Koru Kate Finds: Words of Wisdom

Wedding Planning Wisdom
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Read the Wedding Words of Wisdom above.  


Let the words soak in. 

Share with every almost-Engaged, Bride-to-be & Newlywed woman you know.

I plan to share the Wedding Words of Wisdom with every Bride that crosses my path, whether it's a beloved friend or dear client.  These words touch upon the things that may drive you crazy during the wedding planning process- the guest list, the menu & the music.  Then these words bring it back to what the wedding is all about- love.  Everyone needs this reminder at one point or another! 

"Spend the rest of your days with the person you love."  The exact reason for a wedding, the basis for a marriage.  Ah, & such a beautiful gift & tremendous privilege. 


  1. The new blog looks amazing Kate! And this post is great :) Every bride to be should read this mantra! xo

  2. Thanks for the design love :-) & yes, this mantra is fab- it should be handed out with every engagement ring purchase!


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