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{wedding rings} panicked

Don't get me wrong: this is a very cool ring shot.  The silver rings, green lily pads, the orange fish & the white fish make for a very striking photo.  But it's hard for me to enjoy it much.  

As a wedding planner, I panic at the mere sight of this photo.  It is part of my job to foresee disasters & stop them before they happen or handle disasters & make it appear like they never happened.  And this, well, this spells disaster for me.  How easy, how very, very easy it would be for those rings to slip off the lily pad & disappear into the depths of the pond.  Poof, gone!  

I would be the one to jump in, swim with the fishies & find those rings on the bottom of the pond!!!

Of course, nothing like that happened.  Carry on & admire the daring photo.  

Photo Adagion Studio via


{wedding rings} sandy

I am enjoying one of the most beautiful Spring days & the sunny skies & soft breezes have me dreaming of beach days.  The beautiful ocean, the bright sun & the warm sand . . .

Speaking of sand, how cool is this sandy ring shot?  I'm pretty much head over heels in love.  The sand & the rings are such a perfect pairing for a beach wedding.  It's a simple photo yet absolutely striking.  The rings' shadows are incredible & the sands' texture is so detailed.  Amazing.  The black & white photography just makes this photo as I'm not sure I would like it so much in color.   

Now if only I could bury myself in the sand today . . .

What are you dreaming of on this lovely day?    

Photo by Robin Van Dyke Photography via


Orange Crush

See that fun wedding ring shot?  It makes me smile.  Every. time. I. look. at. it.

I can't give you a reasonable explanation as to why I love this photo so much.  Oranges aren't my favorite fruit.  Orange isn't my favorite color.  Or anything along those lines.  Nevertheless, I fell in love & I fell hard.

Ring shots are increasingly catching my attention as I look at wedding photos.  It's fun to see how creative wedding photographers can be with this wedding detail.  The best ones manage to capture the personality of the couple or the essence of the wedding or both.  We have two amazing, beautiful ring shots from our wedding (yes, yes one day I will share my professional photos with you!) & we can't decide which to include in our album.  Until we make that big decision, I sure enjoy looking at other couples' ring shots.   

Anyone with me on loving wedding ring shots?  Or have I gone crazy?  Before we part for the week, just look at that photo one more time & SMILE!   

Photo by Serendipity Studios via


{wedding rings} Au Natural

As a self-proclaimed wedding addict, I have my favorite go-to details when I look at wedding photos.  Cool getaway cars for one.  Ring shots filled with the personality of the couple & the feel of their wedding day.  They can be anything from cheeky to beautiful to casual but they are always unique.

The pinecone ring shot captured my ring-shot loving heart.  Without knowing one other detail about this wedding, you can guess it's an outdoor wedding for nature lovers.  This photo captures the spirit of the wedding perfectly.   When you learn that it's an outdoor Fall wedding near a cabin on a gorgeous property, well, this ring shot just makes sense.  LOVE!    

Do you like ring shots as much as me?  What are your favorite wedding details?

Photo by Heather Armstrong via
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