Chinchilly has my vote, what's yours?

Take this awesome message to heart

Here, it's a tough place to be but, never fear, 
you already made the best decision



Hello, Fall

Fall doesn't officially arrive until Friday, September 23 but I started celebrating early.

 As much as I adore Summer, once I've kissed good-bye to the long, lazy beach days, I embrace Fall with open arms.  Crisp air.  Colorful leaves.  Warm apple cider.  Cozy sweaters.  Pumpkin patches.  Fall weddings.  Oh yes, there is much to celebrate during the Fall season.

I kick off the season by adding a touch of Fall to my hurricane candle.  Clearly, it's time to dump the Summer sand.  One cheap bag of candy corn later & here is my first Fall decoration:

Bonus: I had extra candy corn to eat :-)

What are your favorite Fall decorations?


Koru Kate Finds: 6th Edition

I was on a Shopping Mission yesterday to find a new, fun outfit for RZ's birthday.  Sadly, I was unsuccessful & recycled an outfit for the happy occasion.  On the bright side, I found pretty, well-priced dresses for my dear readers in Wedding mode.  These sweet dresses are perfect for Bridesmaids for Wedding, Guests for Wedding or Bride for Rehearsal Dinner.   

First, I offer you the soft berry Faux Wrap Sleeveless Dress for only $60:

Next, I give you the warm iron Carla Flutter Sleeve Sheath Dress for only $65:

Last, I present my personal favorite, the fresh olive Ruffle Front Sleeveless Dress for only $65:

Images via Ann Taylor Loft

Add a cool statement necklace, fun little belt &/or fabulous shoes & you're good to go!

As much as I enjoyed my experience at Bella Bridesmaid & I loved my Bridesmaid dress, I wish I had gone the off-the-rack ready route for my Bridesmaids.  The process of finding, ordering & altering those traditional Bridesmaid dresses was my least favorite experience of my wedding planning.  Hindsight! 

If you're willing to hunt & compromise on color, you can find a perfect dress for a good deal!


Happy Birthday, RZ!

Fiesta Papel Picado
Available at Etsy in aymujer's shop

To my best friend,
to my husband,
to my everything:
Happy Birthday!


In Memory

Image via Lavender & Lilies

September 11, 2001 is a day forever etched in our hearts & minds. 

There is so much to say, so little of it seems right for the somber occasion.  On that sunny morning 10 years ago, I rushed to work, ignoring the horrible sight of the first tower billowing smoke across the Hudson River.  I came home much, much later on the ferry & looked in horror at the heavy smoke where the towers had stood tall.  The Twin Towers were gone.  Loved ones were forever lost.  My heart was broken.  The world had changed. 

Hope & resilience persevere.

I bow my head in remembrance.      


{Groom's Words} Tears of Joy

My Handsome Groom at the Altar
(Photo by Friend)

I wish I'd had a tape recorder.

Two nights ago, RZ & I were having dinner with our cousins who were telling us about a recent wedding they'd attended.  They were gushing about the tough Groom crying when he spotted his beautiful Bride.

RZ said, "You don't think it will happen to you.  But it does, it really does.  I was standing at the altar & I saw my Dad crying & I wondered what was happening.  Then I realized I was crying!"  

I'm paraphrasing here, already forgetting his exact words, although the loving sentiment is forever etched on my heart.  Me, little old me.  I was the beautiful Bride who made him cry on our Wedding day.  

RZ & I have talked about our lovely wedding again & again: how perfect it was, how happy we felt, how the love & joy of our family & friends was palpable.  During these fabulous discussions of our memories, I never asked him what he was thinking &/or feeling at particular moments.   I wonder & I want to interview him about every last detail but that seems like a bit much.   I feel like I'm way late to the importance of the Groom's perspective party.

Did your Groom willingly share his emotions after your Wedding?  Or did you ask?  Or do you plan to ask?  


It's A Wrap! 20th Edition

Happy Labor Day Weekend! May it be filled with friends, family, sunshine & laughter. Before you celebrate, enjoy these lovely links:

Name-Your-Price Wedding Invitations!
Seriously. And be fair!!!!!!

First Course of Dessert Wedding, why yes, thank you!

Consider yourself forgiven

Let's keep fighting for Marriage Equality 
for wonderful people like Leann & Ann & Aaron & Cory

Now go enjoy the Summer sunshine~ 

Score Cool Invitations by up up creative

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