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Don't you wish you could whip up something Fall fabulous like this pumpkin centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table?

RZ & I don't have a Thanksgiving table per se as we travel to my in-law's home for the holiday.  There is no room for plates on their table, let alone decor.  Their table is a true bounty of a Thanksgiving feast, filled with delicious, abundant American & Filipino food.  We serve ourselves from the dining room table, then scatter about the rest of the house to eat & enjoy the family day.

My childhood Thanksgivings consisted of an adults' table & a kids' table.  The adults' table was a formal affair with pretty china & flickering candles while the kids' table was a folding table with festive paper plates.  Later, they trusted us with a real china but it was tough to graduate to the adults' table.  I'm still at the kids' table, sigh.  There's only so much room at a dining room table!

I suppose you could have a blanket picnic on your living room floor & it wouldn't matter.  All you need is family, love & gratitude for Thanksgiving.

Is your Thanksgiving table a formal, candlelit, place card type?  Or is it a more casual, mix & match china, food-filled type?        


  1. My parents switch between a casual table set with Mexican glass and traditional decorative plates, and a formal table setting, but I love both!

  2. What a pretty centerpiece! I grew up with a buffet-style, paper plate kind of Thanksgiving. Totally low key! I'm hosting for the first time this year and I think I'll dress it up a little bit, but not too much... because you're right, Thanksgiving is all about just enjoying the time with family and friends, not being too fancy! : )

  3. That is so exciting that you're hosting for the first time- enjoy!


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