Wedding Wheels, 2012 Debut!

Wow.  I'm embarrassed.  March is here & I'm just debuting Wedding Wheels?!

For those of you who are new here, Wedding Wheels is a series that celebrates my love of weddings & my adoration of cars.  Yes, yes- it's an odd combo but it happens to work.  I always notice the getaway car when I look at wedding photos & share the most fun, creative options with you.  &, let me tell you, Brides & Groom are getting pretty creative! 

Sweet couple + Wedding Bike = Awesome.  I mean, clearly:

There is so much to drool over in this photo (Groom's attire! Bride's shoes!) but I believe we can agree that the Vespa is the main attraction:

 Perhaps you're a little more bad ass?  Then this motorcycle getaway is just your speed:

No wheels, no problem!  Just float away on a getaway boat:

Last but not least, the classic: the vintage getaway car.  A convertible to boot:

As always, to see my absolute favorite getaway car ever, just glance up above at my header :-)  I'm working on a Wedding Wheels comprised entirely of that exact vintage taxi- coming soon! 

Tell me, which getaway mode catches your eye?    

Photo 1 by Kay English Photography via; Photo 2 by Lemon Lime Photography via; Photo 3 by Greg Benz Photography via;
Photo 4 by Ashley Maxwell Photography via; Photo 5 by Stone Crandall Photography via


  1. Love these! I don't think I'll be able to stop my fiance bringing his little bicycle along... he's a little obsessed. They do make for cute pictures though don't they?

    1. clearly, this little bike is a must for your wedding! & you have to share the photos :-)

  2. Beautiful images and so inspiring . . .
    oxoxox from San Francisco

    1. thank you for your kind words! i hope you'll visit here & comment often.

  3. I love these photos! And I love incorporating a bike or vespa somehow into a wedding! Just gorgeous xo

  4. awesome ideas! we didnt have wedding wheels... boo! just a limo, how boring lol love the idea of the vespa or bike!!

    1. the vespa & bike seem to be popular :-) nah, no wheels is not boring- tons of ways to show personality in your wedding!

  5. Love the vespa and the vintage convertible!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

    1. i adore the vintage convertible so much- wish i owned it in real life!


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