Wedding Wheels, Part Deux

Today is Part Deux of my Wedding Wheels series!  It's quite the rare opportunity when my love of cars & my love of weddings can come together so beautifully.  Count me very happy!  Many Brides don't care much about their getaway car, some Brides don't need a getaway car but if you're a Bride who considers your getaway car as a fun detail for your wedding, you've come to the right place for inspiration.

Be still my heart!  This may be the best getaway car yet, a vintage Sheriff's car:

Nope, not a hearse although looks can be deceiving.  The vintage ambulance is pretty rad too:

A cool, badass black classic car is a nice touch:

How about an orange classic to spice up your getaway?

&, when wheels aren't appropriate, strap on your good old walking shoes:

Fabulous, just fabulous in my humble opinion!  That's it until next month.  Be sure to follow my Wonderful Wheels board on Pinterest for much, much more getaway car inspiration!

Photo 1 via Once Wed, Photo 2 via Snippet & Ink, Photo 3 via A Practical Wedding
Photo 4 via A Practical Wedding, Photo 5 via Green Wedding Shoes


  1. Oh my goodness, that sheriff's car? Genius!!

  2. Our getaway car was a golf cart ;)

  3. My favorite in this collection in the sheriff's car, although it was tough to choose between it & the ambulance. Just see my header for my all-time favorite getaway car :-)

  4. My sister is actually requesting for a vintage wedding car. Being so busy with all the preparations, she’d be delighted to get some inspiration from here. :] But personally, I think the sheriff’s car would be a cool one. Though it might be funny thinking what onlookers might assume seeing a bride inside one, eh? ;]


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