Family-Style Vintage Wedding

As much as I love poring over gorgeous weddings on my favorite wedding blogs, I adore looking at our family's & friends' weddings even more.  Those wedding photos touch my heart in a way no others can.  Two weeks ago, my mother-in-law proudly showed me her Mom's wedding photo.  It was a real treat to see our dear, beautiful Nanang's wedding in the Philippines:

But wait, it gets better.  My mother-in-law urged me to look a little closer.  I still didn't see it.  She pointed out Nanang's calla lily bouquet.  A bridal bouquet strikingly similar to my own:

The story might be more of a Hallmark moment if I had specifically chosen this bridal bouquet because it was like Nanang's bouquet of long ago.  But I like stories that are my own instead of perfectly polished.  

Nanang, in a country far away, in a time very different, chose a calla lily bouquet for the day she was a Bride & became a Wife.  Many moons later, I carried a similar bouquet on the day I married her grandson & became his Wife.  On the day of our positive new beginnings, we had love in our hearts & calla lilies in our arms.  



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