Irish Wedding Bells

Maybe it's because I'm Irish.  Perhaps it's because I love green.  Or just because.  But I love Bells of Ireland!  Those perfect lime green bells have my heart.

I don't spot them much in the wedding world so I was absolutely delighted (I may have squealed!) when I stumbled upon not one but two, DIY bridal bouquets that included Bells of Ireland.  I did what any decent blogger would do & pinned my heart out so I could share them with you.  

This stunning beauty is a combination of orchids, beach grass & Bells of Ireland just perfect for a beach wedding in Maine:

Photo by One Love Photo 

& the sweetest part?  The Groom's Dad made the Bride's bouquet!

For a Fall wedding, this lovely is a combination of snapdragons & Bells of Ireland that is unexpected yet just right:

& that beauty?  The Groom's Dad was taking a snooze on his duties so the Bride & Bridesmaids made it!

The cherry on top of the stylish Bells of Ireland is that they are known as a symbol of good luck.  What Bride doesn't want to carry a little good luck down the aisle as she get married?!

Tell me, what are your favorite flowers?  Does their meaning play into your choices for your wedding? 


  1. These are really pretty. I've never thought of them before. And I love that they were DIY creations :)

  2. What gorgeous bouquets, and such a sweet sentiment!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the Bells of Ireland bouquets!

  4. I do love that green dress too ;) I'll have to forward this one on to my SIL

  5. Best part- the Bride designed & made that dress!


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