While it's about time for my monthly Wedding Wheels post, one getaway car photo has received so much attention on Pinterest that I decided it deserved a post of its own.  

Many Bride & Grooms use props for their photo session, whether it be antique furniture or a thank you banner.  This beautiful Bride & Groom were no different, only they chose a lovingly-restored 1952 vintage Chevy pickup for their prop:    

This prop + a gorgeous Bride & Groom + a pretty location + a Fall bouquet = a beautiful wedding portrait!

The icing on the cake?  This vintage Chevy is no random prop.  It was passed down from the Groom's grandfather & restored by the Groom, his father & his brother.  Props with sentimental value, I adore it!  

What props do you like to see in wedding photos?  Will you or did you use props?

Photo by Hazelnut Photography via


  1. My dad used to have a truck like that! Not all shiny, but one day it could've been ;)

    We didn't have any props. I don't know how people find time in the day to take those types of photos.

  2. hmmm, it was pretty easy for us to set aside time for bride & groom photos. we have tons of great photos with our vintage taxi!

  3. Such a fabulous photo, and an amazing story! I can't resist a gorgeous vintage ride, especially if it has family lore!


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