{wedding rings} sandy

I am enjoying one of the most beautiful Spring days & the sunny skies & soft breezes have me dreaming of beach days.  The beautiful ocean, the bright sun & the warm sand . . .

Speaking of sand, how cool is this sandy ring shot?  I'm pretty much head over heels in love.  The sand & the rings are such a perfect pairing for a beach wedding.  It's a simple photo yet absolutely striking.  The rings' shadows are incredible & the sands' texture is so detailed.  Amazing.  The black & white photography just makes this photo as I'm not sure I would like it so much in color.   

Now if only I could bury myself in the sand today . . .

What are you dreaming of on this lovely day?    

Photo by Robin Van Dyke Photography via


  1. Striking is the perfect word! It's gorgeous in SF today too, so of course I'm dreaming about a little vacation far away!

  2. I would love to bury myself in the sand right now too. But I'm headed to the mountains, and probably won't feel any warmth until July ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Here's to hoping everyone gets a nice, warm vacation soon!


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