Here Comes A Break!

Hi!  Hello?  Are you still there?!  

Oh, how I miss your beautiful faces.  Life is getting pretty, pretty busy.  On Wednesday, my Mom arrived from California for a visit & we're having lots of fun.  On top of that, my first 2012 wedding is coming up on February 4 & I've been working hard to make sure it's absolutely perfect.  Next week looks like more of the same.  Plenty of daughter & wedding planning duties, both of which I adore.  I promise I will be back soon with tons of wedding & crafting fun.  Until then, take care!

Try not to miss me too much :-)

Photo by Brooke Boling Photography via


  1. I'm secretly relieved I'm not the only one who feels crazy! Have fun with all these exciting events!

  2. Have a great week with your mom and happy wedding planning!

  3. I too am relieved that i'm not the only crazy busy one! Enjoy your time off! Sounds like you will have your hands full.

  4. Thanks! I will be back soon with some fun details from the beautiful wedding!!


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