Welcome, 2012!

Happy New Year!

 2011, I say good-bye with a grateful & sad heart.  I will forever remember you as the year we got married & started our positive new beginning.  What an amazing journey!  But rain is needed to make a rainbow & there's been plenty of sadness.  I lost a dear family friend while many around me said good-bye to loved ones.  What a year.  It's time to move on!     

2012, I am so happy to see your beautiful, promising face.  Another new beginning filled with opportunities & hopes!  My New Year's Resolution is to be the best version of me.  I'd like to be a better wife to my fabulous husband.  A better friend to my dear friends.  A better sister to my sister/best friend.  A better daughter to my sweet Mom.  A better wedding planner to my lovely Brides & Grooms.  A better blogger to my dear readers.  I hold these roles close to my heart & they deserve the best me.  I want to rise to the occasion each & every day to do my best.   

Cheers to being the best we can be in 2012!  I wish you Love & Joy in 2012! 

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