Koru Kate Finds: Simple Pleasures

Last Saturday, this winter-loving girl finally got what she had been not-so-patiently waiting for: SNOW!  We received about five inches of the white, fluffy stuff, just the perfect amount to turn our city into a winter wonderland.  It wasn't enough to bring the world to a halt with closed stores & such.  But RZ & I decided it was enough to bring our world to a halt. 

We bundled up & headed outside with our Beagle Bailey for a fun, winter walk:

Beagle Bailey wasn't thrilled at first & spent the first five minutes trying to convince us to go back inside.  The humans prevailed.  Once we got to the snowy park, he really got into the spirit of things.  He was running & jumping in the snow like an excited puppy.  Adorable!

He even humored me by posing in the snow for the perfect winter photo: 

It was the most fantastic winter afternoon with RZ & our pup.  Lots of smiles & laughter.  The fun lasted long after we headed home:

The day grew colder & colder until night fell while we stayed warm & cozy inside.  We did little except nap, read & relax.  Dinner called for a delicious meal delivered from a new restaurant & entertainment was watching a movie by candlelight.  I loved every last moment.

In day-to-day life, I'm guilty of getting caught in the hustle & bustle by constantly working towards my latest goal or lusting after the latest shiny, new object.  It's so easy to forget the simple, wonderful pleasures like a lazy day spent with my husband & our pup.  Today's Koru Kate Finds is Simple Pleasures- find them & enjoy them!   


  1. Well said, friend. Nothing is sweeter than life's blessings :)

  2. Beautiful post! And what fun a little snow must be! I know you guys are probably so used to it, but it does seem like a great time! xo

  3. What a wonderful weekend–I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy the snow!


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