Here Comes A Break!

Hi!  Hello?  Are you still there?!  

Oh, how I miss your beautiful faces.  Life is getting pretty, pretty busy.  On Wednesday, my Mom arrived from California for a visit & we're having lots of fun.  On top of that, my first 2012 wedding is coming up on February 4 & I've been working hard to make sure it's absolutely perfect.  Next week looks like more of the same.  Plenty of daughter & wedding planning duties, both of which I adore.  I promise I will be back soon with tons of wedding & crafting fun.  Until then, take care!

Try not to miss me too much :-)

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Hello, sparkly pretties.  Valentino you say?  Oh, how I adore you!

As a Bride-to-be, I had the hardest time finding shoes for my wedding.  Shoes were too high, too boring or too expensive.  It was starting to look like I might go barefoot when I found the perfect pair (yes, one of these days I will share all my wedding details with you!).  These fantabulous Valentinos would have been too high AND too expensive for me but I believe I may have made an exception for them.  They are AMAZING!!!   

What route will/did you go for wedding shoes?  Pretty sparkle, fun color or classic ivory/white?

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This amazing wedding photograph is oh so romantic, it makes me believe in love!

There's a little lesson here, Brides-to-be.  Whatever your budget, make sure you invest in the very best photography you can afford!  I promise you it is money well spent.  Trust me.

What vendors are/were most important to you on your wedding day?

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Koru Kate Finds: Simple Pleasures

Last Saturday, this winter-loving girl finally got what she had been not-so-patiently waiting for: SNOW!  We received about five inches of the white, fluffy stuff, just the perfect amount to turn our city into a winter wonderland.  It wasn't enough to bring the world to a halt with closed stores & such.  But RZ & I decided it was enough to bring our world to a halt. 

We bundled up & headed outside with our Beagle Bailey for a fun, winter walk:

Beagle Bailey wasn't thrilled at first & spent the first five minutes trying to convince us to go back inside.  The humans prevailed.  Once we got to the snowy park, he really got into the spirit of things.  He was running & jumping in the snow like an excited puppy.  Adorable!

He even humored me by posing in the snow for the perfect winter photo: 

It was the most fantastic winter afternoon with RZ & our pup.  Lots of smiles & laughter.  The fun lasted long after we headed home:

The day grew colder & colder until night fell while we stayed warm & cozy inside.  We did little except nap, read & relax.  Dinner called for a delicious meal delivered from a new restaurant & entertainment was watching a movie by candlelight.  I loved every last moment.

In day-to-day life, I'm guilty of getting caught in the hustle & bustle by constantly working towards my latest goal or lusting after the latest shiny, new object.  It's so easy to forget the simple, wonderful pleasures like a lazy day spent with my husband & our pup.  Today's Koru Kate Finds is Simple Pleasures- find them & enjoy them!   


Sprinkles on Top

One of my favorite desserts is simple: one scoop of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top.  It's as pretty as it is delicious.

Naturally when I saw this cake covered in rainbow sprinkles, I thought I'd died & gone to sprinkle heaven.  The sprinkles make this cake so bright, colorful & happy- just the right tone for a wedding!  & the satin ribbon is that perfect touch of elegance.  This cake is a sweet winner in my eyes!  

Would you let your favorite dessert topping inspire your wedding cake?  

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While it's about time for my monthly Wedding Wheels post, one getaway car photo has received so much attention on Pinterest that I decided it deserved a post of its own.  

Many Bride & Grooms use props for their photo session, whether it be antique furniture or a thank you banner.  This beautiful Bride & Groom were no different, only they chose a lovingly-restored 1952 vintage Chevy pickup for their prop:    

This prop + a gorgeous Bride & Groom + a pretty location + a Fall bouquet = a beautiful wedding portrait!

The icing on the cake?  This vintage Chevy is no random prop.  It was passed down from the Groom's grandfather & restored by the Groom, his father & his brother.  Props with sentimental value, I adore it!  

What props do you like to see in wedding photos?  Will you or did you use props?

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First Look, snow-style

When I was a Bride planning my Winter Wedding, there was not a lot of inspiration to be found in wedding blogs or magazines.  Spring, Summer & Fall weddings were clearly favored. Thankfully, two years later (wow, where did the time go?!), Winter Weddings are getting more of their well-deserved time in the spotlight.  Here at Koru Wedding Style, I will never tire of featuring Brides & Grooms enjoying their Winter Weddings.

How about a Winter Wedding gem like this?

Such a stunning black & white image of a Bride & Groom sharing their First Look in a snowy landscape. This Winter Wedding delivers big time!

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{Rerun} why we wed: kate

Wow, what a difference one week makes!  Last week, I was weepy & mopey about the end of our newlywed days.  I couldn't shake the sadness, then I woke up & realized it was time to look forward, not back.  We are merely days away from boarding our pup (poor guy, his usual petsitter is on vacation too), packing up our car & escaping for our First Wedding Anniversary trip, I couldn't be happier.  I am so excited to reminisce about our wedding, celebrate our newlywed days & toast to our future!

As my final newlywed post, it seems fitting to leave you with my why we wed: kate post that originally ran on Happy Sighs.  Why did I walk down the aisle & say "I Do!" on January 15, 2011?

My then-boyfriend Rodney proposed to me during a long, winter walk on a deserted, snowy beach about two years ago.  It was as romantic & perfect as could be.  As we finished our walk holding hands, I thought of one of my favorite quotes from an unknown source:

“Hand in hand, we shall walk into every day of our lives.”

For that exact sentiment, I married the love of my life on another crisp, clear winter day almost one year ago.  I pledged all of my love for all of my life to the man who would love me, stand beside me & hold my hand on this crazy journey called life.

I have happily walked my path alone & I have wearily stumbled along my path with the wrong person.  Thankfully, Rodney came along & we walk together with purpose & strength.  No matter what comes our way, we are better together.  Darkness & light.  Good & bad.  Sunshine & rain.  Smiles & tears.  When we found something so precious & rare between us, it seemed obvious that we had to grab each other’s hand & take the leap of faith that is marriage.

Our marriage began with a moving ceremony during which we exchanged vows to love, honor & cherish each other for the rest of our lives, followed by a beautiful celebration with our family & friends.  It counts as the happiest day of my life.  My favorite memory is walking out of the church towards our future.   Hand in hand as the new Mr. and Mrs., big smiles on our faces & much love in our heart.

We’re at the tail end of our newlywed days & we’ve done our best to honor & uphold our vows every day.  Some days we are more successful than others.  But always, we are grounded by our vows & our love.  Rodney is my true love, my best friend, my biggest fan & my loudest cheerleader.  In short, he is everything to me & I am the same for him.  We may not know where our path leads but we will walk together.

One thing is certain: I will never let go of his hand.


Major Veil Love

Why I do declare that is the most incredible veil I have ever laid my wedding-loving eyes on EVER!  The Bride looks like an angel wrapped in that light, frothy tulle.  So classic & timeless.

I. cannot. stop. staring. at. this. wedding. fabulousness.

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{wedding rings} Au Natural

As a self-proclaimed wedding addict, I have my favorite go-to details when I look at wedding photos.  Cool getaway cars for one.  Ring shots filled with the personality of the couple & the feel of their wedding day.  They can be anything from cheeky to beautiful to casual but they are always unique.

The pinecone ring shot captured my ring-shot loving heart.  Without knowing one other detail about this wedding, you can guess it's an outdoor wedding for nature lovers.  This photo captures the spirit of the wedding perfectly.   When you learn that it's an outdoor Fall wedding near a cabin on a gorgeous property, well, this ring shot just makes sense.  LOVE!    

Do you like ring shots as much as me?  What are your favorite wedding details?

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Koru Kate Finds: Book of Love

Welcome to the first Koru Kate Finds of 2012!  If you're new here (hello & welcome!), Koru Kate Finds is my weekly series of wedding finds, from DIY projects to decor to jewelry, to inspire you & your wedding.  Let's start the fun, shall we?

Today's Koru Kate Finds is the DIY Book of Love:

Let's face it, everyone has computer drives full of lovely photos that we never print.  Ladies, it's time to make something of those memories.  The sentimental fool that I am, this personalized & easy DIY project is right up my alley.  All you need are fun photos, sweet memories & few basic supplies to make a Book of Love to cherish forever. 

A Book of Love is billed for Valentine's Day, although it's fitting for any special occasion.  Make one with photos from your engagement session, your bridal shower, your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner, your wedding, your honeymoon or your newlywed years. You get the idea, right?  

A Book of Love is a perfect gift &/or a lovely keepsake.    

For complete instructions & plenty of other DIY goodness, please visit The Wedding Chicks HERE.  Enjoy!



10 days.

Our newlywed days are numbered.  The official countdown: 10 days!

How is it possible that our beautiful wedding day was almost one year ago?  The newlywed year has gone so quickly.  We heard rumors that the first year of marriage is the most difficult; we didn't experience that ourselves.  With deaths in our families, serious illness in our families, job worries & more, the first year wasn't all sunshine & roses.  We were fortunate to enjoy more than our fair share of sunny, happy times too.  No matter what, our marriage was strong & true.  It was the wonderful safe haven among the chaos.

I'm sad to see the newlywed year come to an end.  I can't shake the feeling even as we plot a fun first wedding anniversary celebration & I put love into a first wedding anniversary present.  I suppose endings always make me a little teary.  We'll never be newlyweds again- the time was so precious & fleeting.

The end of our newlywed days only leads to the rest of our marriage for which we have many hopes & dreams.  I'm very excited for one particular wish we have for the upcoming year!  I'm just not ready to embrace the next chapter yet.  I'm going to savor our final, blissful newlywed days!!!!

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Take That, Blizzard

If you've hung around Koru Wedding Style long enough, you know I'm a big fan of winter weddings.  Clearly as a winter Bride, I'm biased.  But with fun photos like this, can you blame me for loving winter weddings?

Snow + Smile + Sass = Delightful Winter Wedding Magic.   

A little backstory: this is a wedding day blizzard.  Not just some pretty snow.  A blizzard!

The way I see it, there are two options when faced with a wedding day blizzard.  You can scream, cry & curse the wedding weather gods.  Or you can keep smiling & make the best of it.  Clearly, this wise Bride chose the Option Two.

The Bride slapped on her snow boots, grabbed her umbrella, hitched her dress & made a beeline to the church to marry her Groom.  & did some high kicks on the way!  Ah, the true spirit of a gracious Bride.
Brides of all seasons, remember that anything can & may happen on your wedding day.  The key is how you choose to handle it.  Don't let anything ruin the beautiful day you say "I Do!"  

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City Lovin'

"I am about to make a brand new start of it, right here in old New York"

You can't argue with Frank Sinatra: New York is a great place for new beginnings, like weddings.  For lucky couples tying the knot in the Big Apple, consider letting the magnificent city influence your wedding invitation suite.  

I'm ready to bust out my party dress & attend this fabulous city affair!  The Empire State Building featuring a sweet pink heart?  Oh yes, I consider that NYC save-the-date perfection.  The wedding invitation doesn't bother with the traditional NYC skyline design.  Instead, the modern, calligraphy invitation & its coordinating pieces are a perfect compliment to the city lovin' save-the-date.  The oh so popular gray color maintains a sense of cohesion throughout the invitation suite.  LOVE!!  

Are you getting married in a town or city that is important to you?  Will you let the city influence your design decisions?

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Welcome, 2012!

Happy New Year!

 2011, I say good-bye with a grateful & sad heart.  I will forever remember you as the year we got married & started our positive new beginning.  What an amazing journey!  But rain is needed to make a rainbow & there's been plenty of sadness.  I lost a dear family friend while many around me said good-bye to loved ones.  What a year.  It's time to move on!     

2012, I am so happy to see your beautiful, promising face.  Another new beginning filled with opportunities & hopes!  My New Year's Resolution is to be the best version of me.  I'd like to be a better wife to my fabulous husband.  A better friend to my dear friends.  A better sister to my sister/best friend.  A better daughter to my sweet Mom.  A better wedding planner to my lovely Brides & Grooms.  A better blogger to my dear readers.  I hold these roles close to my heart & they deserve the best me.  I want to rise to the occasion each & every day to do my best.   

Cheers to being the best we can be in 2012!  I wish you Love & Joy in 2012! 

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