{Groom's Words} Tears of Joy

My Handsome Groom at the Altar
(Photo by Friend)

I wish I'd had a tape recorder.

Two nights ago, RZ & I were having dinner with our cousins who were telling us about a recent wedding they'd attended.  They were gushing about the tough Groom crying when he spotted his beautiful Bride.

RZ said, "You don't think it will happen to you.  But it does, it really does.  I was standing at the altar & I saw my Dad crying & I wondered what was happening.  Then I realized I was crying!"  

I'm paraphrasing here, already forgetting his exact words, although the loving sentiment is forever etched on my heart.  Me, little old me.  I was the beautiful Bride who made him cry on our Wedding day.  

RZ & I have talked about our lovely wedding again & again: how perfect it was, how happy we felt, how the love & joy of our family & friends was palpable.  During these fabulous discussions of our memories, I never asked him what he was thinking &/or feeling at particular moments.   I wonder & I want to interview him about every last detail but that seems like a bit much.   I feel like I'm way late to the importance of the Groom's perspective party.

Did your Groom willingly share his emotions after your Wedding?  Or did you ask?  Or do you plan to ask?  

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