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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, this week I celebrated green in weddings- green bridal bouquets & green bridesmaid dresses.  I adore green & I didn't use it in our wedding so this little green exercise has been the most fun for me. & it's been leading up to this very moment: glorious green centerpieces!

A creative centerpiece that is practically an ode to everything that is good & green with its air plant, cactus & succulent:

An exotic, green centerpiece is living large:

A leafy, original centerpiece that makes quite the green statement:

A Bells of Ireland centerpiece that proves this common centerpiece filler does just fine on its own green stems:

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day & green goodness, here is another sneak peek at my homemade cards to be revealed tomorrow:

I have to say, after seeing these green delights, I almost wish I had used green for our wedding.  Is/Was there a color you regretted not using for your wedding?

Photo 1 Aubrey Joy Photography via Photo 2 Mademoiselle Fiona Photography via Photo 3 Source Unknown via Photo 4 Aquario Studio via Photo 5 Koru Kate


  1. Love all this green, and the look of those darling cards!


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